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SGN 35 setback

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Joined: Mar 2012

Was responding well to treatment. No more signs in neck,kidney,liver ans spleen but Dr says I had a new area show and called it a relapse. Now wait on PET and next step. This hit me hard

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So sorry to hear that, where is the new area?

diazr1's picture
Posts: 101
Joined: Mar 2012

Just above the hip

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I do not know how your Dr. can say relapse without first getting results on the PET. John

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Posts: 101
Joined: Mar 2012

That's what I told him, I was never in full remission so how can it be a relapse. I feel like a champ until I got the news been sleeping a lot

miss maggie
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Hello Diaz,

I don't blame you for feeling disappointed. The news was totally unexpected.

If you can get beyond the bad news. Think of the treatment you did have. It was a sucess in eliminating cancer activity in 4 areas. Hopefully, if the new area is cancer, the same treatment would again be used.

I have no idea why the doctor called it a relapse. A good question to ask your doctor.

Take a deep breath. Maggie

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Posts: 101
Joined: Mar 2012

Maggie I took it as 85% good news, if that's even allowed. The major organs are healed but the one area.... Dammmnnnnn youuuuu cancer

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Really sorry Diaz! But like you said on your other post maybe you weren't in a complete remission...I think sometimes docs do that way too often. They have to be 100% sure before they say that the patient is in remission, it only gives false hope! Please just take care of yourself, don't give up and definitely keep the faith. Big Hugs 2 u!


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I'm sorry you got this news.

Big hugs across cyberspace,


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