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Some Hope...

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Hi all!
Yesterday I received a message from the other Oncologist that we were planing on working with. He called to say that they found a positive match with the cell structure of my original tumor. Also they have a drug on trial right now that has been showing great results. Anyway the trial drug is called GDC-0980. These were his exact words:

"There is some potentially good news. The testing for this particular mutation was indeed found. This means that we have a drug (GDC-0980, a PI3K inhibitor), as part of a clinical trial that may have a good chance of showing activity against your tumor."

I go up to University of Chicago on Tuesday to find out more but with the possibility of a drug that may just keep me around for a little while longer is some good news. Hopefully we see some activity in growth and multiplying as well.

I know that there is still no cure b/c of my metastasis but its a sliver of hope - AND i will be off the chemo for awhile as well, so it can be a future option down the road.

thanks all,


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Keep smiling, You never know!!

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so good to hear you feeling more upbeat and for good reason, we sometimes just need something to show us some hope. Sounds like you have a direction to go and a doctor that has a plan. So keep up the failth Bob it will pay off.

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So good to hear Bob! Prayers for you & your family!

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Happy to hear that there is a dx and plan. Sounds very promising :-)

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What would we do without hope, huh? I'm sending massive prayers and positive thoughts your way...


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Bob, stranger things have happened, so there is always a chance for a positive and long outcome for you.

I haven't read a lot about the GDC-0980. The few that I have suggests to keep an eye on your sugar levels as the drug can cause high levels as a side effect.

Anyways, keep us posted buddy...


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Blood Sugar counts seemed to skyrocket from some cases I saw the same. I will be sure to let the doctor know about this concern as well on Tuesday.

I saw a few others and will discuss as well.


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I am happy to hear about this new development. Please continue to stay positive and fight. We are all behind you.


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Terrific news ! I have been watching advances with trials closely for the past fews months with AMAZING results !! You and your family will continue to be on my nightly prayer list ! Safe trip, and believe in you ! We all do. Many warm thoughts and positives sent your way ! Katie

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Tonsil Dad
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I'm pleased for you Bob, it is nice to read your post which
shows your delight at this new trail. Your love of life and your
loving family will keep you around for a long time.
Have faith my friend.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Hi Bob,

So glad to here such a very promising development. Since I started this journey, you and the other H&N warriors (friends) are in my mind always. Today, you’ve filled my hope jar to the rim



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Such great news! So very happy for you. If I may, JUST TODAY, my husband decided to switch doctors and go to University of Chicago for treatment of his mets. Reading your post gives me hope too. Thank you!

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Joined: May 2012

This is great news as I felt very comfortable and treated very special up there. I too am hopeful that your hubs gets the same kind of care. Please keep me informed on your situation and if we are every at the hospital at the same time we can meet up. Good Luck! as always you all are in my prayers as well.

Much Love,

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That is realy great news and I am praying for you my friend


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You are in my thoughts and prayers.........

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I was born and raised in Chicago. I have one problem with outsiders. The correct spelling for Chicago's rapid transit system is "L". One letter. It is not "El". Check the web site of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). There may be many El's (in other cities) but there is only one L.

Now that everyone has got that straight, we can discuss less important things like treatment options.

Bob: I apologize for hijacking your thread. But you must admit, I do have an important message.

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I will continue to have you in my prayers. Keep the positive attitude. You are an inspiration to me.

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and said a prayer for you, hoping God will guide your team of Doctors to not only give you a doeable life, but to help many others through this trial.Chicago is a great City, my daughter lives just outside the city in Arlington Heights..we love it there

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Pam M
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Still no cure - - - YET. This post gives me a good feeling. Do well.

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Very happy for you Bob...also I'm thinking if you are off the chemo for a bit ....that should make you feel better and enjoy the wife and kids more not being sick ...I think that is correct...and then now a trial drug with some promise ...I like this!! :)

Not to share too much and certainly hot to highlight me....but I often whisper a prayer throughout the day for you (and others on our site that come to mind)..was up huntin at 7,000 feet just 2 days ago and you crossed my mind and I whispered a prayer for you and your family Bob ..that you would get well or have the time you need on this earth with those you love and who need you...

....said one for Katie, Denis, Mike (luvfor lacrosse) and Roxanne, and HWT and of course those on the daily list as well... :)

You all are family to me ...even if some of you don't like it :) :)


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