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Missing a tooth?

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2timothy1 7
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University of KY college of dentistry and gyn onc dr are doing a study on  women with epithelial OVCA and missing a permanent tooth from birth or have small peg tooth.. Apparently there is some genetic connection possibly. Just wondering if any here are missing a tooth? I'm not but have a daughter who is.

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I am not missing any teeth. But my mother and my late grandfather both did.

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I had to have a couple of teeth removed when I was in elementary school because of overcrowding and I had my four wisdom teeth removed when I was in my thirties, but as far as I know, I'm not missing any teeth naturally.


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I had to have a false eye tooth put in as a girl. The story was that i never got one in after losing the baby teeth... I had a DX of UPSC which is treated like Ovarian Cancer. I'll have to look closer at baby pics to see if there ever was one.


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2timothy1 7
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Interesting enough I was looking at clinical trials and there is one for hypodontia and OVCA.

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  I never got any wisdom teeth and my one grandaughter is missing a couple of her permanent teeth.


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