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Fun with Hair Loss

Lisa Q
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hahaha! yeah,,, I sorta look back and think I should have just shaved my head when I found out I needed chemo :o
I did have my hair cut shorter,,, but everything was covered by hair!!! it was crazy!!! it was like my bed started growing hair for me!

and the hospital floor quickly transformed into a carpet :o lol XD

I should have had more fun with it :p like tugging on the parts on the side and hand-making a Mohawk :p
but just as I thought I was one of the few that got spared by hair loss,,, either the day after or 2 days after i thought I was one of the lucky ones XD I started losing my hair >.< and was in isolation at the time ,,, :/ so didn't get the chance to enjoy it as much as I guess I could have :p

I literally have never worn my hair short since,,, well, since it grew back I mean :p

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Thank you for your sense of fun and your willingness to share this with us all.

I loved the background show. I hope your daughter is still doing well with all of this. My younger daughter, now 21, offered to shave her head but I talked her out of it. Instead she is growing her hair out to donate it. Kids are really great.

I never quite lost all my hair, but I did buzz it to the lowest setting on the shaver. It has been trying to grow back since.
Thank you again for sharing this. You are wonderful, hang in there.

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Hi all,

Was happy to find a thread of folks seeing the humor in hair loss. Might as well laugh if you can't change it. : ) I've really enjoyed being bald -- I have a supply I'd beanies and such for when I get chilled -- but it's been quite liberating. And, soooooo much easier to deal with the hot flashes that came with a hysterectomy and chemo...just blot and go!

I'm always thrilled when people see the humor and join me in the jokes. When I first shave my head, guy in my apartment building looked at me and with an impish grin said, "I think you should tattoo 'your ad here' across your dome." Cracked me up, and still does every time I think about it.

Best to all of us and keep laughing!


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Humor got me thru a lot of tough times..my story..went to buy a wig after my younger son shaved my head..called ins company to find out info..I'm allowed 1 wig per lifetime..well..first they put this bush on my head that cost $250..I said,"really?" like I'd walk out in public with that growth on my head..lol..Ins was gonna pick up 80%..sooo.I bought a wig that actually had hair on it from some woman in france..$850..my family said I looked better than I had looked in 15 years..wtf..anyhoo..they wouldnt give me that head thing to put my wig on..seriously..they wanted me to pay $4 frickin dollars after I pd $850..I was appauled..came home..put in over a can on the kitchen table..my husband came home..thought it was an animal..lol

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Chemo Warrior wears a Fez. Fezzes are COOL! well, and warm, really warm


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I've been done with chemo, etc. about 3 months now and only have about 1 inch of hair.

However, it is all flat except in the middle where it is standing up straight. It looks lilke a mini-mohawk. Too bad it is not Halloween or I could go as a punk rocker easy. LOL   Laughing

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Apply cocnut milk everday it will ease and speed the hair growth.

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I had long hair and started losing it after my first chemo. It came out in handfuls but at the top first, so as it fell out it got caught on the hair in the middle that didn't fall out and became a massive hairball! It was awful and I had my daughter just cut it short ...by the next chemo bloomed like Gollum from Lord of the Rings so my son in law shaved it for me and then shaved his own in support . It's strange ..the hair is gone everywhere (in my nose, under my arms, on my legs and yup....best Brazilian ever) 

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I have decided that of all the side effects of treatments the hair loss is the easiest to deal with.  It is so easy and no fuss.  I have gone with caps.  Was given a wig, too hot and to much trouble.  I like the different hats.  Probably have 10 different hats.  They are great just put on and go.   Have all kinds of colors, knit hat with a daisy etc.  like the fun ones that make you smile

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I was on the fence about getting a wig, didn't want Barbie hair but didn't want to spend $650 for a real hair wig either. I finally decided to order a wig online and if I didn't like it I would return it. The website said I should receive it in 7-10 days, after about 2 weeks I hadn't received it so I checked online and it said the WIG FACTORY BURNED DOWN with all their inventory! Really??!! You can't make this stuff up!

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That's really one heck of a massive case of hair loss.

If you want to know how you'd look in your wig, you could just tie a piece of burnt toast to your head with a string and get a similar effect. Way cheaper, too: White, whole wheat, mixed grain, pumpernickel, rye...

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