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Got my fiducials done for Cyber Knife - 24Karat Gold!

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Wish I could do a "reply all" to the post I did last week about Cyber Knife http://csn.cancer.org/node/244921. (Ick I hate that they have "node" in their URL/web address). I tried to reach out to each and everyone of you that sent good thoughts my way but I didn't think this was an option on this site. Apologize if I didn't.

SOOOOO, hate to start a new post because it's the same subject but had my fiducials placed, where they put 4, 24-karat gold markers (the size of earring backs) in my left lung to help guide during my upcoming Cyber Knife treatments. I got bling on my lungs, ha ha! Next step is Thursday for a pulmonary test, torso mold for radiation and a CAT scan to ensure where those gold markers were placed.

Loved my rad doctor. She's got a sense of humor even though she speaks through a heavy Korean accent.

I don't get to this message board every often. I do an RSS Feed where I get updates to my posts, but it's still so hard to manage. Want to reach out to each and everyone of you who is going through all this H&N crap. Prayers and good thoughts to you!

- Sonja

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I know you will pull thru the treatment(s). What a ride! Rick.

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D Lewis
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Now take that bling and get out there and fight!


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Best of the best to you for this next treatment journey...have always meant to tell you luv luv the pink hair .


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you made me laugh with talk of your new "bling"...:)

Wishing you all the best...you are an amazing fighter...


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I love it, bling on your lungs! I love how positive you sound and how informed you are. I know you are going to fight like a girl and beat the crap out of this thing. Please keep us posted on this journey so we can all cheer you on.
Sending love and prayers,

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Hi Sonja,

I read where the cyber knife is exact, I guess that is what the bling is for. You will do great, good luck with treatments and stay in touch with us.



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Tonsil Dad
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Paul Simon had 'Diamonds on the soles of his shoes' now you've
gone one better with ' Bling on your lungs'
May god be by your side for your upcoming treatment.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Can't wait for you to get it on, an knock the crap out of this stuff.

Time for it to be gone and you to enjoy many many years of life with the family....

Stay positive as you are, you're gonna win.

Thoughts and Prayers,

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You sound like you have a fantastic team working with you ! And I join you in the prayers for everyone going through this H/N crap ! But especially for the ones with mets. Your posts are a true testiment to the human will to fight on ! Girl you are going to come out the other side with more than just Bling ! Wishing you all the very best sunshine ! Also it would be wonderful if you could keep filling us in on what exactly they do...and how. When you're all done of coarse, and feeling up to it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ! Katie

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You've always been golden inside and out, but now you can prove it!

I'm so sorry you have to go through all this crap again Sonja. Your attitude is great even though you've been dealt a lousy hand.

T's & P's still going your way,


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