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Starting LDN therapy today, yes another one and a quick update

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hi friends,

just a real quick update.

feeling well, a bit jet lagged.

my cortisol levels way to high, need more meditation, not work stress alas.

seeing 4th onc tomorrow for a review and to get paperwork to access retirement savings and solve all these demands i get from creditors.

yes, put going to the conference and meetings the worlds best doctors and scientist at the top of my priority list. i met the doctors, my creditors will get their money, i figure i owe it to them to keep me alive so i can pay them back. makes sense to me.

have volunteered again to be the metatmetrix case study for cancer as a metabolic disease. i think i have a bettter than average chance to pull this off.

just imagine a panel of hundreds of metabolites done monthly with cea. as soon as any cancer related symptom is spotted, it will be fixed by targetted nutrient, amino acid therapies. the onc's are still flying the planes with blindfolds on. sorry just my opinion.

moving towards a ketogenic diet and weekly fasting, as long as muscle not lost.

starting LDN, see my blog. LDN may also help with neuropathy. not that its an issue for me.

got heavy metal results, arsenic fixed, lead and mercury still high but reduced.

platinum from folfox still extremely high.

got the go ahead to recommence heavy duty chelation therapy (oral dmsa and dmps suppositories and enemas under supervision.

I have ordered tallberg amino acid therapies.

I have backed off weight training, and picking up qigong and yoga. soon i will have a few qigong friends here. wel can start sending energy balls around the planet.

still doing vit c and all my therapies, lots of tweaking going on.

again all the alt therapies i am trying has been advised by my ever expanding medical team.

when i get to alt doc 99, that will be a great day.

thats enough for today, feel great with lots to be hopeful about.


ps just google any of the stuff i am trying and seek effective medical care. whatever that means is up to you.

pps getting my nagalase result from last test last week, will see if it tracks cea. its nice to have independent markers.

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Pete I gotta wonder about all the suppositories and enemas causing inflammation in your colon giving you the rise in CEA.

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We tried that Pete, I done it too for moral support, 700 kcal per day! actually I felt ok on it.

didn't work, I think tumour cells end up releasing more glutamate, meaning rapid tumour expansion.

Get your Docs to check it first.

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will discuss this with docs today.
have a great day.

its a lovelly sunny day in sydney


ps http://petertrayhurn.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/httpwww.html

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