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I saw my onco today, my CAT scan from monday is NED, I don't have to go back to see her for another 6 months vs the 3 month visits I was having, when she sees me in June we will make a decision as to when to remove my port, I'll still continue with my ENT and rad doc visits. While I'm thrilled with the NED, I am also sad , knowing that in a blink of an eye everything can change, as evidenced by those we have lost in the past months, those who are still in treatment , those who are struggling because of treatment , and those who are starting yet another battle with this efinn beast. Some of you I know better than others, I do read your posts , know that I keep each and everyone of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Blessings and light, find peace and good health in your journey.


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Glad you shared your news....

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Thanks for sharing your news. God has blessed you...take it. He will help the rest of us one day at a time also. We all stick together to help one another...that's what I love about this forum.

God Bless Us ALL,

~Cure it all

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Always nice to hear good news.


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Always love it when anyone meets that fellow "NED".

Thank you again for your info. during your Thanksgiving trip. We're still sitting here waiting for MDA to schedule tests and gather all consultants. Seems like it takes forever.



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I am so happy and thrilled for you ! Continued success with all ! Katie

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Congratulations on your NED results! That is the most important thing, but sometimes it can be difficult to post good news on this site when others are still struggling to get to NED, or know that they or their loved ones won't. Your empathy for them is admirable--thanks for expressing that. I take that as another sign that we have a real community going on here, even if it exists in cyber space.


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Well, hey Linda, NED for you is the kind of news that puts a smile on all of our faces (I'm happily smilin for you now); congratulations on the great news! Live in the moment, and fully enjoy and celebrate this milestone victory, and lastly, keep it movin forward.


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Pam M
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Wonderful to add to our ranks.

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Wonderful news!!!! I'm so happy when I read such news!

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when i log on and finally get on, the first i look for and they make me smile are all the NED updates.



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congrats on your NED. I look for this kind of news everyday, too...it gives me confidence and promotes a sense of well being...

I didn't realize we kept our ports in for so long...nobody has mentioned taking mine out, and since it's not a pain in the butt (like the tube), I haven't mentioned getting it out either. Think I'll check on when they might take it out next time I get it flushed.


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Tonsil Dad
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love to hear the NED word Linda,
best three letters in the alphabet, may God bless you with NED forever.

God bless
Tonsil dad


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Great news! I am so happy for you!


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Looks like there is room for a NED license plate on that pretty red car. Congratulations, enjoy the good news.



Kent Cass
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A big Congrats are in order. Bigtime!


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..and another bump in the road is now in the rear-view mirror of your red sports car.. ;)

A big hug Linda!


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so happy for you! nothing better than NED
Best, Steve

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NED....YAY!!! Just enjoy this and turn off all of the "what if's"
It's time for you to live your life and de stress.

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I understand your statement about "can change any moment" ...but let me share a statistic with you that was shared with me recently at my visit to SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance0 ...Dr. Mendez said, congrats Tim you are now at the 1 year mark, you are halfway there because at the 2 year mark we find that only 3 in 100 have a recurrence of cancer in the H&N ....I konw I still have a year to go bc most recurrence occur in the first 2 years if there is a recurrence.....

So my point is you have past another hurdle and you are quickly approaching the 2 year mark) if I understand where you are at now.

This from a center / doctor that see's over 400 H&N patients a year!!!



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2 years will be Dec 31, 2013. My prev general manager , he passed in early 2011, always thought the # 13 was lucky...any time he saw 13 come up In anything we did he made comment, he even said my emp # 49 , 4+ 9 = 13 , so I was lucky...lets hope his thoughts on 13 continue with me thru the next year. I don't follow numerology , but heck , I'll take the good health and scans anyway I get them.

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Thank you for sharing such wonderful news, Linda.

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Congrats Linda!!

Positive thoughts coming at ya.

PS- Nice Ride!

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