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❀ ✿ Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Gerbil? Do You Have A Pet? ❀ ✿

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I know a lot of us pink sisters have pets, and, I thought you might want to tell us what you have and a little something about them.

I know how much so many of them helped us thru our journey with bc and still are.

So, can you share with us please? 




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Yes, our furry friends have been there for us in every aspect of our daily lives...I picked up a thank you card the other day - inside it said something like - the more I get to know people, the better I love my dog...that may sound a bit obsurd to those that don't care too much for animals - but if you really love your pet, you would agree with that statement.  My Jack Russell has been the best little supportive nurse maid I could have asked for...He was at my side all day/everyday when I was out on medical leave...I do believe he had separation issues when I had to go back to work...My partner has been great too, but there is nothing cuter than the love of a dog.  

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Jack Russell's are great!  I've seen that card too Andi and I love it!  lol 

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We have many pets here and every single one of them has there way of helping me feel better.  The dogs just sit by my side and they look at me with those loving eyes.  The cats, sometimes allow me to pet them  LOL  We also were bottle feeding 3 day old kittens that are now 6 weeks old and they are cuddlers.  Can't forget the chickens all I can say is they are very entertaining to watch.   

I am bless to have these pets cause they do help and would not have it any other way




Pink Rose
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De, chickens?  You must live on a farm.  lol  You sound like an animal lover like me.  How are those little kittens doing?  Are you keeping them or finding homes for them? 


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I have 3 guinea pigs and a cat. They are my babies. Pigs are almost 7 years old and my cat is going to be 10 July 16 (same birthday as my mama who I lost to ovarian cancer).

They are my reason to fight. I have no children. They make me smile.

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Even if we have children LoveBabyJesus, our pets are our family, our children too.  They always give us so much love!


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I have had a dog literally my entire life, haven't been able to last more than 6 months before the next one seems to adopt me.  And, have always believed in the healing power of the unconditional love our pets provide.  During the fatigue driven days of chemo, Phoenix was truly never more than 3 feel from my side, especially during those days I'd just give in and curl up for a nap, he loved those times.  I am now offically a two year survivor, but he still stays as close to me as possible.  Love my husband, who was very supportive during treatments, but now is more, oh just get over it and move on, great suggestion but as we all know, sometimes doesn't work so well.  But, Phoenix, he just sticks by me, good or bad days, he is there.

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I was diagnosed last year with IDC, stage 3. I am on my last few infusions of herceptin. Altho I feel fairly well (tired tho)I feel like crying almost 24/7. I have done rescue work for the past 20 years. I have unadoptable pets that I still care for but have stopped resue altogethor. My job closed down right before I was diagnosed. Since then I have been unable to find a job and am so fearful of losing everything. My animals keep me going, they need me. One little guy, Pretzel, wraps his little arms around my neck and puts his head on my shoulder every night. So sweet and comforting. My main problem is fear and depression. This includes prospects for my future....future for everything. What is going to happen to me? I have tried everything I know to find work that I can physically do without 'pooping out' after a few hours. I am 60 years old, live alone and feel hopeless and worthless. I don't know where to turn for help with my financial situation. The Cancer Care center in Pa.helped me somewhat in the beginning but they can only do so much. I was grateful for what they did do for me. Is anyone else in my situation? I need some kind of reassurance etc. So tired of the fear and don't want to use the 'C' word for any kind of excuse for my feelings but it is difficult. Thanks for reading. I just found this site and it has helped already.


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>>HHHUUGGGG<<< We might not be in the exact same situation but you have definately found a place where we all can relate to you and how you are feeling.

Your emotions are probably hieghtened by your meds so just being a little depressed seems like HUGE DEPRESSION.. just try to take a few deep breaths and focus on what makes you feel good. Right now you are fighting an invisible battle and one of the best ways to win it is to only do what brings you joy.

Consider this.. even the most healthy people have no clue what is going to happen to them.. there is no way to know.. so stop worrying about it. Just completely eliminate the thought from your mind. Focus on what is going on now.. how you feel and how you can make it better. For me when I was where you are I got into "Second Life" which is a virtual reality system, where you can do, look, be anything you want, and most importantly NOBODY IS SICK! LOL that evolved into DJing online and went on to doing internet radio.. now I co-own to Net Radio stations that bring me alot of joy.


As far as finding work and all that stuff.. I had a few of those companies that hire work from home customer service reps and things like that. And I tapped into what I enjoyed and started making custom order CDs for family and friends. Maybe you can look outside the normal job box and find something that would not only bring in some money but also make you feel good. Hey I got an idea.. you could one of those help lines people can pay to call you and get advice about animals or help ppl find the best pet for them. i dunno.. just a thought.

Welcome to the site.. I havent been a member here long but the ppl here definitely make you feel like part of the team.

God Bless & Good Luck!!

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ok.. maybe Im strange because I saw so many different pets available but didnt see any like mine.

I have 2 western painted turtles!! LOL Mikey is about the size of a credit card.. I had him almost ten years. He is the more outgoing one, comes to the glass to see people and will eat out of my hand. Shorty is maybe a little bigger than a golf ball. Ive had him 6 years, he is a little antisocial and will only eat out of my hand if its something yummy like lettuce or strawberries. lol

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I have 2 cats and 2 dogs--all rescued.

My little dog, Cindy Lou (that was her shelter name and it stuck), an adorable small white fluffy dog who looks like a poodle/terrier/dachshund mix, came from the local shelter and is an absolute joy.  She was about 3-4 when she found us and is now about 14-15.

Cindy Lou then rescued our second dog.  We were walking Cindy Lou and she started barking and barking at a neighbor's bush.  We looked closer and saw a gorgeous golden retriever/lab mix lying there.  She had actual tire marks on her chest and we thought she was dead and then she wagged her tail.  We immediately took her to my vet who said she had a chip.  Turns out the SPCA puts chips in all of their dogs here.  The owner didn't want her and lived many miles away.  We strongly suspect he dumped her in our neighborhood because the street has rare traffic (cul de sac).  She is just the sweetest dog.  We have had her 9 years and is probably about 11-12.

Our daughter calls them Deaf and Deafer (neither can hear anymore).  we don't care.  They are the best dogs that I have ever owned.  They would never, ever bite a human and are amazingly gentle.  Maggie actually smiles if she sees a child or baby and just loves them. 

One cat we rescued from the neighborhood.  Danny named him Impulse (cause he jokingly said he was a bad impulse).  We have had him since 2008 and he is super friendly.  When we adopted him, we took him to my vet and he had ear mites, a skin abscess (complete with a cat toenail in it) and tape worms.  Luckily, he did not have feline leukemia or AIDS.  He was neutered, treated and given his immunizations.  He is by far the friendliest cat I have ever met.  He is like a politician - he likes to "work the crowd" and rub on everyone.

The other cat was a kitten vet adoption.  His mother was completely feral and the vet worried he might not tame down.  He is a large Maine ****-like mix and is a big lap cat who likes to chat with you.  Definitely didn't take after his mom.  He is 10 this year.

My pets have brought me such joy.  Grizzly and Cindy Lou love it if my health forces me in bed.  They love, love love to snuggle in the bed in the daytime.  So funny.  Impy isn't allowed in because he plays jump on you until you wake up or pat you on the face if that doesn't arouse you.  He in not conducive to sleep or rest and is a rascal.  Maggie likes to watch over me - either on the stairs or her large bed at the foot of mine.  But if it rains, she is on the bed.

We don't care.  We love them all!!! They are family and just all so full of love and each of them makes me smile. Laughing  Love this post.

PS The MB is bleeping out the shortened form of raccoon, but a Maine c00n is just a breed of cats.


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I am a little crazy when it comes to pets.  I have two cats, and three dogs.  My kittys names are Ebony and CB both rescued.  The dogs are Dolly, part Doxie part beagle, I loved the doxie in her so much I went and rescued a doxie, who is Maggie.  Then along came our baby, Chloe.  I must say I would have never gotten through all this without my fur kids.

I am on disability for Depression and stay at home all the time. So my fur kids keep me company at all times!


This is a really fun thread thanks for starting it!




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