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add another doc to the list

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My doctor agrees with me that the rituxan isn't working. So next Friday I have an appt with my radiation onc. Hopeful for less than 3 weeks. Cancer Sucks guys. But at least lymphoma responds to radiation well. Maybe give the armpit a break.
thanks for all the good vibes!!!

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Just wanted to send you some good vibes for your radiation treatments. Good luck.


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Hi Beth,

I'm sorry to hear the Rituxan isn't working.
We're standing by you with the radiation treatments.
Keep us posted and keep your chin up.

Warm, strong hugs to you filled with positive energy.


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Hi Beth,
I felt so bad hearing this...had so hoped it would be something easier for you to deal with. My heart aches for you and Lisha! I just keep saying "enough is enough already"! You both have had more than your share to deal with! I wish I could scoop you both up and put you here at the cottage. This place really does wonder for ones soul..at least it does mine. Well sweetie...you will be in my prayers as always...hope you can rest a bit before next Friday. Keep us posted when you can and feel up to it. Much love....Sue

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Max Former Hodg...
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Were you scheduled to possibly add a chemo if the Rituxan failed, or am I confusing your case with someone else ?

Best of luck, and you have my prayers in your long-term ordeal,


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So sorry to hear that! Hope that radiation kicks that Lymphomas ***!!!!!! Stay strong as you are.... Vinny

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Man, what a disappointment. Sorry to hear about that!!! Keep on keepin' on; there are new things for this blasted disease all the time. hope all goes well with the radiation!!


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I am choosing radiation over adding chemo at this point. After radiation we'll do another scan. If it's anywhere else then we'll do the treanda

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