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8 Join us Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Weights, Paddling, Jogging, Hurling, Yoga, Sauna 4 SURVIVAL BOOST

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8 Join us Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Weights, Paddling, Jogging, Hurling, Yoga, Sauna 4 SURVIVAL BOOST

Yes its back for 2013, Happy New Year all colorectals who made resolutions to exercise, feel free to post away.

*** DO YOUR STRETCHES BEFORE AND AFTER ALL WALKING, other exercises do relevant ****

The American Cancer Society now recommends exercise and diet, at last after about 18 months of sharing my passion for survival of which exercise is the key part, closely followed by diet, meditation and lifestyle.

I am focused on weight training to build muscle mass and yoga to improve flexiblity and blood flow with a strict vegan diet full of plant based protein, carbs and nutrients to allow me to gain weight, ie muscle and have improving health despite positive cancer markers.

The exercise strategy is always trying to work in interval training to get the anaerobic cell cycle. i still hope we will be the fittest group of cancer survivors on the planet. we may also be the longest living with the grace of god.

its a beautiful life, and most mornings i exercise after my daily supplements before breakfast. "Just do it" if you can, any exercise is positive even if its just deep breathing or a walk up the stairs.

Join us Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Weights, Paddling, Jogging and get SURVIVAL BOOST
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This post started out as walking, but we are an open minded bunch and now we have many exercise types listed in the title. Just move if you can.

We also have the unique 100,000km 30 year clinical trial being run here. will anyone make this target, dare is say even earlier than 30 years. It would be just so amazing. Obviously we will all have to live that long to get an invite to the party.

In Sydney Australia, sylvania to sutherland. Bottle and all.
This is the walking post. I am walking to the naturopath right now.
I feel fine, with energy just bad diarrhea. Its good having a bag, I don't have to find a tree anymore. haha

If you have some energy and are well come for a walk with me today. A walk around the world if you will for 10 minutes to 5 hours whatever you can manage. going to do this everyday.

I used to hear " an apple a day keeps the doctor away "

Now I say to myself " a walk a day keeps the monster away"

search on exercise colorectal and recurrance, for details.

come on couch potatoes up and addem and move.

love to all,


ps I am out the door right now.

1. What is the relationship between physical activity and colon cancer risk?
Colorectal cancer has been one of the most extensively studied cancers in relation to physical activity, with more than 50 studies examining this association. Many studies in the United States and around the world have consistently found that adults who increase their physical activity, either in intensity, duration, or frequency, can reduce their risk of developing colon cancer by 30 to 40 percent relative to those who are sedentary regardless of body mass index (BMI), with the greatest risk reduction seen among those who are most active (3–7). The magnitude of the protective effect appears greatest with high-intensity activity, although the optimal levels and duration of exercise are still difficult to determine due to differences between studies, making comparisons difficult. It is estimated that 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day is needed to protect against colon cancer (6, 7). It is not yet clear at this time whether physical activity has a protective effect for rectal cancer, adenomas, or polyp recurrence (3).
Physical activity most likely influences the development of colon cancer in multiple ways. Physical activity may protect against colon cancer and tumor development through its role in energy balance, hormone metabolism, insulin regulation, and by decreasing the time the colon is exposed to potential carcinogens. Physical activity has also been found to alter a number of inflammatory and immune factors, some of which may influence colon cancer risk.

http://csn.cancer.org/node/231364 too much exercise is bad, moderate is great for immune
http://csn.cancer.org/node/224511 About benefits of walking for recently diagnosed ???
http://csn.cancer.org/node/224351 Exercise Discussion and Sharing Information with Your Medical Team
http://csn.cancer.org/node/224056 UPDATED "put up or shut up" I have made the core argument clearer I hope SUGAR
http://csn.cancer.org/node/223615 good news on crc prevention for our families and friends
http://eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2011-08/vdio-ctv081611.php# new research vitamin D
http://csn.cancer.org/node/229808#comment-1153284 yoga discussion and practice and research

http://www.medizin.uni-tuebingen.de/transfusionsmedizin/institut/eir/content/2011/6/article.pdf exercise and the immune system, not focused on cancer but exciting!


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Joined: Nov 2010

i noticed my last post on the walking post, this little series was oct 2012, thats so long ago. i have been in germany and had my own stunning personal trainer inga.

I am getting back into exercise, almost daily, i will  add some interesting research from time to time.


so exercise can really help stage 3 and hopefully those of us dealing with recurrences as well.

I did some weights yesterday and carried my son 24kg for about the 40 minute walk under the sydney opera house to our boarding house. we watched the new years eve fireworks. i somehow managed to get my 46Kg 11 year old onto my shoulders for the 20 minute firework show, she was grateful and i was sore. so exercise does not have to be in the gym, it can be anywhere. today i had an hours far infared sauna. it really get the heart pumping so it qualifies as exercise also and i often meditate during the sauna.

thats all now, feel free to post away, all you will get here is some encouragement if you want it, with regard to exercise.

some of you may have some funny exercise stories to share, its been awhile since the exercise post has been around.



ps this may help some, i buy lots of supplements, some from life extension lef, i like alot of there stories, this one is interesting


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After my initial diagnosis and treatment, I have doubled my exercise efforts - walking at least a half an hour every day and weights 3 days a week.  Besides the potential benefits to avoid cancer reoccurences it's wonderful for psychological health!  Happy New Year Pete and all!

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Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

I wonder how many of us are regular exercises. I know pepe will join this old post, we used to do lots of walks together. I today slept in and stood up a good friend, the human face of exercise. I have to dash , off to get my vitamin C infusions, i can still get an hours yoga in this arvo.

Your routine sounds just like mine. The science of how exercise boosts the immune system is fascinating to me. I will find some more up to date articles, it makes motivation so much easier for me, when i know how beneficial it is to my survival. This post has had a little holiday and now it has to get back to work and i have to do my pushups and my son wants the computer so he can play minecraft!.



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Providing my Dr.s approval I hope to start walking with weights and biking again. I can stretch and meditate as well as reach out to our free Cancer Center programs if I can get a driver.
It is so beneficial for the mind, too.
Thank you for posting.
I really needed this to remind me how able I am at the moment.

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Joined: Nov 2010

i hope you get a driver.

I did an hours walking with pushups and talking with my old school friend tonight and qigong yoga. I got 6 dvd's from master yang, to take me to the next level.

he offered to teach me how to be a qigong master and cure myself, for free. the only catch i have to keep alive to keep on teaching other cancer patient's qigong.

sounds like a good deal to me, so i am looking forward to his training, when i am trained i will pass it on here. don't worrry qigong is not an asian relligion, this is still the exercise post.

pepe, are you going to join me mate, I miss you on these walks, its been a while my friend.



ps tell me when we are doing the famous spanish pilgrimage walk, its like 600km i think, lets do it soon!


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Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

has any else been working out.

the doctor up at the local hospital where i get iv c, said i was the healthiest person he had met with an incurable disease.

i took the complimentr the best way i could.

incurable is his opinion, not my mine or my german doctors.

i think incurable is better than terminal though.



ps i'll update this weekly, unless others are interested

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