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Early stage but high grade

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I had a lumpectomy two weeks ago, lymph node biopsy negative.  Just got the post-surgery pathology report and it was stage 1a (very small) invasive ductal carcinoma with high nuclear grade DCIS.  ER positive, PR negative, HER2 positive.  I'd like to hear from anyone out there who also has both ER+ and HER2+ about what adjuvant treatment you have chosen.  On one hand, it was so small that all the invasive part was removed in the original core biopsy before surgery.  After surgery all they found was DCIS.  Margins were between 2 and 5 mm.  But with high grade and both ER+ and HER2+, should I expect to need chemo AND hormone therapy AND Herceptin AND radiation??  I know the oncologist and I will have to thrash this out when I meet her, but I want to hear what others with similar dx have done.

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I had DCIS but no invasive cancer. I just wanted to tell you that breastcancer.org has a special forum called Micro Invasive DCIS That Is HER2 Positive. I am sure you will find a lot of help there,too.

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Thanks for the info.  That site had just what I was looking for and seems much more active than this one.


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I had infiltrating and ductal bc and had a lumpectomy with radiation treatments.  I am doing great now!  Keep us updated and keep posting.

Sue :)

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Bella Luna
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I was diagnosed at 44 with ER, PR, and Her2 positive, stage 1, grade 3.  I underwent two lumpectomies, chemo( carboplatin, taxotere, and herceptin), and radiation.  It was a challenge, but I got through it. 

Side effects were countered with prescribed and over the counter meds.  I went with what the doctor recommended.  I wasn't going to take any chances.  It will be 4 years come June and I am doing very well, no looking back for me.  My best to you as you move forward with your recovery.  Hang in there and remember to breathe.

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Megan M
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I was ER and PR positive, but HER2 negative.  I had a lumpectomy with rads.  My oncologist wanted me to be in tamoxifen, but, I declined and do not regret that decision.

Good luck to you and I hope you find the support and help here and with other cancer help groups also.

Hugs, Megan

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I too was ER and PR positive and HER2 negative, stage 2, Lumpectomy and radiation. My doctor wants me to take Tamoxifen and I HATE it. The side effects are awful and I cant stand it. What do I do??? My doctor says this will reduce my chances of reacurrance and I'm scared to death. My ordeal was kinda different in that I went through it alone, still am and I dont think I can do it again.

Pink Rose
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They got clear margins and my node was also clean, so, all I had was radiation after several weeks of healing from my lumpectomy.  Not everyone needs chemo, so, I hope you don't either.

Hugs, Rose

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Sorry about your dx.

I was dx at 32 with invasive ductal cacinoma, grade 3, stage 2a (ER+ and PR+). My nodes were clean (they took 10 out). I still needed chemo because of my grade and age. Also took radiation and currently taking tamoxifen (aver one year now, so far, no issues. Amen to that.).

Sending prayers your way. You will be OK. We are here for you.


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My oncologist convinced me that I do not need chemo or Herceptin with my very small invasive cancer and a few microscopic foci of DCIS.  I will be doing radiation and Tamoxifen only. 

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Good luck with rads and tamox and thanks for the update.


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I had rads if you have any questions.  I didn't do tamox.

Good news!


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Excellent news! 

Pink Rose
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This is good news that you don't have to do chemo or Herceptin.  Thanks for updating us and good luck.


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