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Anybody tried maple syrup/baking soda (Na Bicarb)?

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Just read about this and there appears to actually be a few doctors using catheter delivery of Na Bicarb to treat cancer. The explanation for how it works is that cancer cells take up 15X more sugar than normal cells (why PET scans work), and then the Na Bicarb causes the cells pH to get really high which kills the cancer cells. Extremely simple, cheap to try, and very likely not to cause any harm. I'm thinking of giving this a try. I previously posted about ursolic acid, and have instituted a policy of eating at least one to two apples a day (ursolic acid is found in apple peels).


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" "The Facts: " While these findings are accurate, they apply only
to cells in an isolated lab setting"

That's just not true is it. Read the PDF I posted."

Ok. "Not true".

But it should be pointed out, that the sentence:
"While these findings are accurate, they apply only to cells in an isolated lab setting. "
are a direct quote from these know-nothing people:

Busting Cancer Myths: Acidic Foods and Cancer Risks
By the American Institute for Cancer Research

as reproduced here: http://foodconsumer.org - Busting_Cancer_Myths

Ignoring factual biological information doesn't serve anyone well.

There isn't any one of us here that desires to waste time while
cancer grows within. There are some things that can slow or stop
that growth, and some things that don't do much but waste time
and empty pockets.

If nearly four thousand years of use by literally billions of people
does not matter, then it does not to those that refuse to hear or read.

Ignorance is not a virtue. The willful desire to ignore facts from
one's selective beliefs, usually ends up with a not so selective finale'.

The real information is always available; one just has to dig deeper
to find it.

I truly hope you find what you are looking for!

My very best wishes are for you and yours.


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Now you posted a link to some food site about diet and Ph, I agree, but that is different to putting a huge (12gm) amount of an alkalising chemical into your body.

The fact is bicarbonate has reduced the amount of metastatic cancer in mice, that's all Im saying, nothing about humans and the fact is I can't find ANY data to show it does the same.

"Relying on this type of treatment alone and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences"

The above statement is about TCM from Cancer.org, I am smart enough to take that with a pinch of salt and I'm very glad it worked for you, as Phil keeps saying " what works for you might not work for me" but as far as I am concerned there is NOT enough information to make an accurate assessment on high dose oral or IV bicarbonate at this time. More work is needed.

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it highlights so much of the challenges when you love life so much that your quest leads you down dubious paths. all i tell my friends is to go down dubious paths with a smile and courage.

I am having pancake and maple syrup for breakfast with a big smile with a pinch of bicarb.

Saving our precious energy for survival and our spirit is my goal, so don't get caught up in the arguments if you. its simply to expensive in terms of emotional energy.

so getting worked up on a post will cause stress and that will hurt your immune system , alot more than maple and bicarb. smile and love, its just a great day.


ps dearest budding researchers read cancer as a metabolic disease by thomas seyfried. now that will grow some neural pathways if you are up for it. I understand 10%, but my desire to do the full ketogenic diet is growing.

pps now we could wait for our onc to save us ? or we can have some fun ourselves ?
no matter what choice, having a peaceful heart and smile today is all the matters!

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Hope your doing well, I exchanged a few emails with Dr Seyfried years ago, he was very helpful, Ketogenic didn't work for us but it seems worth trying for some.
It's hard, but not as hard as chemo regimes.

Maybe start a thread on it.

take care.

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Although I hate chemicals, I do have two bottles of hydrazine sulfate on hand.
I paid a whopping $30 per bottle back in 2007, and that's enough for the
full treatment, if I decided that nothing else is working..

The Syracuse Cancer Research Institute

The Truth About Hydrazine Sulfate

Among the "alternative" choices, there are very few chemicals included.
Reading at the link included may offer some hope for those who
conventional medicine has failed, and who chooses not to try non-chemicals.

I really don't have much faith in some of the alternatives offered,
or talked about here. But of course, that's -my- choice, and
we all should make our own choices.

There are many opinions out there; it should be kept in mind,
that even the best physicians can only offer their personal opinion.

Hopes for better health,


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I know that you and your family must be under tremendous pressure and grief to see your child experience brain cancer.

My own brother died of a glioblastoma only four short months after its discovery.

I have never doubted you nor your son's condition.

I read your posts with interest and with an open mind ... but ...

is there any way that you can disagree with Winter Marie and others that might have differences of opinion without being so mean-spirited?

It is so disheartening to come to the board and feel the anger.

Can you find a way to let the anger go?

We need you and your opinions, but not your anger.

There are so many people struggling here daily and we come together to support one another.

If you have an issue with one or two members, maybe it would be best to just not respond? Why keep it all going? What is accomplished?

There are so many people here who are sad, some dying ... why waste precious moments of your time or anyone else's with the anger?

I wish you and your family the best. I wish Winter Marie the best. I wish everyone peace and courage and strength and kindness.


Cynthia -- a 60 year old woman from Michigan with a nice avatar of a puppy who does wish everyone wishes and hugs :)

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Tony and I had communication further up the page.

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Tans said:

" Already there is significant known overlap between cancers based on molecular pathways, biomarkers and targeted treatments in common".

Manwithnoname states the different drugs his son is on ( I won't re-name them all again). But I was (am) interested in the different classifications.

Connecting the dots??? It's hard. But, this sort of makes me wonder about a clinical trial that I know a number of people are in. They stay at the place I stay at when I get treatment. It is a Phase 1, and people with different types of cancer are in the same trial. I'm sure it is individualized, but it shows that those doctors are treating different cancers based on the above - "because there is an overlap between cancers......"

I have been trying to get information from them (people in the trial). Since it is very early in the trial, there is obviously not a whole lot to go on. Everything has a start.
The trial is FDA-approved, not affiliated with one of the "big" places ( very possibly a good thing).
I won't get long-winded on this. But the little info I have heard has made me consider this as perhaps something I need to pursue......time is running out. The trial has a waiting list, so I may never know......

The only reason I came back to this topic, is from what Tans said, and then what Tony said his son was taking, and, the little that I know from that clinical trial ( and actual people I've met.....and plan on seeing again in a month....hopefully).

Sifting through this LONG thread has provided a bit (tiny bit) of clarity that makes me want to ask more questions.
I still don't know what Pete is doing (but I still have to read his blog). Obviously, I'm interested.....i like living.

Soooo, I appreciated people sharing. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Some people dedicate a good amount of time to researching, and are simply better at it. It is not a big deal for me to admit that I am not one of those, but I am open-minded.

Everyone handles things differently. Thanks Tedd for starting this thread. And thanks to everyone for their time.

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if your short of cash, rob a bank and do the time when you come home cured.
only joking of course. don't do the time plead insanity, its worked for me for years.
goodluck finding an answer janie, don't stop dreaming and hoping.


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