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Dancing with NED, except for having osteoporosis...

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Although I am extremely happy to report NED on my 3rd year mammogram, chest x-ray and blood work, I am now diagnosed as having osteoporosis.

Dr. is quick to suggest IV infusion of Reclast or monthly Actonel pills. Since I have about every side effect that Femara can offer, I am of course reluctant to try these drugs and experience even more side effects.

Anyone out there on these drugs ???


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I have not had the Reclast yet but I am going to. It is for the same reason, a side effect of Femera.
I was doing the weekly treatment for bones for 2 years and they have gotten worse. My MO said I really need to have the infusion. I am going to have it done in Sept. One thing I can tell you is that my mother (age 87) has had Reclast twice so far and has had no problems at all. That is one reason I am more than willing to have the infusion myself.

Congrats on dancing with NED!


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Thanks, Please let me know how it goes.

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Big congrats on NED!

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What you don't want is a broken bone and aromatase inhibitor (Femara) can cause fractures.

I didn't use these specific drugs but I certainly would consider trying them since you are on Femara and you do have osteoporosis.

I had a minor fall on ice when I was using Arimidex back in the days they were not aware that AI's caused fractures. That minor fall caused 3 vertebra fractures.

You truly need to be on a bisphosphonates for your osteoporosis and the fact that you are on an aromatase inhibitor.



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Great news about NED!

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My doctor also recommended the Reclast since I'm on Femara and Boniva gave me horrible side effects.....it took about 15 min....imh side effects were bad joints pain and it felt like I had the flu..it only lasted about 24 hours ...

Good luck

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Kristin N
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Congratulations Judy on NED! I am sorry about the osteoporosis. I don't have it yet, so, I don't know anything about any meds for it. I do wish you well and hope that whatever you take helps you.

Hugs, Angie

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I've been on Fosamax for several years-since menopause for oseopenia. I've been on arimidex for 10 months and my last bone density test actually showed an improvement! So I really recommend being on some type of bone builder while on AI.


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Yeah for NED!!!!! Very, very happy for you! Wishing you the best on your new meds.



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Lots of congrats for NED! Good luck!

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YOU! Congratulations, and strength for getting thru the side efforts
of drugs ..

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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NED is wonderful! Congrats!

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