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Does the pain and emotional pain ever stop? Last Chemo. April 2011

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I'm having a very hard time finding anyone to relate too. Had a rare Cancer, still being watched. Was pretty much on my own in a very rural part of NC, Duke is over me, but no support around my area, to far to travel but for my check ups. I'm finding that I still have lots of pain, fatigue, and what I found to help out my soul during this by meditation, etc. just isn't getting it for me right now. have a new body, new hair and different heart. I can't be the only one that feels so changed after such expierences. The drs. all say I should have no long term effects from the Taxol/Carbo. treatment, not from what I read others have gone thru. they actually tried to tell me it's all in my head. just sick and tired of not being heeard..thanks...

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I want you to know it is not in your head.  There is a word called late effects that has to do with illnesses that we get later after chemo or perhaps that we got with chemo/radiation that never went away.  What you are feeling is very common.  My passion is to help people in the 2-10 year period because they feel so lost and lonely.  They have no one to talk to.  When I went in to complain about another ailment my oncologist handed me a card for a psychiatrist.  I held it in until I walked out the door at which time I burst into tears.  I have some suggestions but it sounds like you are not near a center.  I will look as I have a list of late effect clinics, in addition, have you ever been to a retreat or anything like that with other cancer survivors?  This changed my life.  I wanted nothing to do with other cancer patients but once i was talked into it, my life has never been the same.  I think it helped just having someone understand and validate me.  It is important for someone to say you are not alone.  You are not.  If you want to speak to me further I am on facebook lisa keller-tannler or lisatannler@hotmail.com is my email address or you can respond here, I just do not go on here that often.  Please have patience and stay the course.  Some will get better, others you need medical help with.  Sincerely, Lisa Tannler

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I have been searching for information and the reply you gave this person was exactly what I needed to hear. May I email you?

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