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Chemo portable pump

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I am about to start chemo treatment and I have read about a portable chemo pump that administers chemo over a few days . My doctor says it is available and it tends to minimize adverse side effects. Has anyone used this device and do you recommend it.

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My mom has gotten the drug. It was very doable for her, but just annoying because you're hooked to a pump that makes some noise.

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Joined: Oct 2012

Thanks for the response. Yes the drug is 5 FU (appropriately named). I have learned more about it since my post. The pump is a balloon device which administers the chemo over a 5 day period. It is believed the gradual administration will lesson some of the chemo side effects. I hope that is true. I wish your mom positive results from her treatment.

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I used the chemo pump to adminster 5 FU. It was mostly annoying when showering, but overall wasn't that bad. My chemo symptoms were mild, which may have been due to the pump. I would recommend it.

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