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how many here have to NO BC in family?

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I know this subject has been posted in past. Just curious of how many of us had little/ very little chance of BC and had it?

EAch time I go for mamo ask many questions (prior to  my cancer) and give a so called rating of your chances. MINE was like 1% yet I had it.



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Other family members have had different types of cancer but I am the only one with BC.



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I am the only one with BC in my family...but not a lot of close relative females. Just, me, my mom, one living grandmother (one grandma passed away in 1993), and one brother. I recently found out I have a parternal aunt I had no idea existed, but have no information about her.

My maternal grandfather died of colon cancer in 1983 around 73 yrs of age. My paternal grandfather died maybe 8-10 years ago. Cancer was susptected but his dementia was so extensive, it was decided that he would be better of to let pass away.

My father shot himself in the head in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Maternal Uncle died of diabetes and heart related problems in in the mid 2000s

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I know of no cancer of any kind on either side of my family for at least 4 generations - until my IBC.  Granted - it is not a large family as I only have 1 brother, both parents were 'only child', both G-Dads were only child but both G-Moms had several siblings,  All G-G-parents came from large families.  So no history at all for me.

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Just me

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in all breast cancers, it is said that only 5 - 15% of all breast cancers are hereditary, therefore, the majority of us will not have the brca 1 or 2 gene.  I have no family history and there are about 35 female 1st cousins on my moms side alone, and my mother was 1 of six sisters and I am the only one with bc. 

On another note though, all of her brothers and my mother died of cancer (5 so far) and one of her sisters has colon cancer.  My mother had malinoma, and it was head and neck cancer that got her.  Two brothers w/lung cancer, one bladder cancer, and one prostate that spread to his lungs.  All were farmers and the two with lung cancer were said to have 'farmers lungs".  I have a cousin and 2 brothers with Leukemia one of which also has small cell lymphoma, a brother who died of bladder cancer (his son has non hodgekins lymphoma0, a sister that had malonoma (her son has Embrionic Liver Cancer in Children (one of the less than 5% that survived, he is now 20 and was diagnosed at 8) , other sisters with squamish and basil cell skin cancers), and me with Cervical cancer at 21, breast cancer at 44, and metastatic bc at 52 and I have a son with Essential Thrombo Cytosis diagnosed at 24, but in going back through bloodwork, the bone marrow transplant team says he had it already at 13...  This will turn into a Leukemia eventually, it has a lifespan of 25 years and he is in at least year 14. 

So even if we do not have the brca 1 or 2, it has been suggested by my brothers oncologist as well as mine and my sons, that we most likely have a gene mutation that is lending us to these cancers.  In my case, they feel that the bc is a direct cause of HRT, and Estrogen Therapy, as well as numorous shots of progestrerone and estrogen from the time I was 15 for bleeding to the point of hemmoraging, as well as triple doses of birth control pills to try and stop bleeding.  back then the standard dose of birth control was .5, today it is .025.  Unfortunately, in a study that was released in Nov. 2010, they have found that HRT induced bc when it returns stage iv, is always terminal and does not respond well to chemo, which explains why my cancer has kept growing and spreading through 2 years of chemo.  I wish it was hereditary as the studies have shown that even though you are more likely to get it if you have the gene, brca 1 and 2 normally responds well to treatment!    But they feel the liver and blood cancers in one immediate family are most likely a direct link to  a gene mutation in our family.  My dads side, eight siblings and 2 parents, all but two died of cancer, one had a heart attact at 44 years old, one died of a stroke but also most likely had liver cancer. 

I do not believe that anyone is safe from cancer, we can cut our risks though through lifestyle, ie diet, environment, what we put in our bodies, but as long as we breathe we are all at risk just from breathing of taking in known carcenogins! 





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......and hopefully the last in my family!



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I agree!  I'm  the first, and I sure hope I'm the last!

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I am the first as far as I know in my family and in my husband's family.  I celebrate everyday that I am still in remission and pray for all of us that we never hear those 3 words again.

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I am happy your cancer is caught early , and you are doing well.

Actually what they needed to explain to you was 1% is not a low risk. actually it is a quiet high risk. That means from every 100 women they see one will have cancer. Considering all the women having mamogram, this will give huge amount of people with breast cancer

If your risk is over 1.6% you are really high risk and qualify for chemoprevention.

Tamoxiphen that is so scared causes endometrial cancer in 3 out of 1000 women making a risk of 0.3%, under age 50 risk of endometrial cancer is 2 in a 1000 making a risk of 0.2%. This is much lower than your breast cancer risk yet very much feared.

I think education is missing here about waht is high risk. Offcourse unless you are told everybody thinks 1% is a low risk. But it is not that is where education is missing.


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burcu123...I guess I'm not understanding why you don't consider 1% to not be a low risk?  Or is it that you are comparing it to the endometrial cancer risk? Tamoxifen is not right for everyone and that's where the education probably should come in to play (other side effects or risks ie;blood clots) Looking at it on the surface, elementary speaking % wise,  there would be 99 women taking tamoxifen that would never had been dx'd with BC the way you are putting it. 

To me it seems this breast cancer % risk means it's individually calculated based on factors such as dense breasts, age at pregnancy, diet, family hx, previous radiation exposure, etc etc.  I don't know this as fact but that makes more sense to me. 

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most studied risk evaluation is gail risk index. this consists of questions about risk factors.  Gail risk index could be found at www.cancer.gov/brisktoo/ or at komes's web site)

Gail risk index has it's weaknesses too like it does not consider the age of your first degree relative at the diagnosis of breast cancer or does not ask about estrogen levels.

anyway the cornerstone study that has shown the protective effects of tamoxifen is called "The national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project" it was supponsered by NIH not any drug company.

This study used gail risk index to determine high risk women. A risk over 1.7% ( meaning a risk of breast cancer of 1.7% in the next five years) considered high risk. Subjects were selected to have a risk of 1.7% or above. This means any subject will have at least 1.7% risk of developing breast cancer in the next 5 years. This means same subject will have at least 98% chance of not having breast cancer in the next 5 years.

Sounds extreme when it is put like that isn't it. we humans tend to make decisions with our feelings not facts. If someone told you your chance of not having breast cancer in 98% in the next 5 years would you take a medicine to prevent it, not likely . But now look at it this way.

This 5 year  risk will turn in to a 30% life time risk, as this woman ages. Now even 30% may not look too high for you.

Then let's go to other preventive treatments we do , how many people you know take statins to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure.

If you are a nonsmoker 50 year old female with a cholestrol of 300 and you do not take any medications what is your risk of heart attack in the next 10 years. It is 5%. This means you have a 95% chance of not having a heart attack.( do not believe me go to www.heart.org and calculate the risk)

If your doctor will give you statins to lower your cholesterol do yoou blame her for giving you uneccessary medications with side effects for a condition that is not likely to effect you by 95%.

How about blood pressure , how about irregular heart rate. risks are very similar. Yet thank god both public and physicians are very well educated and very eager to treat risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

However breast cancer prevention has slipped down the cracks, on the contraray breast cancer prevention is presented as not wort it.

In order to prevent one breast cancer yes approximately 95 women had to be treated.

Now inorder to save one life how many mamograms has to be done, check it out, if we use the same logic , we should forbid mamograms.

how many people with high cholesterol has to be treated to prevent one heart attack, a lot at least 50 or 60 . So this means all others has taken statins invain.


PLease help me spread the word

answer for the mamogram: To prevent one additional breast cancer death, 1,000 women would have to get mammograms starting at age 40 vs. age 50.

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Family history would not have been a factor; but I had some of the other so-called risk factors.

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on either side.  Linda

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I had a mother and two aunts with breast cancer

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Where any of you tested for the BRCA1 or BRCA 2 gene?



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Honestly I am clueless what those tests are!



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One has to have certain criteria to be tested and I believe it's expensive.

Here is a link to SGK who had that mutation as did her sister, Nancy, the CEO of the SGK Foundation.  




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in all breast cancers, it is said that only 5 - 15% of all breast cancers are hereditary, therefore, the majority of us will not have the brca 1 or 2 gene.


I had two aunts and a cousin who had breast cancer.  One aunt died at 46, the cousin died at 27, the other aunt was in her 80's when she was diagnosed with bc and was treated with a lumpectomy, radiation and tamoxifen.  She died at age 94 of causes due to aging.

None of these people had any relationship to my diagnose.  I didn't have the brca 1 or brca 2 gene and am fairly certain that they didn't either.  The aunt and cousin died long before they even knew about this factor.

Why they continue to ask this sort of information prior to your mammogram is a puzzlement.  I wish you would ask them since as Carol said, it is known that the hereditary factor for breast cancer is between 5-15%.  I would like to know what they have to say about it.



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I am the only one with Ulcertive colitis..I have had it 20 yrs...


I should play lotto...



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and my family is very large--mom had 11 siblings, so I have over 20 cousins.  To this day, I am the only one I know of with breast cancer.  Like the others, I hope no one else ever gets it.


Hugs, Renee

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Kristin N
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I was the first one to have bc.

Julia K
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I too am the only one with bc. 

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No BC history in my family at all! I did BRCA test~came back negative for both. I hope I am taking one for the team for my family and it begins and ends here!

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I pray and wish you and your family will never encounter this disease again.

It is good to wish for the best and be prepeared for the worst. Please read my section in this colum for your daughters and sisters

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Absolutely, as far as I know, none in my family.  It looks like a lot of us were the first unfortunately.

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I had no relatives who have had breast cancer in my family, but 2 months after my diagnosis my mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer. 

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Megan M
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There is no one in my family that has had breast cancer.  There's no one in my hubb'y's family either, so, I was the lucky one to be the one.  But, I would take it any day so that no one in our family would ever have it. 

I fought it and won!  Living my life now to the fullest!

I like this post Denise.


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I have no family history of BC.  I got IBC at age 49, so I was tested for the genetic mutation.  It was explained to me that there was only a 5% likelihood of being positive for the mutated gene, but I got tested since I was under the age of fifty and that is what qualified me as being a candidate for the testing.  It was negative, and I was relieved.  if 95% of all BC is not hereditary, then it MUST BE ENVIRONMENTAL!  All of these people with cancer and no family history just reinforces the fact that cancer is not something that is passed through bloodlines for most of us.  It must be caused by chemicals, food additives, pesticides, and pollutants.  But since the cancer industry is such a huge money making machine, the true cause of cancer is still unknown, despite all this so called research and interest in finding a cure.  New drugs are the money makers, so why find a cure when you can find another drug to ward off the symptoms and make it go into remission?  

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My family is riddled with cancer.  My paternal grandmother and her 4 sisters ALL died from breast cancer.  One sister (my great aunt) also had colon cancer. 

My dad had two brothers and no sisters.  One brother died from colon cancer; my dad had colon cancer but died from a stroke; his baby brother has had precancerous polyps, but so far so good. 

Out of my dad's kids, 3 have had breast cancer (all 40 yo or younger) and one has had thyroid cancer.  There is also scattered cancer on my mom's side, but not as pronounced.

My youngest sister and I had genetic testing which turned up negative.  Docs say we likely have a gene that has not yet been identified.

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I am fourth generation breast cancer.  Not sure how old my great grandmother was when she died, but my grandmother was only 48 and my mom was only 58. I was diagnoised at 33, did well for 23 years, now 3 years ago I relasped.  So they finally decided to do the BRCA gene testing and I was negative for both.  So my daughter and 2 nieces are somewhat relieved but yet where is all this coming from.  I also had my only first cousin die at 40 years old from breast cancer.  My dad died of prostate cancer, my oldest brother is fighting prostate cancer and my older sister has had two diferent types of Breast cancer.  So research has alot more to do to figure things out in my opinion. 

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I am the only one in my family.  I was diagnosed with bilateral IDC in 8/12 I am 45. I had all gentic tests, all neg.  We did an extensive family search on both sides and theres nothing.  I am fortunate to have generations still around on both sides.


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Hi Denise,  As for me, we had no other woman/man that we could find in my family with breast cancer.  I am the first to have breast cancer and I hope the last. Infact there is very little cancer we know of in my family. One Aunt (cervical)and an Uncle (mouth/tongue)one on each side until me.  I was diagnosed with Rt. breast IDC March 15th,2013 I will have a bilaterial mastectomy this friday April,26th....   God Bless!  Kathy

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well I am the only one on both side who has ULCERTIVE COLITS (20YRS NOW)


i think i should play lotto...



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Breast cancer prevention is possible. For the other female memebers of your family , it is possibletoprevent breast canecr. Please google chemoprevention for breast cancer also check chemoprevention in Komen's web site


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Breast cancer prevention is possible. For the other female memebers of your family , it is possibletoprevent breast canecr. Please google chemoprevention for breast cancer also check chemoprevention in Komen's web site


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I did have it in the family.  Mother and two aunts.

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None in either of my families. I am the first and I am male. Go figure!

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way back -my dad had sugery (this was 1978) for what they thought was breast cancer...but happy to say it was not...sad to say he was killed in car accident short time afterwards..


sending good thoughts your way..



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I am the first one and I hope the only one to get breast cancer in my family.

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