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???? How Did You Get Your Real Name and/or How Did You Pick Your Name On Here ????

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I've always loved hearing how people got their names. Some of the stories of why their parents named them are meaningful, some are emotional and some are like " what were their parents smoking"? LOL

And, I've always loved seeing the different names on here and wondered how you came up with them and why.

So, why did your parents name you what they did and how did you pick your name on this site?

Enquiring minds want to know LOL

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Alexis F
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Love reading about your name! Love reading all of these posts. Very interesting and fun!


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I'm the youngest of three, and my brother and sisters names start with the letter "J"..One evening when my parents were playing poker with my grandparents and friends, my pregnant mom said "whoever wins this hand gets to choose the name" Her only condition being it has to start with J. My grandma won the hand and named me Joyce!
I've had several nicknames over the years, some of them Joy, Joycie,JoJo,Juice,Airhead,Freckles and Pinky..I Love the color pink, always have and probably always will! I was born in '68...

Fauxma--I almost named my daughter Penelope too, except her dad wouldn't go for it..So we decided on Stephanie! I tried hard for my second girl to be named Penelope, yet again I was turned down!!


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I was born in 1949. My mom was Canadian, dad 100% American. I came into the world not long after Prince Charles so my mom, having been enamored of the British Royal Family named me Charles. I became Charlie when I was old enough to demand a nickname. Since we live in Texas I figured TexasCharlie would work for a handle. I was called Chuck at one job but never really liked that nickname. When in High School some called me Choo Choo after a character in a Good & Plenty ad. My wife calls me Choo occasionaly and I used Choo Choo on stage when I was a working musician having it printed on my guitar strap. I'm 62 now and really don't care what people call me as long as they are nice about it. You're right too about the "What were they smoking". Like, how could Frank Zappa have named his kids Dweezil and Moon Unit?
However I did give one of our boys the middle name Marshall after the amp I preferred running my guitars through.

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I know, Dweezil and Moon Unit?  I am about 100% positive that there was a little puffing and passing there.  LOL

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Well, I'm the youngest of four. My Dad's name is Ken, my moms name was Sharon, but she ALWAYS used Shari. So she took the K from Dad, and the ari from Shari. Making my name spelled Kari, which in the 70''s you never saw it spelled that way, even today it's rare that I find someone spelled the same as mine. My user name I made up really quick and I would have a different one had I taken my time. pinkkari09 pink for BC, Kari for me, and 09 for the year I was dx. Thanks everyone for sharing, this is fun.
Miles of Love,

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Not much of an explanation for me...I LOVE DISNEY...go as often as I can. IT gets me though bad times (when I am looking forward to trip during bad times) I have been going since it opened in 1971. (started out camping with my parents, then with my family, then value resorts and now we belong to DVC (disney vacation club) WE own a piece of WDW-now we can go more often.


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and saw a film in the early 50's with a French actress named Renee. She liked it so much, she named me Renee. Renee was not a very common name the whole time I was growing up and I loved it for being so different from all the common girl names of the day.

Now, of course, Renee is much more common, but I still love my name. Evidently mom saw another French actress in a film named Yvonne. Guess what my sister's name is?!!

By the way, we're not French.

Hugs, Renee

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My screen name is a combo of my daughters who are my mainstay in life. My real nameis Penny, my mother named me after a skier at the time because she liked the name. I cant say I liked it as my maiden name means something too. i was never wanting to be the center of attention, so it made me self concious. Now i like there is rarely anyone named that. I like unusal things but kept my kids name "normal" because of how I felt going up.

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"By the way, we're not French."

You almost made me choke on the leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin pie I'm sitting here eating!

Back then, all those cigarette-smoke-enveloped actors in French films were considered to be terribly glamorous and sophisticated -- I'm sure your mom knew her daughters would grow up to be just as beautiful!


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I am French and had an uncle name Rene (the male version of that name - he was born in 1916) and knew so many Yvonne's (my mother's generation) that I can't count them. I remember when the name Renee came on the scene, I always liked it, a beautiful name.

I don't know if Doris is a French, it was my godmother's name and she was French too. That of course is my middle name, not first name.

Best to you Renee and I hope you are doing A-OK.


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I have enjoyed reading how everyone got their birth name and how they picked theirs on here too. I wondered about a few on here how them came up with theirs here. Thanks Susie for another interesting and fun post! I don't know how you come up with these, but, keep them coming.

Hugs, Diane

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My parents both readers and Gone With The Wind I guess a fave why my name is Tara after the Hall.

2 and 4 my favorite numbers on my sports jersey so there they are...


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Instead of Michael James, I became Carol because I was born near Christmas.

My screen name, my first rescue kitty.

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Double Whammy
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I just know that I didn't get a middle name because my parents thought Suzanne was long enough and sort of like 2 names anyway. My last name was 10 letters and it was a lot to write. Now I use my maiden name as my middle name because my last name is only 4 letters. I don't like to be called Sue or Susan simply because they're not my name. Most people call me Suzanne. Some of my friends call me "Suz" as does my husband.

I chose my screen name "Double Whammy" because I was diagnosed with 2 primary cancers (endometrial and then breast) 4 days apart - a double whammy indeed!

It's fun to learn how others chose their screen names.


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I picked my nic as chutzpah cause everyone needs some. Chutzpah is a yiddish word with many meanings the way I use it is to mean supreme self-confidence : nerve, gall.
Like others on this board my parents were looking forward to having a boy, so I wound up with the feminine version of Charles

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Different Ballgame
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1. Janelle: I was named after my father's dancing partner who was the best dancer that he ever had for a partner. (I always said that my mother was not a jealous woman.) I do believe that my mother chose the name. Back in the 1930's, there were many dance halls that also sponsored dancing contests with the winner getting money and a trophy. My father and his partner won many contests.

2. Different Ballgame: I ended up getting a recurrence on the scar of my mastectomy (0 stage DCIS) three years after the initial breast cancer. People (other than some close friends and family) did not know what to say to me or how to react when they found out that I had a recurrence. Things were different with the second cancer. Hence, it was a different ballgame.

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Janelle, that is so interesting about your name. I don't know another Janelle and I love the story behind how you got it. I am sorry how you got your screen name here..


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Suzanne, I don't have a middle name either. My parents named me Angelyn and thought that was long enough. It caused much distress for the Registrar's Office in college and they kept calling me in to complete my records. Apparently the workers there did not get "NMI". Like you, I now just use my maiden name for a middle name.
When I met my husband, he started calling me Angie. So, no creativity with my screen name.

Pink Rose
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I saw this post and thought it was not only interesting, but, gives a little more info on everyone.  My name is Rose and the pink is for bc.  Pretty simple actually the way I picked my name on this site.  I have to say though when I joined, I was kind of stressed trying to figure out what to put and then pink rose just came to me.  It must have been that cancer brain everyone talks about.  LOL

Thanks for a cute post and an interesing one,


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I love this post and always take a quick peek at it when I'm on to see the new posts!  It is really interesting and imaginative how some chose their name on here. 

It really gives some insight to each pink sister!  I hope to read lots more new ones!


Sue :)

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Born in th  50's, every girl was a Carol, Linda, Debbie or Sue - at least  everyone I knew. According to my mother, I was named after her favorite doll. When I was born, the Dr said " it's a Susie Q" and mom said "that's just what I'm going to name her. So Susan, Susie or Sue - I answer.


On here, I used my initials, dropped a few vowels from my maiden name & added my birth year. Viola!



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My name is Sharon, its an old name but pretty much one that my mother liked.


As for my screen name BlazinTrails:  Well I trail ride to enjoy life and ride where no man has ever been.  It gives me a sense of freedom, partnership, and to appreciate the simple things of GOD'S COUNTRY and its beauty it holds.

I just saddle up and go!

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Love your name on here and love what you wrote!  Is that you in the picture way up there? 


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