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Update on my scans

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Good morning fellow warriors:) I'm pretty sad that I couldn't come back with better news :-(
The echo of my heart was ok:-)
My pet scan showed the cancer is multiplying all over my bones :-(
From there they wanted an MRI of my brain. . Not so good there either, and now I'm really really really scared.
The scan showed one tumor in the right superior temporal, whatever that is, all I heard was "mets to your brain"
I don't know where to go from here, I'm just sick over it all. I see my palliative care doc tomorrow to set up some hard stuff :(
I see a radiologist Wednesday
MRI on my middle section November 6th.
Holding up the best I can, without all of you I'd fall,to pieces.
Miles of Love,

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Sending you some hugs!

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Joined: Jul 2012

sending positive thoughts and warm hugs to you! You are not alone!

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Wondering and worrying about you our pink sister Kari..

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How did it go? You aren't alone! We are waiting and have you close in our hearts.

Post when you can dear sister,

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I haven't been on the boards much lately but i will stay on now to hear from you dear sister,your a fighter and i know your going to fight this with everything you got and we're here for and with you in prayer or just comforting words,I know it sounds bad but has anybody gave you a death sentence then it ain't over just another hurdle to jump and your going too, just like before, I love you and definitely will call your name out in prayer. thinking of you ~~MollyZ~~

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Alexis F
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More prayers and cyber hugs for you today Kari!


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Praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way.


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Kari, I just checked back in today and read your sad post. Just wanted to let you know how much we all care. You're so special to us and we pray for good results on whatever you have to do to get on with your life. Post when you can.

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I just wanted to use this discussion to thank all of you and then I can start a new one with an update on me and not this old scan update.
I just logged on and read all this and I want to grab each and every one of you and squeeze you as hard as I can. I've never heard such kind, caring, loving, comforting, encouraging, strengthening, inspiring, (oh I can think of a hundred other words, but I know you all get the point) things and all at such a time when I really needed it. I love the quote, song, and everything all of you said. I'm trying to get on here more but all I have now is my iPad and its so hard to type on, I'm used to chugging along at 60+ wpm on my laptop, so this really takes a long time to type on, and my hands are full of neuropathy which just means I have to correct a ton of mistakes, and stop this run on sentence....LOL.
As I said, I'll be on soon to enlighten all of you as to my plans and how things are going. I will be really interested to hear what you all think of my current/permanent plan in action. Talk to you all soon, and please know that just because I don't get on here as often as I'd like, doesn't mean you're all not on my mind, and in my prayers daily!!

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Jean 0609
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Sending more positive thoughts, prayers & hugs your way dear Kari.


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Always praying for you!

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Christmas Girl
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Always, always, always... I keep you close within my most HOPEFUL thoughts & prayers, Kari.


XO, Susan

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Thanks Kari for posting! Positive thoughts and prayers to you!

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Different Ballgame
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Dear Kari,

All I could think of after reading your post is, "One day at a time and HOPE." There have been success stories with our group and I am praying that you will be included in that successful group of women.

I am also sending you more hugs than there are stars in the universe along with a sparkling of love scattered among the hugs.

Lots of Love and Hugs,

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Just saw your latest updated post Kari, and, I am anxiouly waiting to see what you've decided. Always here for you, always love you!

Miles of love to you,

Sue :)


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