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Introduction...waiting for scan results. UPDATE...

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I am new to the board but not to colon cancer. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2011 with stage IV colon cancer. I have read the postings and the supportive responses for a month and would l would love to be a part of this wonderful, caring community. I had a pet scan and cea blood test yesterday and am waiting for results...the waiting never gets easier!!!! Should get results tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and I am always willing and ready to listen.   ~Ann.          



Thank you for the welcome...it really means a lot to me....

Pet scan results came back last week and actually saw the scan on the computer on Wednesday at the radiologists office, where he could explain the details. Both good and bad news but now I have a tentative plan. Good news is that my liver is clear after having SIRT done in November and December. One lung met lit up very bright, while 3 smaller ones did not. A new spot on abdominal wall lit up and something vague on my neck, which I had a ct done Wednesday. Get measured for external radiation on Monday for the lung, can't ablate because it is on a blood vessel. Five rounds of radiation every other day and then we will radiate the abdominal wall. I will know about the neck when the ct scan comes back. Meanwhile I will continue xeloda ( finished third round today). Thanks for listening......~ Ann

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Let me have the honer to be the first to welcome you here. you have found a great community.  I am a 7 1/2 year stage IV survivor. It took me six years to find this site I am sure glad I did. We are like a family here.

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Hi Ann!    I joined in August 2012 after finding out my husband has stage 4 rectal cancer.   This place has been an unbelievable source of comfort and support.   I can't imagine what a mess I'd be without being able to "talk" to these people and hear their stories.   I hope your scan results are great - still waiting on my husband's from last Friday.  The waiting is horrible!  

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Hello and welcome. Please let us know the outcome of the scan. You will get lots of support here regardless of the results. Hoping for the very best. Good luck.


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Hello...welcome.  This is a wonderful place to share and learn. 

Brenda Bricco
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Welcome Ann, I hope you get great results!


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And the update is on my original post.....~Ann

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We are here to support you.  I know this is a scary time for you.


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Welcome to the group...glad you found us. .... Alex

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Sorry it wasnt all good news...

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glad you found us. sorry for what you are going thru. stay strong!!!

prayers for you



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I agree...the people here have been awesome and supportive in the short time I have been here.


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to another.  Wish the scan results would have been better for you, but having a plan is always a good thing!   Please keep us posted how things are going for you.  Ann Alexandria

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Sorry about mixed results. Glad you have a plan. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I bet having a plan has made you feel more in control of your situation. Glad you joined. -- Cynthia

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