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9 months NED

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Fellow H&Ners,

I am happy (ecstatic) to say after a call this evening from my radiation oncologist I am officially “NED in the head” . She said my PET/CT scan results were beautiful and it was all good. To be doubly sure I had an exam by my ENT (throat and lower tongue scope, tongue pull to gag and neck feel all-a-round) and he said all clear, your good (except for dry mouth and fibrosis, but even that is ok).

If I was a drinking man I would have a belt, instead I will just be happy and put the scanxiety to rest for 3 more months.

Your Oregon warrior,


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Pam M
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Get down with your beautiful self!

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I knew you had it in you Matt...

Now you don't...


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You were the first person to introduce yourself to me when I first came on and I remember thinking to myself "this guy is so positive and upbeat, I can't wait to feel like that again"
Now I can't wait to be even more like you! Way to go.......now time to celebrate.
enjoy this NED, you've worked hard for it.

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Congrats on meeting that guy NED! Relax and enjoy the holidays.



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Happy to hear your results. I know you will continue to get those NED's.. now get your jolly hat on and have a Merry Christmas!


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Question if I may..you had a 9month PET/CT? or just CT? I've only had the one PET/CT 3 months after my last tx and all the rest have been CT/ w contrast other than the initial stageing PET/CT.....I always wonder why some get the PET/CT and others don't. :)

All the same....one state over in Idaho I'm happy for your Christmas gift NED!



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At 6 months I was told I did not need any scans (just visual pokes and prods). I was upset and by the time I got things straightened out it was 7 months. I was persuaded to wait until 9 months (which I did) and then had the PET/CT scan.

First I talked with my insurance and they were ok for a scan I just had to get a doctor to order one (I also mentioned my concerns for reoccurrence, from what I’ve read). I lined up (in my mind) all four of my doctors and picked the one who liked me the best (rad onc) and asked her for a scan, she agreed and I was on for a 9 month PET/CT scan.

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting past the idea that stage IVa , scc, bot, hpv+ is no big deal. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from this forum about being proactive and your own best advocate.

Thanks Tim,


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Guess he knew you had been more nice than naughty this year and deserved the gift of NED.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!


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whoa, that's terrific.
here's a virtual shot of whiskey, to your continued health.
best wishes, douglas

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Lotta NED talk on here lately. I like it.

Happy for you Matt.


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Tonsil Dad
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Congrats Matt on receiving the best three letters in the alphabet,
enjoy the Christmas holidays..." and may all your Christmas's be NED "

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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And to everyone else who has NED. I don't post much but when I do login on I always see new names so it is encouraging to the NED. Keep them coming. I am a little over a year post and so far I am pleased with the results. I have had 2 PET/CT scans sinced I finish Rads with another scheduled next March. So basically, I am getting 2 per year along with bi-monthly exams by both my ENT and Rad Onc.

I think the reason for CT vs PET or PET/CT is all about $$$$$. I prefer to get a PET but that is because my original CT did not spot my cancer as it turns out I end up getting both for comparative reasons. I did not have a lump or mass but rather an irreguar area on the lower oropharynx that only the PET picked up.

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Another warrior joins the NED ranks!!!. Yeah....congrats..wahoooooo!!!

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I am so excited for you! Congratulations! I am doing the NED dance for you.

What a wonderful day it is.. Now. :)

You go warrior,


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Fabulous! :)

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It"s nerve wracking isn't it? I love good news.


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That's wonderful Matt...you are so deserving. Happy way to celebrate the holidays!

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Matt, I am so happy for you. This makes my day, and here's to many more.

What a gift to receive before Christmas.

I am hapy for you and your famliy.

Best Christmas wishes for you and your family.



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Very glad to hear the words NED they are always a delight. Keep up the strong spirits and hope for many, many, many more NEDs..

Mrs. Sarge
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No one really understands like a CA survivor! So glad for you Matt and all the other NEDS!! Terrific work!!!!!

josh r.
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Hi Matt,
Great news and here's to ya! Let's cheers again in three! josh r.

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I am so terribly pleased for you....NED meets MATT for a christmas celebration ! Hurray and continued NED forever and a day ! Katie

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