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Finally got a date

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Well I have finally got a date to evict 'Roger the lodger'. Operation booked for 12 November, so, hopefully I will soon be on the road to a full recovery. my thanks go out to you people on here who have helped and still are helping get me through this


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That is good news Mick! I am sure you cannot wait for it to be over. Try to keep yourself very busy to put the nervs off. Wishing you all the best. Stay positive...

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Look at it this way. If things looked really bad, they woukd have taken out the bugger immeadiately. So you have to wait for the Surgeon's golf schedule. Not fun waiting. I did for mine more than 2 months after diagnosis. As i said earlir everthing will be fine. You will be able to enjoy thanksgiving although you will still be a little weak.


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Glad to hear you have a date but what a stressful time this is. The best advice I can give you is to try and get yourself as healthy as possible before surgery. Eating right and exercising as much as possible now will help you through the whole ordeal. Besides, it helps burn off some of that anxious energy. Keep us in the loop and let us know if you have any questions along the way.


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I'm quite familiar with the waiting game. I waited over 6 weeks for surgery. I have recently waited (and waited) to begin a clinical trial. Just remember...GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT. You'll be fine. Meanwhile enjoy every day, eat well, live, love, and laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Max Power
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Let me second what our friend John said about exercise. I had some time before my surgery so I exercised like mad, got to the point where I could do 100 situps and swim a mile. Turned out I got positive feedback from the surgeon on that (especially the situps because they had to go in through the front) and I believe my recovery was faster.

AND like John says, it gave me something to do.

The sugery by the way was far less stressful than I imagined. My back started hurting around day 2 in bed so they asked if I wanted pain meds. "What meds am I taking now?" I asked. Answer: None! And I had a 10-inch scar. Amazing.

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May you and "Roger the lodger" forever part ways. Congrats on the eviction date. Take care of yourself physically and mentally between now and then as others have advised, and get ready to have a great holiday season!

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The same here. I was diagnosed in November last year but did not get scheduled for surgery until January 5 of this year. So I had to go thru the holidays knowing I had a tumor in my right kidney. That was very difficult emotionally for me. Glad you got a date before the holidays. God Bless and Good Luck!!

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Hi Mick,

Just wanted to add my well wishes to those above. Looks like you are getting an early Christmas present this year and its the best ever, the gift of life! Hang in there, it will all be behind you before you know it.

Good luck and Godspeed,


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Thanksgiving will never have been as good as this one will. Maybe still recovering, but, surgery will be behind you. Good luck.

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