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Scan result

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Mentioned recently was in for scan results this week along with several others. Was all clear. It was first postop scan since amputation and as such was really meant to just document a baseline to compare future scans to if worried and not expecting problems but still doesn't stop the anxiety that they will show recurrence. Oncologist also decided to not recommend chemo for now as minimal benefit at a time when still recovering post op.

So went out for lunch with wine and wife to toast a good result. Otherwise, recovery is slow but steady- back driving (left footed) which helps a lot and pain reducing. Due to see prosthetic team next week to discuss next stage. Physio three days a week otherwise.

Thanks for all the good wishes and hope others scan results are positive,


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Wonderful news that everything looks all clear!

I marvel at your recovery powers and wish you continued improvement and success.

Hugs to you, the wife and kidos,

Marie who loves kitties

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Wow, Steve, You never fail to amaze. They grow 'em tough over there, I guess. Sounds like you will have a cheerful holiday with no chemo and good scan results...very, very happy for you! Ann Alexandria

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With all of that, I would be asking for a refund if 'clear' was not the operable word being applied.

Sounds like you are way ahead of the curve...way out ahead.

Very promising news indeed and continued success...

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lunch sounded nice.
i have been trying dry red wines of late, they are quite tasty.

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Sounds like a good report. Glad things are coming along for you as far as recovery. Wishing you the best going forward and beyond.


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So happy for you and your family!


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Nice to hear from you. Glad to see that your results and road to recovery are well on the way to complete success. Take Care.



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That's great news. Steve, how hard is it to get the path lab to stain for CA19-9, COX2 and/or iNOS in UK?

My +++ wife made great progress (necrosis, shrinkage and pronounced lack of metastatic spread) on a "soft immunochemo" (no 5FU/UFT) with cimetidine (for CA19-9 + only) and (natural) COX2 inhibitors amongst the LEF recommendations, along with extra vit C, D3, and K2 beyond LEF, before her first surgery. We missed the boat on PSK and beta glucans back then, but do it now with measurable WBC and related improvements.

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Wonderful news! So happy for you and your whole family. You guys really deserve this good news, with all you've been through. Please let us know what the prosthetic team has to say. Congratulations.


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indeed. So glad recovery is going well! Keep on keeping on.


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Oh Steve that's wonderful news! So happy for you :-)

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that you got a good report & yes it was time to celebrate!!! wonderful that you driving. you amaze me of how you have pushed to do things & what a great attitude.

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What a wonderful Christmas present! Such great news! Can't believe you are already driving! I am still in awe!


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Like it!

Cathleen Mary
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I never would have imagined that you would make so much progress so quickly. Out to lunch and raising a toast is just as life should be....this is really wonderful news. Savor. You have worked hard to get here as has your family. I am very happy for all of you.

Cathleen Mary

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Nice. :)

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And I can't believe you're driving already!! Big smiles all around and I raise my glass of milk to you!! Cheers! ;)

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Tha is to all above for the supportive replies.

Taans it isn't easy to get those scans here as the hypotheses and medicine related to them aren't really embedded in the mainstream of medicine here. My oncologist has said she would be happy for me to be on cimetidine if i wished but I haven't gone down that path yet- is perhaps an idea I need to investigate again as feels more relevant in the stage I am currently at.

Thanks for the well wishes to my family- my wife doesn't post here any more but does keep up to date with some people she knows from previously through me. They are doing well and the kids have adapted brilliantly- my son said the other day he doesn't really remember me having two legs and sees my current situation as normal now. Am able to get out and play a bit of football with him now and with the crutches my reach in goal is enormous! They have really impressed me in the ability to adapt and accept so much over this year.

Really looking forward to a special christmas,


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Yes, I am interested in obstacles or effort that different medical systems carry even for more capable patients.

Normally, for stage III and IV at dx, the odds appear to be about 2:1 and 3:1 that CSLEX-CA19-9 is positive and that cimetidine, perhaps avastin, is a relevant molecular treatment. However since even stage II-III CSLEX+CA19-9 double positives appear to usually recur within the year after chemo without molecular treatment, I actually have my doubts about your previous tumor cells and how many molecular mutations your cells had. For long term cimetidine, I think getting CSLEX1, CA19-9, or both stains is a good idea without other coindicators (e.g. histamine, VEGF telltales).

Since I could actually get such work done, exerting myself, I couldn't (emotionally) wait until the odds were officially 20:1+. That part of the odds maturation process between 2:1 and 19:1 with single variables where I am pretty good at dissecting cofounders sooner than most, makes me very uncomfortable - it is the rough equivalent of someone who can see a bullet in flight being told to sit still.

To me, PSK and beta glucans, perhaps calcium-D3-K2 sufficiency and natural COX2 inhibitors are some of the easy, higher potential reward, lower side effect candidates where cimetidine is in doubt.

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Sounds like all good news. I am so glad to hear it.

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Now that's a Merry Christmas!

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Fabulous Steve!!! And again, you are amazing!!! Thinking of you and your family over the holidays.


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All sounds great, Steve. And I'm sure that the ability to drive helps greatly with feeling more independent. Just don't be like half the people I see on the highway, texting away as they go -- trying to beat cancer to the punch and kill me with their erratic driving...lol.

Enjoy Christmas!


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