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DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate)

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Recent medical trials have proven that Sodium Dichloroacetate (also known as DCA) can reactivate the mitochondria and restore the cell’s apoptosis function.  The result is shrinkage of tumor size and mass, sometimes reversal of illness and remission. There are several financial reasons why DCA is not and never will be patented or FDA approved for cancer tx. However there are multiple case studies and anecdotal evidence showing that DCA + caffeine (tea) are effective for some advanced cancer patients. Its only side effect is neuropathy counteracted by vitamin B1 (Thiamine). There is a legitimate integrated clinic in Toronto, Canada called Medicor that treats cancer patiens with DCA http://www.medicorcancer.com/index.html. Read http://thedcasite.com/index.html and http://dcacancer.org/ and draw your own conclusions.

Fine print: I am not associated with anyone who markets DCA. I will not be liable for any consequences of self-medicating. And I am not suggesting that DCA cures ovarian or any other cancer. This post is FYI only.

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Thank you for the information.  By the way, I like your picture!



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