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Second Opinion

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Joined: Apr 2013

Big appointment at Johns Hopkins tomorrow for a second opinion on CRC "lung spots ". Wish me luck.

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We'll wish you luck and more, we'll send healing thoughts, prayers and support all the way. 


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you are fortunate to be connected to Johns Hopkins for a second opinion. Hope that your pain has receded from your rectal resection when seated, I recently noticed when shopping on Amazon that there are memory foam coccyx cushions ... perhaps they might be helpful in your situation.  Wishing you the best tomorrow. -- Cynthia



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I've dealt with lung mets for a while. Many of my smaller ones were treated using RFA (ablation) and it was a breeze. Others at the beginning were treated with Wedge Resections. Not as breezy but effective and got me where I am now...


BTW: I've been being treated at Sloan Kettering

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Just had SBRT radiation for lung met...too close to blood vessel for RFA. Positive thoughts for good second opinion! ~Ann

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Of those pesky lung mets myself, so sending you all the best luck on your second opinion that they find a nice way to get rid of them!!

Winter Marie

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Sounds like you're in good hands.  I had a solitary lung met 2 and a half years after my initial diagnosis/surgery/treatment.  The lung met was biopsied and removed a year ago.  I went with my doctor's advice to remove it surgically and biopsy it to see if it was a metastisis from my original rectal cancer.  It was.  I'm doing well almost a year out from the lung surgery.  Best of luck with your decision and plan. 

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Good luck tomorrow!

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Keep us posted and take good notes.  Ask alot of questions.  No question is stupid.

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Wishing you great luck!!

olgrizz's picture
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Joined: Apr 2013

Nothing new on second opinion so its on the chemo for the lung mets.

Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully I will be able to come back with good news after the Folfox.

One day at a time, right?

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Wishing you the best.  Hope all goes well.


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