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l-glutamine experiences?

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As I start designing and mixing new blenderized drinks the topic of glutamine comes up and I'm wondering what experiences you had using it as a supplement during radiation treatment to help rebuilding those blasted throat areas.

Here are four links from the Superthreads -- it must have been a pretty common point of interest in the past; I've just not seen any recent posts on the topic during the past several months.





So far my research has selected whey protein isolate and maltodextrin (carbohydrate, sweetner, thickener). Still need to finalize amino acid supplements for the glutamine and other amino acids as well as wide range multi-vitamin supplement to round out the base mix.

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Donfoo- My Dietition is constantly giving me items to add to my shakes and smoothies. Juven is one of the recommended items for tissue rebuilding. It comes in powder form and 2 flavors(punch or Orange) It is basically L-Glutamine and L- Arginine. Not sure if it helps or not as I have no way of comparing using it to not using it. It's pricey but can be bought at Walgreens. Good Luck!



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I wlll not start rads for a couple more weeks but have been drinking Juven twice a day -- made by Abbott - makers of Ensure etc. I bought a bunch of coupons   on Ebay for $5 off each box of 4 for a couple of bucks expire end of June and Wallgreens had it on sale at $18 recently so a bit over $2 packet or $4 day - on Amazon too. could make it from ingrediaents are supplement store but figured easier to buy as packaged.

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Don, as you figured ot, L'G used to be mentioned a lot on here a few years ago, not so much as of late. I know that Dawn was big on it, and I think Phrannie has mentioned it several times...

I have no personal experience with it...


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So many things are hard on my stomach. Even protein powders made for women and designed to be gentle on the stomach were a little too much for me. Funny but both the nutritionist at my rad onc's office and my regular MD told me to add a scoop or two of baby formula to my smoothies. I tried it and it was perfect. It also helped me after treatment was over when I have been trying to put on weight. I add it to my oatmeal or cream of wheat or in a shake or smoothie.

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Hey Foo,

I first started using L-Glutamine back around 2000 when I got into natural body building. It's part of the BCAA profiles of the whey proteins that are out there but I supplemented with 5g additional in my shakes. I continued to use it in a protein shake from that point forward. I personally noticed that I recovered quicker and didn't seem to get every cold that rolled it's way through the workplace. 

When I started this journey, it became once again a way to help my body heal. I use it as 1 of 3 parts of my mouth rinse (baking soda, salt and L-Glutamine). I can tell you definitively that it's helping my throat heal faster. It also helps cut through the mucous that builds up when I sleep.  I haven't been able to consume a steady enough intake of shakes to give you any firm indication as it applies to rads but my body certainly doesn't seem to mind the nutrition when I was able to get one down. The nutritionalist at JH gave me the thumbs up on using it to help promote healing.

Keep in mind that most of the protein supps out there already have an impressive BCAA profile so additional aminos supps may not be necessary. 


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along with the Mugard to keep the mouth sores at bay during radiaiton....but when the 5FU was kicking my butt, and my mouth and lips were bleeding just from talking, I used it as my "swallow medicine".....everything else stung going into my mouth except L'G mixed with water (plain water was hell).  I'd hold it in my mouth, then swallow it.....Does it work for healing mouth sores?  It didn't work very well during 5FU.....but it did keep my swallower, swallowing.


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I used the Glutamine all through my treatment of rads/chemo. I mixed it in the whey protein shakes and also used it as a swish and swallow. I think it worked great for me as I had a relatively minor problem with mouth sores during treatment. I also used the baking powder/salt mixture. Cheers.


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Wow! Such a consistent thumbs up. Glutamine and that group full of L- elements is on the list for including into shakes or used as a supplement to my regular liquid supply coming from a thin smoothie.


""Branched-Chain Amino Acids, BCAAs, are great for anyone looking to support lean muscle & recovery!"" I see this often as the amino acids are nearly always touted as a way to improve protein intake and benefits

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