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RIP Rob in Van

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My heart hurts tonight.  Rob passed today.  He was a wonderful friend and a good mentor to me as I came to terms with my stage IV dx.  He was a minister, and a very wise man.  He posted here a lot until a few years back.  We stayed in touch.  He didn't let anything stop him, and even was aggressive having extensive surgery for sarcal mets, so he could be around for his daughter's wedding.  He did that and more, getting to know his first grandchild!  Our closing to each other was always "I wish you well enough" as we both knew that life was never going to be simple again for either of us. RIP Rob. You were an incredible man, and a wonderful friend.  You have more than earned your "well enough" and then some. 

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for your loss. you were very lucky to have known him.



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We are sending our thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  Losing another friend here is always a sad day. 


Best Always, mike 

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      I liked Rob ,I'm sorry to hear of his passing.My deepest sympathy to his family and friends,Hugs Ron.

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I am sorry for your loss. He sounds like a good man. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

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Im sorry to hear this...i remember coming across some of his posts while searching here and have read his blog. He sounded like a good guy. Glad he got some extra time with his family.

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Very sorry for your loss. I am glad he got to meet his grandchild!!!


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Thanks for letting us know, he will certainly be missed...

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oh I am so so sorry to hear this news.  Rob was indeed a wonderful guy.  He was always wise and kind. 



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Kept checking his blog and saw no new updates...knew from that, that he was in a tough hole. 

I appreciate you and Patteee relaying that msg a few months back...Rob actually did leave me an email on my YouTube stuff for the DP show...it was short, so I knew he was hurting...but it felt so good to hear from him again.

Rob taught me many things...another one of my friends too, K, now gone...so many from the time I joined. 

This one really hurts.

He fought with valor and was a real example of inspiration. ...and wish we could have talked one time.

A good man...a gentle soul...I'm gonna miss him.

Love you, Rob!





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So sorry to hear that.  He was such a great guy and was there for everyone.  He had gone through a lot and kept fighting for more time.  I'm glad that his journey is over and he is home where he belongs.  May his family be comforted in the knowledge that God is with them and that were so fortunate to have him in their lives.


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It is sad to hear that Rob has passed.  He fought hard and long for every minute and kept his faith and humor.

Like others I had been checking his blog for updtaes, hoping that things were better for him.

Sending prayers for his family and those who loved him.

Marie who loves kitties

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letting us know this sad news.i remember him from my originaldx in 2008 and always felt he was a strong person and a true fighter.RIP dear friend and i know our paths will meet again someday....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Tanks for keeping us informed Kath.

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Always a sad day we loose one of us.... I am sorry I didn't know Rob... He sounds like a fighter. ... A fighter who fought with strength and courage.

May we all live to accomplish what we need.....  I am sure you are pained horribly by this ... my condolences..

Love you all...


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...I am sorry to hear of Rob's passing.  A good man.  Holding his family in the Light for comfort.

Kathleen808's picture
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Rob was indeed a wonderful. loving, caring, very intelligent man.  My prayers are with his beautiful family.  I can only imagine how they will miss him.  Such a blessing to all of us.




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I am very,very sorry to hear the bad news.May he rest in peace.

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He was during 'my time'....and I mentioned my beau and I were booked on a cruise in Alaska, starting in Vancouver.


Rob asked the detail dates, and said "I many times stand at the point of land with a full view of the harbor where the cruise ships leave from.  I will be there on the day you leave, waving and wishing you a safe journey!"


Rob now stands forever on that point, wishing me a safe journey.....I will miss you, gentle soul and dear friend...


Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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Major bummer. Very sad!  

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Rob has earned the rest, he fought hard. For always in my heart,


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