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Quitting Chemo

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I have finally got my husband to understand my need to quit chemo.   Doctor wants to see me Thursday and I am sure he will try to convince me to get chemo.   But my quality of life just isn't these.  This is a hard decision but I think the best one for me 

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I am sorry to hear this, but you know when you and your body has had enough. 

Still, your body may just surprise you.

We will be here for you forever. 


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I just feel very sad to read your post.   I am sending hugs & prayers for you & your family.

Hugs George & Dyan. 

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You've always been this beacon of light here, and if you say you're too tired to go on I believe you.  When you've done all you can handle then you've done your best. You  know  it's just had on those left behide, even your oncologist.  I sure as hell wish we didn't have to ever make these decisions, just know we're here for you Vicki, we're here beside you.

Love and Hugs

Winter Marie

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You need to put that first and if more treatment is going to be harder on you, then you need to make peace with your decision.  You have put a lot in this battle and know you have given it so much.  I'm hoping that hubby can understand.  You are in my prayers.


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May all your loved ones support you.

I know that you have given it your best shot and did not make this decision lightly.

May there be much more time for you than anyone expects, and may you fill it with love and laughter.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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What a tough call you are making Vicki.  I must agree that when the expected quality of life during treatment and the potential extension of life are not in some aceptable alignment; these types of decisions may be triggered.

I also feel that this is a very personal decision.  A decision which may be hard to understand if one has not been through treatment themselves (like family).

Vicki, whatever you decide, we will be here.

Peace and comfort,


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We go through so much with this cancer and you know best when you are too worn out to have much of quality of life. You can always go back if you change your mind. I pray for you and the tough decision you had to make. Jeff

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You know how you feel and what's best.
Maybe a few days until you see the oncologist can help
you sort through the decision making.
Is any form of radiation an option?


Will be keeping you in my prayers and positive light for
another option.

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When I spoke with a world leading immunologist, he said that in his clinical experience, 30% of cancer patients respond to dendritic cell therapy. This includes everything from stable disease to complete reaponse. The only side effects are flu like symptoms that last a day. It may be an option and certainly nicer than chemo.

I quit chemo start of April, and despite my onc telling me that I would be lucky to last 2 months without it, still here and quality of life is thus far pretty good fyi, but it is a tough decision.

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Tough decission Vicky, but only you can say enough is enough. quality of life is so important, because it is YOUR life.

Ofcourse for the people who love you they like for you to continue, but they have to understand that this is your road to walk and your decission.

We are here for you an d walk beside you all the way, we are here when you need us.

With love and admiration and a BIg Hug,


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know your own body so you how much you can withstand.i was heartbroken when you posted this before.now i understand. i know there are other options out there besides chemo but for me personally i probably would not persue them.i feel your pain and anxiety as i know someday i will be facing this same decision.the Lord is not finished with me yet on this earth so i fight on.you do what is best for you Vicki and we will be here to support you.all my best to my spleen buddy....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Remember Scouty and 2bhealed? Both Lisa and Emily quit, and they’re still around all these years later, so why not you?


How the $%^&* anyone can fight cancer while fighting the toxic chemicals or radiation being pumped into their body, has always defied my understanding.


Quitting chemo or radiation shouldn’t be an issue, or some sort of “death wish” as others seem to feel; you want to live, just not with the overwhelming and depressing feeling like you’re going to die from the “cure”.


I keep trying to tell people, that there are indeed other ways to fight cancer. Scouty and Em found their niche, and it apparently worked. I used inexpensive imported herbs (ala’ TCM), and I’m here. Ren is trying something different, and so far he’s doing OK! And there are probably millions of others that we never hear of, that defied the cancer industry by seeking safer, better ways to fight cancer.


There are no guarantees in life, and doing chemical therapy or radiation certainly offers absolutely no guarantees, so don’t fret comments from those that feel the Industry is the only thing that will save you;

There –are- other ways!


As  soon as you get your second breath, look around at all the options that are available to you. And always remember:


You didn’t quit the fight; you’re just picking better arsenal.


You’ll do OK, kid.


My best to you,




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We agree with John and  remember Scouty and 2bhealed also. Mu husband took
chemo several years ago. He never wants to take chemo again it caused him  heart
pain problems, a blood clot in his liver and still has bad neuropathy in his feet among other
At one time our Onc was talking recurrence. He is no longer talking recurrence.
We have made changes just like scouty and 2bhealed.and others.
With all the changes we have made his blood work and his scans have gotten better and better.
The changes we made are on my profile.
He had a total hip replacement 6 months ago. His blood work was back to
normal six weeks after his hip surgery. His Once was really pleased with that.
Never give up....wishing the best for you.

John23's picture
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Joined: Jan 2007

Thank you.

Chemo and radiation isn't the only option; too, too many aren't aware of that!


Be well, my best wishes are for you both!

(and everyone else as well)



johnnybegood's picture
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i have been struggling whether to reply to this subject on Vicki's thread but i do want you to know you are one of my inspirations on this board.I think Scouty is one of our miracles on here as she was dx stage 4.Im thinking Emily was only stage 3 with no mets.I support you and others who have taken your TCM path and maybe i should have looked into it a long time ago but you see i live in a very rural town in Kentucky and i am very limited on TCM resources plus if insurance doesnt cover it well i just cant do it.my husband and i have been struggling just to keep our home for the past 5 years.enough about my history my question to you is if a person that has many many spots in thier lungs and is inoperable(like me) in my opinion chemo is our only ammunition.at this late in the game i dont think juicing or the TCM would even do any good.since you are very imformative on TCM am i wrong in thinking this.all my best to you and as i said again i support you 100% on what you are doing but would it really help for someone in my case or in Vicki's case.I think she is also inoperable but i could be wrong on that. i hope she chimes in on this.well im going to my chemo onc today to see how my last scan went.Love you John23 but as we all know we are all different or as Phil says we are unique....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I agree that quality of life is more important than length.  Good Luck to you.  HUGS!

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I'm glad you got your husband to understand. I'm sure it's not an easy decision but you know what's best for you...


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It saddens me that you are stopping but I understand that you have to do this. I know you have been struggling with this decision for a while. I am glad your husband is now supporting your decision but can also understand how incredibly hard it must be for him. I admire your courage and hope that you are at peace with you decision.

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I know this decision must be so hard for you and your family. I hope you can have a better quality of life now.

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You're one tough gal.  So glad that your husband is on board with your decision.  I'm hoping for peace, love and comfort for you.  

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and respect and support whatever choice you need to make.  On the Colon Club, there was a member (did you know Gaelen?) who said she would never die with "chemo in her blood".  I totally understood what she was saying.  A hard choice, but a brave one, dear lady.  AA

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2bhealed never accepted chemo. She was Stage III and had watched her sister die after chemo. 

I'm sorry, Vicki, but I salute you for making the choice that is right for YOU!  God Bless,


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I admire your courage.  It sounds like you have made the best choice for you, which is sometimes more difficult on loved ones.  My husband is currently in treatment and I don't know how I would feel if and when he gets to the point you are at.  I would have to support whatever decision he makes, no matter what.

May you live with ease.....

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You just need to do what feels right for YOU. 

Hugs (())


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You need to do what you feel is best for you.  I can understand your decision...hopefully you will start to feel better soon.


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I finally found out just how agressive my cancer actually is. In less than a month after stopping chemo, most of my liver mets grew by about 15%. This was the period before I started the czech and german immunotherapies that I am currently on.  I have another MRI in 3 days. This should tell how effective they have been to date. Hoping for some good news this time round.

This is one of the dangers of stopping chemo. Not even in my wildest dreams did I expect a 5% per week increase in met volume.

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That's horrible. So sorry to hear that. Cancer is so crazy. I hope you can get it under control soon!! Good luck.

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Vicki, You know we all love you here...

So my wish for you is Peace... and Love....

Take care of you...

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