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Finally made my decision, I'm changing doctors.

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Hi Ladies,

After several days of trying to decide what to do, I have decided to change doctors. I can't live my life without cancer defining me, when I have to play my life around a busy doctor's schedule. The dr. I have used since my chemo began last year, is in our local office one day per week. Often times that day changes. I need to be substitute teaching as much as I possibly can, Plus, I just need to enjoy life. After my husband's unexpected death 2 1/2 hrs. ago, I'm just now beginning to feel emotionally strong enough to take short trips, etc.

Hoping I don't begin second guessing myself now, but I know that this is one stresser that I can control. I will see my new dr. Nov. 1. He was recommended by a friend who worked with him when she was an oncology nurse before retirement. I was beginning to get upset with day and time changes of appointments.

Hope all of you are having a great day.


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You are doing the right thing. Best of luck with your new Doctor.....Val

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You need to have a schedule your can rely on..... control is a "good thing".
((((HUGS))) Maria

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kimberly sue 63
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Good for you...you have the power to do that and you should use it if it means better care and less stress for you. Kim

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Glad to be done
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Good For you. You are in charge of your own care and if you are not happy with your doc it is good you got a new one. Do you have to travel far for this one?

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No. It's the same distance, about a 25 minute drive. Not bad at all. I still have a medical oncologist.

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