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Another loss today

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Hi, Everyone.

Today Bill and I went to Virginia to attend the funeral of our former pastor and dear friend. He had colon cancer...I've been struggling with this a lot since I heard that he had passed away. Survivor's guilt is wearing me down. I'm SO grateful my cancer was discovered early, but I weep so for those who have not had the same path. My heart is very heavy.





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I am sorry about the loss of your friend.  I know, so many lost to this disease.  My prayers are with you and your friends family.




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Gail, I'm sorry to hear of your loss.  As a fellow Stage I colon cancer survivor, I do understand all about survivor's guilt.  I tell myself that the reason I'm still here is that God still has more for me to do on this earth.


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I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. This disease is just so relentless. For some, no matter how fast they run, cancer wins the race.

Take care,



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maybe we are all born to find peace, that my goal.

my illness often my greatest challenge.

living a joyful life my goal, i to am having some of these survivors guilt feelings.

while I have life I have the chance of service to others. if its possible smile, your pastor is at peace with his lord.



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So sorry Gail for your loss. 

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Sorry for your loss. I find it really hits home when I learn of someone passing away of cancer, especially colon.


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Love you

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so sorry for your loss and for your feelings of guilt.


However, I truly believe... those who have lost their battles would not be happy with you feeling guilty.

carry on, celebrate their life, and continue to fight your battle, in their honor!




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Gail...I am so sorry.



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Try not to have 'Survivor gullt'.  Live your life to the fullest, live for those we have lost. See the beauty around you, and smell the flowers. Smell them for your Pastor. Talk to him, up there somewhere and tell him you're enjoying the beauty of life for him as well as yourself. 

I am so sorry for your loss, but I bet he doesn't want you waisting a precious moment on this earth worrying over why you should live and his doesn't. 

Oh dear! That sounded like a lecture.

Life can be beautiful, even in our sorrows. 

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