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My Turn To Bitc#

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Hello All,

Well, has everyone received their insurance enrollment for next year? I did, and even called the company to verify the horrible news. The premium has more than doubled. And I discovered, which I should have realized before, that when I turn 70, the supplemental life insurance is no more. I told the customer rep that I'll try to die at 69 which will now be easier because I'll no longer have enough money to buy groceries so I can keep those health premiums paid. LOL Just think, now you can pay a Medicare premium as well as a private premium which is higher, but pays less on your bills. What a system they've got going!

Okay, I feel better now, NOT!



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Each year the costs go up...the deductibles go up for less coverage...and the max out of pocket increases.

I can hear the battle cry now..."Thin The Herd..."

I'll be seeing what it will cost this year to have less of what I had last year very shortly...

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The worst part for me is Health Care is only a $1500 maximum deductible. Like I will not hit that by February. I used to be able to pay our medical tax free. Basically all of our costs went up 30% by taxes alone! Thanks Libs! Way to fight for us GOP! (In other words neither party did us well.)

Best Always, mike

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I sure understand that "Thin The Herd" remark. It's like when you have a chronic illness or reach a certain age, you are no longer an asset to the human race. You become disposable. Shades of "Soylent Green". What did you have for dinner tonight?

Luv Ya,


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Soylent Green, of course:)

It was Tuesday after all...

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I'm on medicare and have blue-cross, blue-shield.

My secondary insurance covers whatever medicare doesn't,
and my co-payments are usually never over $5.

Both medicare and BC/BS have increased coverage for the
past three years on the plan we have, allowing procedures
that weren't provided for before.

Even my wife's massage therapy and acupuncture treatments
are covered.

It's strange how some have problems and relate it to political issues,
while others might have problems with individual carries and don't
manage to clearly point the finger at the one charging the fees.....

The problem with -all- insurance, health, home, automobile and
life insurance has been a long-standing problem. It's less to with
politics, and all to do with being greedy; ask any homeowner
in the state of Florida.

Best wishes for better years.


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Posts: 1326
Joined: Apr 2009

In my case, I wasn't really relating it to political issues. Just greed, I think.

My secondary is United Healthcare and usually pays around 50% of what Medicare doesn't, so far. My co pay for office visits is $25 and $30. Not too bad, but when you have 8 appointments in a month, gets a little hairy on top of all the other expenses just to stay alive. LOL

Good to know about BCBS. JBG's insurance is changing providers next year and she may be interested in this.

Luv Ya,


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They told us when they passed the affordable health care act that we all would be covered.

What's that mean, 30% more because of taxes? That couldn't happen in this economy!

Now we pay taxes we didn't before, if we can afford to pay our medical bills?????

I'll shut up now, because I don't know the answers, and it could lead to being moderated for talking politics.

Oh what da heck! I'll talk some politics right now, I VOTED TODAY

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Why worry Obama Care is now in place for at least four more years. My son-in-law works for the Air Force on loan from the Coast Guard. They have two little ones ages 2 and 4 with another one on the way sometime this summer. They were just notified by the military that they will now have to pay a $200 dollar co-pay; reduced benefits and 20% of total costs thanks to Obama cuts and Obama care. I don't know how they can afford it. They already gave up their second car and electrical rates will skyrocket when Coal is eliminated. I guess Obama was right about a level playing field we all need to be in proverty. As for me I was notified today that my upcoming surgery on Monday will result in a $100 deductible. I have never had a deductible for surgery before. My retirement employment contract says I don't have deductibles. The insurance company says Federal Law trumps my contract. So now it's just a piece of useless paper. My poor daughter in Michigan is a teacher with a Master's in teaching reading to disabled kids. She is great at the job. In the last five years she has not recieved a raise; her health insurance costs have gone up to 20% and her pension cut. If the State or the feds can find a way to further reduce her pay she will qualify for Food Stamps. When I was going to college I worked as a janitor and made more maoney then my daughter who is a teacher. I'm lucky though with the 15 member panel deciding who get what in health care with my expensives thus far and what they will judge to be what my contiue life contributes...well...they say I'll get a thumbs down...like the Emporer in Rome killing off christians in the arena. By the way need supplemental insurance call AARP projections are they will make a billion in supplemental plans they offer for supporting Obama Care and eliminating Medicare supplemental insurance. I won't tell you what I did with my AARP card but it was creative.

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Funny thing about deductibles. Hubby has had a couple of outpatient procedures lately, and hospital now calls you ahead of time to tell you how much money you have to show up with to walk through the door. Don't remember this in previous years.

As for AARP, their rates are more than my insurace, which is high enough. About all they are good for is hotel discounts, and 20% off at Denny's, which isn't the greatest food. LOL

Take care,



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I haven't found out what my premiums and co-pays for the upcoming are going to be yet. I did find out that my insurance is no longer contracted with the major hospital in the area and next year will have to go one that's on par with the finest large animal hospitals. About the only upside is that since I'll have to change my PCP (to the moderator: that's a doctor not an illegal drug) my onc said that he could provide that function which will drop my co-pay. Currently it's $17 for the PCP and $40 for specialists.

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1. post 65, or 55, retirement is going to be radically redefined. They've been dumping and looting retirement funds and retiree medical for decades.
2. "Obamacare" solves nothing, the fundamental problem is developing and delivering low cost, effective treatments, then secondarily, funding. We (our system) have been busy compounding costs and prices exponentially while hollowing out the underlying health, nutrition and basic meds.
3. labor rates globally are moving toward an average, adjusted by business environment and infrastructures. We started near the top and have been destroying its very basis, politically and economically.
4. government and corporate lies have shifted from veiled lies to outright ones
5. "voluntary" has been replaced by coercive
6. insurance pays less and less percentage wise

Self sufficiency counts. We largely discounted insurance from the start and seldom let it make our decisions.

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We are moving to United Healthcare Jan 1 ... I am not looking forward to the battle over my current care. I won't be finished with chemo until January...so I'll have to get the dr to justify the pump, Neulasta, and anything extra like scans. I am hoping to get my pet scan in in December ... So that the current insurance will pay for it. We have already paid or 3,000 deductible for the year in addition to the over 1,000 per month payroll deductions.


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