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After going thru 6 chemos and 7 weeks of chemo /radiation my wife's tumor came back with a vengeance.Rads only ended 6 weks ago. Told today that it is almost totally inoperable for an eighty yrold. Gave us 3 to 6 mths. Trying to find a clinical study and waiting on Oncologist to get back to us. We've been pretty healthy up to now and won't surrender easily. Has anyone here done clinical?

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It's hard to hear when treatment doesn't work out well for someone. So many on here have such good results, still hard to hear when one doesn't.

I guess it brings it back to reality...

There are several on here that have been through different trials. I'm sure a few will pop in soon.

Thoughts, Prayers, Hopes and Dreams,

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I can't say anything that will be helpful, so I will just say that I will pray God will send you the right clinical study.

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I am only 8 months out from my last treatment ..and I don't know your location ....but the American Cancer Society website usually has clinical trial information ...

I'm sorry for this news.....I am 49 and thought I would never make it to the end of my treatments....I admire your wife's strength and courage to do what she has done so far.....I mean that with all due respect to you and her.

Whispered a prayer for you and your wife before I clicked the post button ..



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I'm sure they will chime in if they see your post. As was mentioned, the American Cancer Society is a good resource. The other that some have been very impressed with is the Lance Armstrong Foundation. They're website is http://www.livestrong.org/

Best wishes to you both.


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So sorry to hear the news but there certainly is hope. On the left hand side of your screen should be a link to "clinical trials finder"
Best to you and your wife

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Pam M
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Very sorry to hear about the latest bad news. I'm hoping you all can quickly find a clinical trial.

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Will certainly include your wife and you in my prayers. I don't know of anyone in a head and neck trial but to offer hope, my cousin was told to get his affairs in order due to melanoma that had spread through his body. He found a clinical trial and is now 8 years cancer free. Never give up hope.

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Just reread your post and picked up that you said it was inoperable for an 80 year old. Is age the only reason? If so, I will tell you that my 87 year old Mother was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with early stage but aggressive stomach cancer. The surgeon at that hospital said she was not a candidate for surgery. We sought a second opinion from Siteman Cancer Center. The surgeon said age was not a factor in his decision to proceed with surgery. He said he looks at a patient's overall health not their age. If age was the only factor preventing tumor removal, you might seek a second or third opinion.

Kent Cass
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I was familiar with a man in his 80s back in 09 who had it come back on him, and was driving out to the U of Iowa. He was told that he couldn't have chemo, as it would be too much for him to handle- the factors being both age and physical condition. FYI.


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Is it the doctors talking or the insurance company? Don't get me wrong. It could be a good medical opinion, but it also be all the bureaucratic stuff.

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Tumor had enlarged and wouldnhave required removal of both lower and upper jaw bone as well as pallet.Permanent feeding tube which because of her crohns was not feasible hence a nose one. Only a 10% cure chance. Seeing oncologist on nexxt Monday to look at all options. My wife is a quality of life person and wouldn't undergo the surgery anyhow. Doing lot of research while waiting for Monday. She is concerned about her 82 year old caregiver but we have lots of friends helping.

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Can't imagine a surgery removing upper & lower jaw. I had my lower jaw on left removed and it was a 19 hour surgery followed by 4 days induced coma and 2 weeks ICU. So now I understand the choice you both made. They rebuilt my jaw using the fibula from my leg and that healing of the leg in itself was huge. I am 61. I dealt with the feeding tube in my nose throughout the hospital stay and know that it can hurt. I will keep you both in my prayers. Come Monday, you might tell the doctor you want to be in that 10% and ask what will get you there. I've also been told that those percentages are based on at least 5 years study and they have come up with so many new tx and options in the most recent 5 years that the percentages are outdated before they get published. Makes sense to me.

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