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Getting a plan

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Hey guys,
I go back in again this thursday for a PET and MRI with contrast. I am so impressed with my team of doctors and that they actually are so upbeat and willing to attack this demon lurking in my body. I have a tumor board...working together for me. Some may say, yeah why didn't you have this in the beginning ? Can't answer that. Hate the 3 hr drive, but use to live in the cities so nothing new with the bumper to bumper traffic...and the fun road work. They are taking their time with everything...and can answer all of my questions, with understanding of my dx. I feel confident for the first time in 10 months that there will be a resolution to this ! Hoping a great day for all of you ! Katie

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That is so encouraging. I know what you mean about the Tumor Board. We have that where we are being treated. Nice feeling to know that all of the doctors on your treatment team develop a plan that is individualized to you and your case.

Good luck to you. I pray for everyone on this site. You are all so kind and strong.


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for you Katie with the commutes ahead of you, LOL. I agree on these Tumor Boards, it is nice when we have everyone one the same page. You will be in Diane and my prayers.

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Happy to hear that you have a team you are confident of...that's very important

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D Lewis
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So glad to hear you have a plan and a team you can trust. Sounds like you have everything you need. You GO girl!


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Our drive is six hours each way. I have about 35000 miles in travel so far on my health care. Another trip later this week. Looking at a better gas mileage car right now....

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being in limbo for 10 months would have made me crazy!! There is something comforting about having a "team"....that they talk to each other, and the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. I'm so glad you have confidence in them...that is so darned important.

They'll get ya fixed up, girlie....and we'll be here to root you on...


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Pam M
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Glad you've got it. Hope you don't have to wait long for results, and "next step" planning. Having someone listen to, and answer your questions is wonderful.

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through...keeping you in prayer. Drive safely :) ....



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Thoughts and prayers for success....


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Hey everyone,
Darn alergies once again have kicked my butt. Had to cancel scans because of the head and chest symptoms going on. I called in and told them what was going on and they told me that they would rather have me healthy (no snot and inflamtion going on) because this would show up hot spots where they need to look. So now schedualed for Nov 1st. Thanks for all your support and kind words. You guys all rock ! Katie

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Hey Katie,

After 10 months you deserve some resolution, with contrast (just kidding). 3-hour drive one way, you make sure you get plenty of rest or carry a six-pack of 5-Hour Energy (again just kidding).

Seriously, treat the allergies, calm the nerves and have the best scans possible.

Best always,


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