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OT: What Do You Think Of Lance Armstrong's cheating and lieing?

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Aside from what he has done for cancer, I think it is awful how he lied and cheated to get the titles, fame and money.  I am just glad he finally told the truth.

I assumed he was guilty last year when he dropped the lawsuit, as, he gave no good reason for not going forward with it. 

Besides being banned from cycling and losing all of his titles, I hope he does have to pay back millions that he lied and cheated to get.

Thanks to him for what he did do for cancer.  Unfortunately now, they are calling his organization Liestrong



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It's just SAD.  I guess none of us were there or could know his 'reasons' but it is pitiful. 

You do what you do and then if you get busted, you take the consequences!  Sooner or later, you take the consequences either way - so why delay! 

He lived how many years now with that TRUTH chasing him. 

You and I know how precious each moment of life is, yet he burned years running from lies.

S A D  

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It's sad and unfair I heard on the news they think his cancer might have been caused by all the drugs he used. Just shows you get caught sooner or later.





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I feel very sorry for all of the excellent, hard-working cyclists who were clean back then.  I heard one of them speaking on NPR.  It is so sad that the good guys, who did not dope, lost a once in a lifetime chance of competing on a level playing field.  Apparently, a large number were doping (~20%), but think of all the poor souls who were not!  They sacrificed so much for an opportunity taken away by cheaters!

The cyclist who was interviewed said he was just happy that he could continue cycling when Lance could not, but I was outraged!

Also, his charity has been top-notch, but what a sad state of affairs his behavior has caused it.

As others have said, this is just sad.  My hubbie loves cycling and we watched and cheered the loudest.  Now we feel so betrayed because we kept defending him against allegations that were apparently true (and worse because he threatened, bullied and sued honest folks).  So sad!

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I think this is anoither example of our need to win at all costs. I find it amazing that he continued to use these drugs even after he had his cancer. He just

undid all the good he's done for cancer research. It is so sad.



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It is amazing to me how ANYONE could think he (LA) is anything but trying to do anything except to justify himself for harming others (with his lies). and foir money    It's all about him believing he is above all others - even thouygh he is a CHEATER and LIAR!  I have competed, over the many years, in sports (equine) where there are attempts by many to drug "up" or "down" on the animal (and sometimes on the rider also).

I could go 'on and on' about how 'lower than a snake's belly' I know he is.  Bottom line is - he has always done whatever to WIN and is still (SADLY) doing exactly the same thing.  His use of KNOWN, illegal proecedures/drugs is documented and his lies and attacks on anyone who tried to to be honest of his 'behaviors' is now admitted to.  He got RICH on his lies.

IF the 'Canceer Organization', LA set up now goes on to deal with the issues casused by exactly what he did - WIN at any cost- gets involved with the reality of the idea that win is all that counts noi matter what then - then it might have a point in going on. 

WInyan - The Power Within


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He is a loser!  I couldn't even stand to watch his interview with Oprah as he didn't seem the least bit ashamed or humbled or anything by his lieing and cheating.  He almost seemed like, so what, I did it, let's move on, no big deal.

I also feel sorry for those that could have won those medals honestly and didn't because of Lance's bullying, lieing and cheating.  Shame on you Lance!

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I kind of compartmentalize Lance Armstrong. I see him as a cheater, liar, and dispicable person who cheated so many athletes out of huge wins in the sport. I also think that their are others that did this,too. He really is in a lot of trouble. I find it disgusting that he lied and then threatened certain media with lawsuits for stating what we now know is true.

On the other hand, I see a man who had cancer. He went through the horrible experience of cancer. I see a great man who had cancer and started an incredible foundation for those with cancer, Livestrong.

I hope that his foundation stays strong. I didn't look up his website until the last year off and on for info. However, our YMCA has the Livestrong program for those with cancer or finished with treatment get an exercise program. Right now it is free!!  When I recover from the flu, I want to look into it, as I have gained a lot of weight since cancer. Getting there will be a problem. The YMCA is about 20-30 miles from my town and there is no public transit for me to take when I can't drive.

Anyway, I think it is a sad thing that he thought he had to cheat to become great and make millions. It is a sign of the times, I think.

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What does that mean?  I hope that the "Living Strong" can go past the lies somene started it on.

I see a man who chose to do whatever he could to WIN.   Those ORIGINAL choices were long before he was DX'd with cancer.  After he returned to competition, he continued to "DOPE UP" and contined to lie UNDER OATH!.

He does have 'problems' now (FINALLY) but he still lives a lot 'higher' (rich) life style.   I, and most of  us, could never live his mega millions style..  Nope - I am 'happy with HONESTLY doing what my hoirses (and me) could do based LEGALLY on what we could do.

IMO - he (LA) has made himself RICH - is a 'sleeze ball' that can NEVER undo all the harm he has done!

Winyan - The Power Within


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I think it is awful that he cheated and lied to get ahead, and, I also feel sorry for the ones that didn't "dope" up and cheat that possibly could have won a title.

He should be ashamed of himself.

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Unfortunately, we are a society that is quickly losing its moral compass.  It is becoming more and more evident as time goes on.  What's right is considered wrong.  What's wrong is considered right. 

The good thing is that there are still people -- like us -- who care about what is right.

Lynn Smith
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I remember years ago when it was suspected.Then came out he wasn't doing drugs. I was so supporative that fnally the TRUTH(what I thought was true)came out.Now this has hit me.And everyone else.No one is supporting him now.I haven't watched the news. I don't need to.I know.He never has been clean. Just simple and plain after way to many years of deception.

The old saying.2 sides to every story.Well one side here and it was ALL lies.

Lynn Smith

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Being the lady that I am..I can't write exactly what I think of him or what he is.  Enough said! 


Sue Sealed

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WOW...I only got to see the  newsbytes that were released to the news from his Oprah interview. What a scumbag he is. This totally changed my view of him. Cancer or not, he is a disgusting human being. I think Livestrong should cut all ties with that piece of crap. He didn't look sorry at all that he did that. Just trying to spin the fact that he finally got caught.

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topic.  Personally,  I fell Lance speaking with Oprah or Bob Costa is a way to pave his way back into the SPOT Light of the rich and famous.  Perhaps, Lance is missing all the glam, glory and adoring fan's.

Sorry to say,  I feel he wants the public sympathy -- and forgiveness.    Once he achieves that, he will have a reality series!  Anything for money -- no more sponsorships, admiration, and Hollywood parties.

Silence and volunteer work would speak volumes to someone like me.  Work Hard, Give Back and stay of the TV Circuit!!!

Just my humble opinion.

Vicki Sam



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They are saying now that Lance is being sued by many, sponsors and others and stands to probably lose a lot of the $150 million fortune he accumulated.  Really sad..

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topic.  Personally,  I fell Lance speaking with Oprah or Bob Costa is a way to pave his way back into the SPOT Light of the rich and famous.  Perhaps, Lance is missing all the glam, glory and adoring fan's.

Sorry to say,  I feel he wants the public sympathy -- and forgiveness.    Once he achieves that, he will have a reality series!  Anything for money -- no more sponsorships, admiration, and Hollywood parties.

Silence and volunteer work would speak volumes to someone like me.  Work Hard, Give Back and stay out the TV Circuit, Media frenzy!!!

Just my humble opinion.

Vicki Sam



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He was wrong and he is admitting it, better late than never. It may never help him but maybe it will help his non profit.

I do not believe for a.minute that the sponsors, and executives of the race did not know back then, and they turned their heads because once Lance wone 2 in a row, people started watching and getting into cycling and the sponsors were paying for ads, and the networks and cycling association wstarted making big bucks, which is why Armstrong was making so much. It was the same with baceball during the McGuire era, they turned their heads because they were all making money, then they acted shocked, but not until baseball had a strong profitable following again.

Yes Armstrong was wrong as were the majority of the competitors but they would not have gone along with it if the climate was not there to allow it. Just my opinion! Then you get the athelite who was also using who cant get a real job so he writes the tell-all to expose them all, and he makes big bucks ultimately off his cheating. They should also pull his profuts from the book and give to a charity!

Just my opinion.

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Megan M
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He really is an awful person to do that and to take all or the medals, fame and money by lieing and cheating!  I thought on the Oprah interview that he didn't even seem the least bit sorry, really sorry or felt that bad for doing it.  I think he just felt bad he had to finally come clean.  I am hoping he has to pay back millions to the ones that sponsored him.

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I'm totally with your thoughts Vicky.  Exactly what occured to me.

Pink Rose
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It is hard to know where to even start talking and saying how sickening Lance Armstrong is.  I just hope he is suffering somehow from his evil and dirty selfish deeds.  Karma is a b____! 



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I think he is a proffessional liar, I believe he was a dangerous bully.  The first people I thought of has never been mentioned (like one of our ladies comments) what about the compeditors who were clean and could have had a change of winning.  I have no compassion for this man.  Just because he has appologized hoping people dont fall for it.  There will be a film in the making and wouldn't be surprised if he insists taking the lead role...........  Certainly knows how to act.

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Roz is right inre to Lance being a professional liar and he admitted he was a bully.  I can't believe some people were ever fooled by him and defended him so strongly.  I always asked that they at least keep an open mind, as I did, but, the cards stacked against him were falling down too fast.

His interview with Oprah was a fiasco and I think even Oprah was apalled by him.  He is a disgrace!

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I didnt see the interview, it didnt appeal to me. At first I didnt care appreciating all he had done for cancer, choosing to keep the two separate, then when I read about all the people he hurt and destroyed, I couldnt respect him in any way. i really dont want to see him again.

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I always knew that Testicular Cancer was cureable.  I knew at least 3 men and two mothers of sons who had this cancer and all survived.  I attended ACS meeting once and the oncologist stated that if you have testicular cancer even with mets, I can cure you.  I can't cure any other form of cancer.  I knew that Lance was not hero with the cancer business but I thought cycling perhaps he was.  I didn't expect someone who undergone treatment to ever want to do drugs in the manner he did.  However, there is someone who says it a lot better than I can express.  She is a blogger and her name is Ann.  She often blogs on METAvivor and her best one is "Breast Cancer? but Doctor..I hate pink?".  

I read this blog yesterday at the recommendation on another bc mets web page.  This week Ann wrote about Lance "You can do it, look at Lance".  She has a photo of a fist with the words on it "Be Your Own Hero"

There is hardly a more awkward thing to drop into polite conversation than, "I have terminal cancer" so if somebody asks me how I am,  like the rest of you, I say "fine." I do sometimes run across people who know I've got cancer and who ask specifics, and in that case, I tell the truth.  I don't have anything to be ashamed of, but I like to be sure they really want to know.  If they use the word "prognosis," I spill.   I usually soften it a bit,  "I'm terminal but my doctors don't give time estimates."  That way they won't feel like I might drop dead before they've finished their coffee.


The most common response I get to that news is, "Well, don't give up, look at Lance Armstrong.  He was near death and he went on to win the Tour de France and now he's cured."  That response is so predictable it might as well enter the Cancer Cliche book, along with "New Normal" and "Battle with Cancer."


I am not here to bust anybody's hero or rip their yellow wristband off, and I know that having cancer - any cancer - is a bad and frightening thing.  But, Lance Armstrong did not only lie about performance-enhancing drugs, and did not only (cruelly) sue people who told the truth about him. Lance Armstrong, World's Most Famous and Inspirational Cancer Patient, exaggerated his cancer story too. 


He admittedly perpetuated the story that he was on death's door with metastatic testicular cancer, and only by sheer grit, determination and will to live is he standing today.  But in the end, Lance was not only standing; that is for mere mortals. After "battling" a near fatal cancer, Lance comes back to win the Tour de France.  That's an amazing story.   And in creating that comeback myth, he inadvertently made it even harder for us who actually do have unbeatable cancers and are facing that hard fact, because now, hey, if Lance can do it, why can't we? 


Didn't you know that overcoming cancer is merely a matter of willpower, like giving up your nightly ice cream?


In his book he asks, "The question that lingers is, how much was I a factor in my own survival, and how much was science, and how much miracle?"


It's a good question. Lance, I have the answer for you. The main factor in your survival was your luck in getting one of the most survivable cancers known to man.  You can call that a miracle if you want; all I can say is I certainly wish I'd had testicles.  (Although, I really don't know how you guys walk around with those things.)


(Quick cancer lesson:  when cancer metastasizes, it is still the original cancer.  Lance had mets in his brain, but it was still testicular cancer in his brain - I know, it seems every guy has testicle cells on the brain, right?  I have mets in my liver, but I don't have liver cancer, I have breast cancer in my liver. Although this is simplistic, it helps to know.  Type of cancer matters, even when it spreads. Some can be cured, no matter where it decides to live, and some cannot.)


Metastatic testicular cancer of the type Lance had has a poor prognosis for that type - which means he had a more than 50% cure rate.   Many men with metastatic testicular disease have a 70% cure rate, but Lance's was aggressive so he had a 50/50 shot, as he has admitted.  People who catch it early have an almost 100% cure rate.


A 50% cure rate sounds like heaven to me, although I've not a doubt it was a scary number to Lance at age 25. Personally, I would have found those odds to be excellent.  Back in the good old days, when my odds were 70% chance of survival, I never doubted I would survive.


Now though, I have metastatic breast cancer (to the liver).  It has a 0% cure rate.  The average life expectancy for me is 3 years.  Five year survival in women with mets to the liver is 8% but survival does not equate to cure.


Lance had two surgeries, one to remove his testicle and one to remove a lesion in his brain.  He did four rounds of chemo. The entire experience apparently took four months. He was diagnosed October 1996 and was declared cancer-free in February 1997, start to finish.   He is considered cured, and held up by everybody as the ultimate cancer survivor, the one who Lives Strong - the Standard Bearer for Cancer Patients, the one we should all look to for hope and inspiration.


In his book, he has allowed this myth to be perpetuated, and according to what I hear, what people have taken from that, and from what I've heard from Lance's own lips is that strength of will and determination is what it takes to survive cancer.  When somebody says to me,  "Hey, if Lance can do it, you can too" it implies some sort of failure of spirit and will on my part if I happen to die. 


Which I will.   Die.   I am not going to live through this, no matter how good my attitude is, how much I want to, how much I fight.


No, I cannot do what Lance has done.  I don't have the cancer he had. 


The real question is: could Lance could do what I have done?  Rather than 4 months from start to finish,  I have finished my third year in treatment.   I am on my 7th chemo and my 3rd targeted treatment.  I had 3 surgeries.   I have been on chemo for pretty much three straight years in a row, I have had half my liver removed, recovered from sepsis and c-diff pancolitis.  And, I still pick my son up from school every day, I make dinner when I can, I do chores if possible.  I am declining, I'm tired, I sleep a lot, but I manage.  I laugh with my family, I try to be with friends, I blog and I find inspirational stuff to post on facebook to try and keep other cancer patient's spirits up. I do my best without hurting anybody but while facing that fearsome reality. 


I don't ride bikes or do athletic endeavors because I cannot, and in my place, neither could Lance.  Walking and breathing at the same time is hard now, as it would be even for Lance.   I would like to see Lance Armstrong, or anybody else, live in my shoes for a few days and then write about willpower and miracles and mental strength overcoming cancer. 


I'm not here to beat up on Lance.  I don't care about sports, and the media has him now.  He can use this "outing" to turn into a good guy or not.  I don't care.  I'm truly glad he survived his very survivable cancer.   I am just using his name for one reason - anybody searching for Lance Armstrong and Cancer and finds this blog should know one thing: 


Don't tell your terminal friend to "look at Lance" for inspiration.


We can't see him, relate to him, or be him. When you say that to us, what we are hearing is:  "My friend thinks Lance is stronger than me.  That he has more mental power than I do.  If I die, I am lacking. I just am not trying hard enough. I did it wrong.  It's my fault."  When the truth is, we were never on the same cancer plane.  He had a curable cancer.  Many of us just do not.


When we tell you we are terminal, believe us.  Validate us.   Tell us you are sorry.  See if you can help.  Don't push us away and tell us that it is survivable because some remarkable athlete survived a very survivable cancer.  It doesn't help - it hurts.  It invalidates our real and painful experience.


Lance's survival story has impacted the dying experience for many of us.   People - many people,  perceive it as a failure of strength when we don't beat cancer, as many of us cannot, no matter how positive and wonderful we are. Graves are filled with positive, strong people who died of cancer.


Remember, my friends,  it is possible to "live strong" and with a sense of humor and sense of strength - while knowing you are dying.  It is also possible to face your disease and your treatment and your death with grace.  I am doing that every day, or trying to.


Bottom line:  Living strong is not the only way to handle cancer.  Dying strong, when there is no other option, is powerful too.  And, life, Mr. Armstrong, is not all about winning and losing.  Sometimes, it is about how you play the game, even when you are destined to lose.


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I on the other hand couldn't help when he was winning at alarming rates thinking of the line "IF it is too good to be true it likely is..."

Funny how "MEN" have been the worst offenders of this and never once caring what they were doing statistics in Sport history.  Seems we have raised a higher number of people period who would sell off their mothers for the all mighty dollar.

It is sad and where do we go from here when the records have been broken by cheaters??  I was an athlete but realized how quickly one could become obsessed only to drive oneself crazy.  I admire those who can do it and be successful without the steroids without the crazy.  I am finding there are not many anymore who wouldn't do anything it took to be the winner in their own sport.


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