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Thought I'd add to the NED posts!

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I switched ENTs. I was really unhappy with the one I've been seeing. I am so happy with my new Dr! He was really well versed in my type of cancer(ACC) and he wanted to have an MRI done ASAP b/c I had never had one and my cancer tends to spread along nerves. Spent over an hour in the tube because the MRI was for my brain and all head and neck soft tissue. Also had a chest x-ray at my oncologist appt. Everything is clear! I'll continue to see my ENT every 6-8 weeks for the next year and I'm seeing my oncologist every 3 months. This was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I'm sure y'all already know! Praying that everyone else also has NEDs in their future!

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Totally awesome...wouldn't it be great to keep seeing these posts, one after another...


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We have hit the trifecta today, 3 NED posts...YES!!!!!

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That is great news, I am hoping for one of those myself in the near future. So happy for you.

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So happy with your results of ACC. Congratulations.

I sure wish you could reach out and encourage a 24yr old male on here that posted around August 30..on about page 2. He really tugged at my heart. His post topic is "Just Got My Not So Great MRI Results". His post reads, and I quote:

" Cancer is still present in my brain and neck, and the tumor is still in my face. It has shrunk to about half the size it was though. But basically I am terminal? as there are no other treatment options currently available for adenoid cystic carcinoma. :( I did the 30 radiations.

i'm only 24, this sucksssss. what do you guys think of alternative therapies? any that may work for ACC?"

God Bless you and any others who can reach out to this young man and tell them there is hope!

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Hi Meagan, so happy for you. Wish you many more neds.

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Tonsil Dad
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Best three letters in the alphabet...NED..
May all your future scans be the same.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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D Lewis
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Thanks for sharing the great news. Here's to NED for EVERYONE!


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Hi Meagan,

You being happy makes me happy. New doctor, add lots of scan info and good news all around. Meagan meet NED, shy but you got to love him.



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NED is awesome news and I am so happy for you!
Feel good!

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Yeah girl you took positive proactive steps and got the best news ever ! As we both know scans forever...but saying this small in comparrison ! Yes please if you can contact spaz..please do ! Let him know there are positives and hope for our dx ! I tried and will continue too. We need to pull all our strenghths together for another that needs it very badly. But again wonderful news girl ! Katie

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several ways this is wonderful news. with you being unhappy with doc's you changed by being proactive to a team of doc's you feel good about. most of our battles thru the fight are about attitude and when you feel good about something it helps.

more important wonderful news is meeting of NED



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Hooray on the NED!!

All the best


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Happy for you ... :)


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Congrats ....I love all this positive news. I have CT Skan on Thursday, 13th


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Hope your scan is as clean as can be! NEDs all around!:)

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Yep! What we all want to hear.

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never keep stuff like this a secret....it's the kind of news we all love to hear!!! Congrats honey....


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Great news! I wish you many many many many NEDs in the future!

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All these NED's - made my day. Congrats!


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Glad that NED is out and about these days. Loved Krashpads song after NED. I can sing it in a baritone voice now...

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