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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Report projects: big rise in cancer survivors

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Report projects: big rise in cancer survivors


“More and more people are surviving cancer, thanks to earlier

detection and better treatment, and a new report out Wednesday

projects the ranks of cancer survivors will grow by nearly a

third over the next 10 years.


That’s the good news. The bad news: these 18 million cancer

survivors are going to cost the health system a lot of money.


“The increase in the number of survivors will be due primarily to

an aging of the population. By 2020, we expect that two-thirds of

cancer survivors are going to be age 65 or older,” says Julia

Rowland of the National Cancer Institute, which conducted the study.”


By Maggie Fox, Senior Writer, NBC News




The Scandinavians did a study that indicated that cancer victims aren't actually "living longer", they are just being diagnosed earlier.


Makes one wonder, huh.


Best wishes,




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I've ALWAYS wondered about Scandinavians...

For every report there's and opposing report it seems. Thankfully I was DX at stage IV nine years ago. Imagine if they didn't catch it early?

be well...

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Is it all the oldsters (like me) that may survive and cost other folks money? -- Cynthia


The most genuine acts of kindness are done without fanfare and when no one is looking.

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I’d have lived my entire life surviving cancer, regardless when I died?


Will health insurance premiums go up and life insurance premiums go down?


Will an “at birth” cancer diagnosis nullify any/all insurance coverage forever?


Things to think about while we’re not thinking about cancer?


(Please excuse me, I’m going to go think about something else now….)



Better health wishes to all,



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Medical costs are already collapsing the job markets financially.  

However, I am sure that it is technically possible to improve advanced cancer results AND radically decrease the costs.   Our experience with biomarkers and generics is quite different than US standard of care.  However the US rate of delivered improvements, and various forms of competition, appear strongly inhibited by the regulatory system.  


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I don't know if you read TIME magazines cover story on Cancer. I found it interesting and worth sharing

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I hope to read this article.

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