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everything is still stable !

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Hey everyone,

Contacted the Masonic, everything is fine.  They got a bit excited with my tumor profile, hasn't changed anything.  I had given the students (being a teaching hospital I attend) permission to use any and all info. about me to study.  Somehow when they pulled my charts and info., it made it seem as if there was new issues.  Still in stable disease.  Yes they are rechecking the paths (ect) to do papers on this rare dx.  So now until Mays scans I'm doing fine and still kicking it !   Katie 

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So glad to hear your good news.. I am so sorry you had to be scared, and so glad you made that call. You were so right the other day when you told someone else.. you have to be your own advocate.. and I am so glad you are good one!

Dancing for you!


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Kate, good news as your disease remains stable, I'm happy for you.


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Glad to hear. Prayers for more good news come May.

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for you  that you are still ok ! Thanks for posting , I had been wondering about you !


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Thank God! What a blurb though, jeez!

Celebrate their mistake anyway!


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Good news, thank you for the great update.



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 for you.  I felt a wave of relief, I can't tell ya how much.  You have been SO good for me during the last many months, I couldn't stand anything bad happening in your life.  As for them...what a bunch a yahoos....sending their news out in an email, leaving you hanging like that.   That frys my butt.


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Oh, Katie, this sure was a emotional rollercoaste!! But thank God everything turned to be ok! I'm sooo happy.Like Phrannie said, you were also very supportive to me too. Your kind and warm words always made me feel like you're trully hugging me - it felt so warm. So I got pretty much worried when they e-mailed you like that!

Take care and keep on kicking it!!!

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Ingrid K
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GEEEZ, Katie

Glad it is status quo....not happy they put you thru the extra anguish.  

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katie, so happy about ur wonderful news!!  sorry u had to go thru hell first but now u can calm down.  lets hope that never happens again to u or anyone else.  take care.

God bless,


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Hi Katie, It was great to read this post.  I am glad you are in stable disease I was worried about you.

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I believe!!!!!! 

Wonderful news Katie ...so to make sure I am correct....the prevoius post about c in the lungs WAS a mistake?  Correct?  All is still normal (normal being no change for the worse or better, just stable)

Happy for you (and thanking the Lord too)


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