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Going for third opinion

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Thank you everyone for replying to my last post.  Next Tuesday I'm going to get a third opinion from the University of Miami cancer institute.  They are suppose to be very aggressive in their treatment.   Decided I would rather live sick and hurting but still be here for my husband and daughter than to just give up.  Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement to my last post. 

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So glad to hear this Vicki! Lots of prayers good thoughts and hugs coming your way.

Good luck!

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I, too, feel that way. I'm new to this,  but my son (24 yrs old) was very adament that I fight this. He figures he'll have grandbabies for me (someday in the future)!

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an option;

The study will use a unique combination drug therapy of Capecitabine (a chemotherapy drug) and Celecoxib (an FDA approved arthritis medication) to “wake up” and to “kill” colon cancer stem cells. The treatment works by activating cancer stem cells that hibernate during chemotherapy—a chief cause of treatment failure—so they can be destroyed. The proper sequence is necessary to consistently kill the dormant cells. The ADAPT concept was proposed by Drs. Lin and Linheng Li, a prominent stem cell biologist.

It is a very powerful drug combination with good preliminary results. Pilot studies have shown significantly increased survival rates compared with conventional therapy. Of 124 treated patients, 40% of those treated with this protocol achieved complete remission or near remission with a median survival of 93.7 months and only 1/3 of the patients had surgical removal of the metastasis. The average length of survival for stage IV colorectal cancer patients on conventional treatment is about 20-24 months and 46 months for complete responders.

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My nat onc started me on celebrex in addition to the can-arrest cox-2 inhibitor about 1 1/2 years ago.   I'm a total believer in the connection between inflammation and cancer.  This is just one of the number of things that I believe keep my cells responding to the same chemo I started with 4 1/2 years ago.

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But, you GO, girl!!!  We have your back!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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So glad to hear this  Smile

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next Tuesday. Good luck! Wishing you a positive visit ... and an uplifting plan of action. My wish for you is a long life - without hurting and being sick all the time. My prayers are with you.

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Vicki I don't know if you've checked out the thread on colon club they have going about clinical trials.....maybe you could check that out and see if a similar trial is in your area.   Good luck  with your appointment, hope they come up with somethingmore  tolerable and effective  for you. 

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hoping very much for good news for you!  AA

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So happy to hear that you are not giving up. Good luck and please let us know how it's going.


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Good luck with 3rd opinion, so glad you are fighting. Remember, there are a lot of people that were told to get their affairs in order, and years later they are in remission. Vicki, that can be you too. Best of luck. Big, big HUGS. I will be thinking about you.
Sandy :)

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Good luck to you!! You are a fighter, clearly.  I am hopeful you will find the right treatment for you to live more comfortably. You are truly an inspiration ...

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I just didn't know what to say before. I am the mom to my 33 year old daughter who has stage IV colon cancer and I live in fear of this conversation with my only child. I have to tell you, my heart went pitty-pat when I read this post and I wanted to cheer for you! I know there are times you need to vent and, for many facing colon cancer, the time to make this decision does come. And I know the good folks here will be there for you 100% with whatever you decide to do. But I am just so happy and thankful that you are going to get another opinion, and I am hoping that you will find a workable plan. 


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The third time is a charm :-)

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And sometimes when we cast our voices upon the wind...we simply hope to hear the other voices from the other side of the canyon...voices that break the silence...voices that surround us and fill us with validation...while quelling our trepidation...

Voices, whose echoes wrap us up in a blanket of comfort when we feel the need to be nurtured...and voices that help light the way through the haze of darkness...when we find ourselves meandering off the chosen path we've been on. 

I'm glad you're back on track, Vici...and I hope you can hear 'the voices.'



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That is great news. Keep fighting.

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Glad that you are going for another opinion and hoping that this one can give you another option, but you need to do what you can especially if you want to continue on with treatment.  Just wishing and praying for the best for you.  You show much courage and strength.  May God be with you through all your decisions.  I'm glad that you are seeking more knowledge.  Let us know.


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Happy you are hanging in there we will be your cheerleaders.

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I'm so relieved that you'll be getting that third opinion. This could be the one!  I just didn't know what to reply to your other thread. I know it takes a lot of courage and determination to continue fighting, but you have the spirit.

Keep the faith,



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I am so glad to hear you are looking into another opinion.  My prayers are that you will find a new team who can give you a treatment plan which gives you a very long future.

The dark moments, hours, days come upon all of us.  I am so thankful that we have this site and that you were brave enough to ask the question, and we had the opportunity encourage you.

I think it is important for us all to make a list of all the things that we can do, even on our worst days, to add to the lives of those we love and those who need our presence.  Start that list with giving love, caring, understanding and gratitude to those we love.  Those things have worth beyond calculating.


Marie who loves kitties

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Have only just caught up with your recent posts and am glad to see the fighter in you in still winning the battle. It rally seems thathou have had some of the hardest times lately and had to ask some of thtoughest questions in this whole journey. I am pleased to see you  haven't lost hope though as it is that which gets you through those bad and dark days and onwards to more positive points which it seems you have found at the moment.


I hope the third opinion goes well and you fInd an option that offers you the right balance of positives and down sides. We all know there is no perfect option but we are all justtrying to find the one the suits uS best at this moment. I hope you find yours,



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Just chiming in, I'm glad you're going for the third opinion, and hanging tough.

hugs to you,

Winter Marie

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Hi Vicki

I also did not know how to respond to your last post as these are such personal decisions and every situation is so different. 

I hear you loud and clear...going for my third opinion next week and maybe I will go for a fourth.  I have been to those dark days...as we all have here, but there is hope and I have found much of that here on this site.

I agree that education is power...especially with this disease.  There are so many unknowns and unclear statistics...the more research and education the better!

Whatever your decision, it will then be the right one for you and your family when you have the knowledge to make it clearly.  This is a journey of many paths, and I will be sending positive energy and a prayer your way.  I wish you the best and am very very glad to see you have made this choice!



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I am glad to hear that you are getting another opinion.  Don't give up!


Brenda Bricco
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So glad you have decided to not give up the fight!

GOD bless you. Smile

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