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I'm new not to sure what to say?

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive lobular carcanoma may 2012 have had surgery in june double mastectomy and total hysterectomy I have been through 2 rounds of chemo starting to lose my hair so I really don't like gettig out anymore and could use a few friends that are going through the same thing.I am 52 years old.

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Glad you found us, but as " we" say, not the reason....you have found a great group of women....all ages, different types of breast cancer, in every stage, etc....and every stage of treatment...and those in remission...even though one may have the same type, everyone is different...

Being on this board, you'll never be alone! Please keep posting...nothing is off limits..rant, rave, whatever you need...we're here for you...
Hugs, Nancy

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Hi. You are definitely in the right place. I am 2.5 yrs past diagnosis and this board is a place I could come to for any reason. It's also nice that we are all from different time zones and on nights I couldn't sleep, I always found someone here. I wish you all the best as your treatment continues.

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Welcome to the board I am sure you will make friends and get support from other pink sisters and brothers here. I hope we can convince you to go out and enjoy life even during Chemo treatment
I was diagnosed with lobular stage III 4 years ago and undergone mastectomy, chemo and radiation
New Flower

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Welcome to the network

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Welcome! you have come to the right place...

sorry you have been through so much...wow...Try a journal-that helped me a lot in hind sight. I have not gone through near what you have but can understand to some point. (I had lumpectomy and radiation & hystertcomy)

I"ll check back to see how you are doing..


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This great group of people have helped me tremendously. You can come here to ask questions, rant, rave, laugh, tell a story or just tell us how you're doing today.

You've been through a lot so far, but it sounds like you're moving forward and I'm hoping that you breeze through the chemo. I had 6 rounds of TAC and it was much more doable than I thought it would be. Soon, it will be a memory for you too.

Keep us posted and stay in touch. We care.

Hugs, Renee

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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As everyone else has said, the people here are wonderful. I hope you find it as supportive as I have.

It was two years ago when I first lost my hair. (I'm back in treatment and have lost it 3 times now.) At first going out in public was hard, I was very self-conscious of the sign on my head that said "cancer". But after being out a few times, I realized that I got more smiles than anything else. Yes, there have been people who asked questions I wasn't prepared to answer. And a few who would tell me about their friend with anything but breast cancer who was cured with coffee enemas, grape seed oil, magnets, etc. Eventually I found responses that worked for me with those folks. I'll say it again, most people just smile.

I find hats and scarves the most comfortable way to deal with the hair loss. For me, a wig was uncomfortable and hot. And flat out bald exposed my sensitive scalp to too much sun. There is a basket of free hats at my treatment center, I always look. I've found some beautiful scarves at yard sales and the thrift store, so I have quite a collection now. Some one here recommended baby shampoo to clean my scalp, and it's worked well for me.

Remember, we're here for you.



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Just realized it was 3 yrs and 3 days ago today that I started A/C at the 'ripe young age' of 63. Where I live winters are long and brutal so keeping my head warm while sans hair was a bit of a challenge for me. Also I get cold easy anyway. I?m glad that I did chemo through winter as I HATE to wear anything on my head as it's too hot but my wigs, scarves, momba sox and ski caps did a pretty good job of keeping head warm. (Always had 'something' on at night or I froze.)

During my 4 A/C (2 months), I lost all head hair and about 1/2 of eyebrows/eyelashes but not other hair. On the 12 weekly Taxol after mast. I lost all hair.

If you haven't already been to a Look Good Feel Better class I suggest you find one in your area. They are put on by the ACS and/or your Center. They are to educate you about make up, wig care, all sorts of 'stuff' to do to help with 'keep on keeping on' while on chemo. You will be given a 'goody bag' full of name brand cosmetics and be taught by professionals. There will also probabily be wigs there for those who are in need.

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So glad your here...my husband has often commented How much better I'm doing since finding this site!!!

I was 42 when diagnosed 12/15/2010 and also lost my waist length,thick,curly hair...But it never bothered me until I went to work for the first time...the very first patient asked me "what happened to your hair", then I went to a minimart and heard about how his mom just died from breast cancer....ugh...I wasn't prepared for random people to make such bold comments..But I got used to it real quick and started enjoying the communication..

Everyone with this beast responds differently, so please feel free to share your feelings and experiences!!

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Welcome - I too have invasive lobular carcinoma. I did a lumpectomy and am waiting to heal before I start any treatments. Feel free to email me or message me any time :)

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