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How much does stress contribute to the onset of cancer?

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So yesterday my husband and I were talking about the latest cancer hoax to come down the pike (the Notre Dame football player with the "girlfriend" who died of cancer right before the big game), and the following was said:

Me:  Yeah, when someone's story is full of drama, especially involving cancer, you really have to be suspicious.

DH:  Given that criteria, your whole life must be a hoax.

And you know, he's right, especially looking back at the last ten years or so.  In that time period my family's experiences have included...

a BIL dying from suicide,

a sister who died from cancer at the age of 44, only a year after dx,

my dad developing horrible health problems for two difficult, stressful years until he died,

my oldest daughter developing bipolar disorder, leading to another two years of suicide attempts, delusional thinking, and one call to 911 (you haven't really lived until you've watched your skinny 14 year old get tackled by a couple of burly Seattle cops)

my middle daughter struggling with ADD

my unplanned third child being born when I was almost 40 (that was actually a bright spot in the midst of all the craziness)

and finally, my own cancer diagnosis in '09, which of course had to be some wierd, rare, almost unheard-of form of colon cancer that the doctors had no idea how to treat.

All kind of sounds like a poorly plotted soap opera, but it's not..it's my real, actual life.

So it got me to thinking...what role does stress play in triggering cancer?  I had a freakin' boatload of stress going on, especially in the three years prior to my diagnosis, and I can't help but wonder if this played a role in the development of my cancer.  What about the rest of you?  Did you experience a period of unusually high stress before your diagnosis?  It's just my idle curiosity going here...I realize that there is very little to be done to completely avoid this kind of stress in life.

Ann Alexandria

PS Title edited to make some sense...


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thanks goodness you got that colonoscopy done!  I haven't seen that many cases here of folks getting their cancer found via a routine exam.  Seems like most of us had symptoms or even got really sick before getting diagnosed.  You're not lucky to have cancer but you ARE lucky to have gotten that scope when you did!

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My surgeon said the tumor was probably in there for seven years which would have been when I was 45!  And no symptoms!  Thank God I did it then.  Doc said if I had waited 6 months or a year longer it would have been way worse. 

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I am convinced that it was stress that caused my cancer. Looking at the growth rates I can pretty much track the onset of my disease to a time where my company was going through a couple of very large and stressfull lawsuits. The first thing I did when diagnosed was to quit my always stressfull job.

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its just a same none of our doctors would provide that advice.

well done ren, thats an amazing example of a true survivor making a quick and difficult system.

have faith in your immune system. and enjoy ahcc.

can you measure 2 grams and let me know. is it half a teaspoon. if anyones interested google ahcc, 

you will find my blog. its good for lowering the negative stress hormones and boosting your immune system.




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