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An interesting article on mets, research, and funding.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I hope you like it.




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You should read their web page and all the wonderful articles, stories and etc. 


They are wonderful and the ONLY organization working for a cure for breast cancer.  Stage IV is the only stage that kills and it's, us, the 30%.  

This C.J. (Dian) M. Corneliussen-James posts on the several mets sites I go on.  When my 3rd recurrence happen in 2008, I posted on one of these web sites and she responded to me, giving me the hope I needed at the time.  One doesn't forget that first person, who extends a hand offering hope, do we?

Some of the blog writing is very interesting.  

They have a Facebook page I read also:


I do wish you the best with this new chemo.



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I love it: "30% for 30%."  Thanks so much for this!  Many of us with mets are dismayed by the lack of research, but maybe the tide is turning?  I pray it is so!  Hope you are doing ok with your new treatment.  One day, we will meet! Maybe we can have a mets meeting?  Big (((hugs))).

New Flower
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Mets meeting sounds very exclusive

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Aren't the NY Mets a baseball team or something like that.  Not much into sports, I hope they aren't a football team.



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Mortality vs Research:  100% of breast cancer deaths are caused by metastatic breast cancer.

The reference to 90% refers to deaths is an average that pertains to all cancers.  One cannot die of breast cancer that has not metastasized and spread.  Despite the fact that metastasis causes almost all cancer deaths, only 2% of research funds go toward stage IV cancer research.


"Statistics for Metastatic Breast Cancer"  this is the citation for where the above was located.




If the 70% of women and men who were touched by breast cancer by being diagnosed, treated and now are moving on with their lives would support METAvivor or MBCN perhaps a cure might be in the future.  If not for us, for those who come after.




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stage iv. I kept hearing about all the monies donated but not getting much info on advanced cancer research. Then I found the Metavivor site and was appalled that only 2% was going to adv research. I have written letters to authors (reporters) who have written articles stating all the research being done on adv cancer and given the link to Metavivors.

We are an exclusive club, but one where the membership keeps growing when we want it to decrease. The media seems to sweep over the real facts and this scares me. I think it is this reporting, like how bc is 100% cureable when caught early, yet we all know tht 30% will develop stage iv.

Unfortunately this has given so many the feeling that breast cancer is no longer such a threat an so many do not get the support because people think bc is no longer a big deal. I have heard from so many that I have nothing to worry about, yet I know I am terminal.

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Double Whammy
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To everything said here.  This should be our focus.  Afterall, it's what we worry about, don't we?   I do  think early detection and prevention (not sure about that) has made a huge difference.  Thank you, thank you.  My bc was diagnosed on a mammogram, something I have been very good about getting since I was 40ish.  Because I got the pink message loud and clear.  I also had health insurance, but not all women do.  Anyway, let's do keep up the hype about early detection so most diagnoses are made at an early stage because the odds are better.  What all of us fear, no matter what stage we were at diagnosis, however, is metastasis.  It is very encouraging to hear about a Stage IV person who is doing well, and some are even NED.  Amongst our little group of friends here, we have seen too many succumb. 

So, yep, I thank you for the links and the reminder.  I will find a way to support this.


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I have often wondered if it could somehow be mentioned on the news whenever someone dies of cancer (any form of cancer) if maybe people would get a more realistic idea of how cancer is still killing so many of us.  But then, maybe they would get so used to hearing it that they would just ignore it? 

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skin crawl ...

I am in awe of all you stage IV Sisters in PINK ... and pray everyday for a miracle for all.

Vicki Sam

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