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Well, what a difference 6 weeks makes. 6 weks ago my first every 6 wek scan for the clinical trial I am on revealed that the tumors in my lungs had not shrunk, but did change in appearance. yesterday's result was that the tumors have all but gone away, no resolution, noting recognizable.

I am in shock, and this has not yet really set in. I still have to go over the results with my Oncologist and the clinical trial doc's but feel pretty good that halfway through this, the tumors are almost gone. I guess this is still also good for the tumors in my Lymphatic system in my Mediastynum, as they are still too small to show up on a CT and were only revealed on a PET. Maybe those have shrunk too.

Thanks to all of the good mojo, and feedback from others who have had success on Carboplatin, Erbitux and 5FU or a combination of them.

Still not curable, but I will take the good news anyway.



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Wonderful....take the good news where you find it!!!!

Blessings and Light


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Awesome Mike, nothing else to say....

Welll...one word, AMEN...


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I say take that news!! Keep positive....one day at a time...just as you've told the rest of us. :)

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I read this post after posting about disability. Not that I would change anything about that, I am SO HAPPY to hear that your scans showed improvement!

Randy just started today with a new trial - randomized to MEHD7945A. All palliative. We'll take it.

We wish you good luck, mojo, prayers, ALL OF IT, and to live life as long and as well as possible.

Take care...


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Hurray for a smack down on the beast ! I intead on giving it a good punch in the nose too ! I will be writing down what you have posted for my team...for after surgery. God bless ! Katie

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D Lewis
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Now that's the news I was waitng for! Excellent. Fight on!


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Oh Mike, this is wonderful news....I am SO relieved for you! I gotta tell you, I read this, then I had to wait and wait and wait to respond...(site is moving like molassis)...it was driving me crazy cuz I wanted to congratulate you fast...not wait 30 minutes for this thing to change screens....LOL

Treatment is working...take the good news and run with it... :)


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It is not yet your time Mike. Spend it well and spend it wisely!! :)

It's funny how all of us as humans know we all will die one day ...but something about those of us who have actually received an RSVP in the spiritual mail / mental mail appreciate so much more the life we have .....

I say don't respond to the RSVP and show up when you are ready on your time!!! LOL

Great news,



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I held my breath when I clicked “Scan Update”. My goodness what terrific news, Christmas came early for all of us. I am just so explosively happy for you.

I think of you every time I see my Erbitux freckles and hope all is well. Now I can check out your other post without fear.



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What a wonderful relief that must have been to hear. I am so happy you are getting some good news here on the second trip.....
We all love you and are praying and pulling for you.....
Keep posting the good news.

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I knew it! Like I said my dr swears that erbitux is an amazing drug for this type of thing. I am so happy for you!!
You will continue to be in my prayers.

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Can you tell me anything about the clinical trial. Do you know its ID number or title. Who is it's sponsor. I have lung metastasis and looking for/at anything. Rick.

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Rick, I will try to find some specifics for you. The Trial I am on involves 3 drugs, and one of them is manufactured in Europe, and the other is manufactured in the states. I want to say it is the Erbitux. The trial is following I think two criterias.

The combination of drugs, Carboplatin, Erbitux, and I think they are studying the addition of the 96 hour infusion of 5FU.

The other criteria i think is how simillar are the drugs that are made in Europe VS the USA.

I am being treated at Alvin Sitemann Cancer Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I see my Onco. Monday and I will see if I can drill down for more info. I do know the study I am in, involves 230 people worldwide, and 21 are being treated at the same place as I, so I assume they are a big player in this particular study.

Wish I could offer more, but they really do not even disclose very much to me regarding study details.

My particular METs originated as SCC of the R tonsil and 34 nodes in the right side of my neck. it spread to the lower right lobe of my lung and also to the nodes in my Mediastynum, which is not good at all.



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Alright Mike, having the tumors disappear is tremendous, congratulations! As you said, hopefully the combo is having the same effect on the lymph beasts as well, I send you my hopes and positive energy for continued success in your fight.


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Pam M
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I was sitting here, letting myself feel down, then I read your post. Wow. Magnificent! you keep up the good work.

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Keep fighting the good fight! You are a winner!


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Great news, it made me so happy! Just keep on fighting, hoping, praying and enjoying those battles you win!

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Tonsil Dad
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Fantastic news Mike,
This is the kind of post I love to read, may you continue in the
right direction with the rest of your treatment.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Great news! Stay strong! Ann

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Happy that you received good news. Hopefully it will make your holdiday celebration alot sweeter. Enjoy the good news and thank God for Siteman.


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This made my evening. Please enjoy this wonderful news.

Kent Cass
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Sounds VERY Positive- stay aggressive, my friend (C butt-kickin' mode).


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Your good news made my day, Mike!
You're always in my thoughts.


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Thanks for sharing!

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congrats you must be feeling truly blessed. Heres to nothing but more good news from here on out.

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God will take care of you

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i think this is a great present to get !!!!

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It made my day when I first heard this from you the other day. This remains the news of the day at our house! Not a day goes by that Pam and I are not thinking, sending mojo and praying for you and Diana. You da Man, Bubba! (I always knew how tough you were being from north county, even with the man-purse).

Sending our best!
Greg & Pam

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Hi Mike,

I am just starting to catch up on other's stories; I don't have your full back story but from all the cheering here, your news is encouraging and uplifting. Sounds like the track you are on is working so I wish you well and the very best.


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I am so happy for your update!

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So the docs said you're incurable. Well, you family says the same thing. Or was that incorrigible? Well, here's the truth about the incorrigible-incurable. We (I'm one of them) have the irritating habit of continuing to show up. We should get t-shirts stating "INCURABLE SINCE 2012" and wear them throughout the first half of the 21st century. Rick.

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Signed in anxious to hear how your scan went and am I ever thrilled I did. Awesome Mike! I am so very happy for you.


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Yeah t-shirts. Lol. It seems there are several of us incurables on this site and I am praying we will all be here for quite some time.

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