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PSA still 4.24 full year after cyberknife? Anyone similar?

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I chose cyberknife radiation and was treated in January 2012.  Gleason scores were only in the 6's for 12 core biopsy. Psa reached a high of around 8 in September 2011.

My four Psa tests of 2012 are( 6.5,) (4.6), (4.29) and (4.24).  At this point I am beginning not to trust what I am hearing from urologist and oncologist.  It is going down they say , not to worry.

Anyone with a similar experience?


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I won't tell you NOT to worry.  That's not possible BUT my PSA did not go below 4 (just barely at 3.58) until a year following treatment w/CK and still isn't below 1 (over 2 years following treatment)  This is well documented in the following threads that I posted to the forum to report my progress (or lack of same).  See:




 My PSA actually rose 3 times during 2012 which led my RO to order an MRI/MRSI scan (which is probably the most sensitive scan available to detect cancer currently available) to see if there was any cancer left in my prostate.  The scans came back entirely negative and I am no longer worried about whether I still have any cancer or not, even though my PSA is still not at a level that would normally lead to that conclusion. 

The PSA test is an inaccurate measuring device after all and the readings can be affected by any number of things that can jack up the readings.  You (like I) may just have an very sensitive prostate which tends to give off more prostate specific antigens even when no cancer is present.

When my readings failed to drop rapidly enough (as yours have), I kept voicing my concern to my RO who kept telling me no to worry -- that the effects of CK might not be seen for 2-4 years.  I told him that I couldn't wait that long and that, if my PSA results did not go down w/in 2 years, I would be asking for more accurate tests (like the MRI/MRSI scan) to see if the cancer is actually still there or not. 

The three increasing PSA test results (which are indicative of treatment failure) while very worrisome at the time solved the problem for me in 2 ways.  It motivated my RO to order the tests (without need for an additional demand on my part) and the test came back negative (resolving any question of whether I still have cancer or not).   So, no further need to worry -- for now.  Of course, I will have to continue to take PSA tests for life but am now on a 6 month (instead of a 3 month schedule).  As long as the results to not rise significantly above where they are now, it shouldn't matter but it's something that I can never forget about entirely.

What does this mean for you?  I think you need to give it more time -- 2 years should be your limit.  If your PSA scores do not begin to drop this year, you should voice your concerns to your RO and ask for additional testing (like I did) to determine the actual status of the cancer.  If in that time, you PSA scores rise at least 3 times, you should make that a DEMAND not a request and, if your RO doesn't agree, find another one who will.

Take a look at my PSA history as discussed and documented in the noted threads and feel free to ask me any questions that they may bring up.

Goodl luck!!!


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As far as I read you may not find other cases (apart of Swings') to your query in this forum. I would suggest you to place your question at the forum dedicated to CK patients at;


Not must is known yet on the improvements that a radiation effect may cause after long term periods of DNA disturbance. Bounce PSA is not well understood yet and many link the fact to infection or inflammation at prostatic tissues. Your cases could be just that of a low level infection which could be treated with a dose of antibiotics, bringing down the PSA.

Best wishes for a lower PSA in your next test and peace of mind.

VGama  Wink

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