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looking forward to 1st chemo

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Discussing the possible side effects and costs of upcoming chemo treatment for my husband, my girlfriend remarks, "Oughtta just put him on intravenous heroin; he'll like it better and it's cheaper." I almost wet my pants, so did my husband when I relayed the message. We refer to it often these days. (we don't use illegal substances around here, that's why it was so funny & off the wall)

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Im pegalina..went thru stage 3 breast cancer 5 years ago..facing new problems..but my first chemo appt..hilarious..They sat me down..my husband was with me..started inj..whatever..but rite before they inj the chemo..they give u something to relax..well..I was so frickin relaxed..I asked if I could go to the bathroom before they inj chemo..I was singing to the bathroom..came out..telling everyone who was receiving chemo..chine up..better days are coming..omg..my husband tells the nurse..next time cut her dose in half..lol

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