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Dearest Jennie (idlehunters)...Has Left the Building:(

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This is the hardest news I've ever delivered here. I am in a state of shock and denial.

I hope that I'm not out of line for speaking for Jennie, but we just received word from her daughter that Jennie has passed away this evening.

Apparently, there were many brain mets and this led to complications and her subsequent passing.

I've know Jenny for several years now...she's one of my dearest friends. A couple of years ago, she and I went to see Eric38 in the last week of his life and we shared that moment together with him - members of the Class of 2009.

And now, another one of my friends has been taken from me - from us - from her family. And she was a bright light - she was my crazy Jenny.

One of my favorite memories was CP9 in Fort Worth - we had margaritas on the patio at a place called The Cabo...just laughing and living life together.

She always saw me when she came to town - we were supposed to see each other this 25th when she got here for the Cowboy game.

I'm sad I've lost my friend...I'm sad for all of us who knew are. I was just fortunate to spend face time with her and we talked on the phone...I could usually get her to laugh and I used to like to hear her laugh - I can hear her now when I close my eyes.

We've all been worried about her - I think we all knew something was wrong - you know, Jennie...when something was amiss, she'd shout it from the rooftops and you could be certain we'd know about it:)

LOL! (Jennie would want me to make her laugh and remember her fun side) - :-)

I miss you, Jennie...I got too close again - but the memories of you I will hold for a lifetime - and I wouldn't have traded one second of time I spent with you and your daughters and brother for anything - they were special times I will forever treasure.

P.S. Please tell Eric and My Chicky howdy and you guys keep a light on for me!

Forever your friend,


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I'm very sorry to hear this news...

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Craig thank you so much for letting us know.. I too am beside myself.. I never met this woman but am glad I had the opportunity to get some of her advise and wisdom the short time I have been on this page.. I am sure you must really miss her.. my condolences..
Peace - Light - and Hugs to you, Jennie and her family...
God speed Jennie,,,, we will miss you.. till we meet in heaven someday and I can hug you and say Thank you!! Peace...

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Dear Craig,

Thank you for letting us know, even though it is news we didn't want to get.

While I never got to meet her, everything you said shone thru in her postings.

I know she never ever let cancer get in her way of living life and making plans for the future.

God has called another angel home.

If you talk with the family again, please let them know there are lots of folks here who called her friend and will miss her terribly.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'll tell them to come and view the post so they can read the responses and draw comfort from the lives that she touched.


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I just finished a reply to Beth before I saw your post. In it, we mentioned Jennie. She had plans to meet up with Jennie, as did you and JBG.

This has made me so very sad. I also had a bad feeling when she didn't respond to us.

Although we never met in person, she was a warm, caring, funny lady. She and Winter and I called ourselves the ditzy blondes. I will miss her so. She told it like it is.

To her family, please know she made my day a little brighter when she spoke. Just to see her kindness, courage, and determination. I will never forget her.

Another bright star is shining up there. Just look for the one with the a$$ kickin' boots on.



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I am so sad and so sorry. She was such a bright and joyful light

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Oh no Craig, thank you for sharing this news. Getting to close can be a double edged sword, but you touched her life just as she touched yours, that is worth any pain. But I am sorry for you and her family. It is hard not to feel such anger towards cancer at times like this.

We will miss you Jennie, please say hello to my mom :(

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I was so afraid of this. I've been thinking of Jennie every day and worrying that this was the news we would get. Such a trouper and delightful person... I am so sorry. A great loss.


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Craig, Thank you for letting us know, this makes me so sad, I thought she would make it. Lori

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not only for who she was; but for who she was to all the people who loved her.

My heart is broken. Rest in peace dear, sweet Jennie...

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I will never understand how this cancer crap works,my mother diagnosed 6 years ago stage III rectal tumor, never did ANYTHING after original surgery and is still here, not doing real well at the moment with brain and lung mets, but still here at 79,now Jennie who fought so hard is gone, makes me angry at the unfairness of this disease and I guess just life in general

son of hal
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Wow, there are no words. Very sorry for the family's loss as well as this community. Jennie was a treasure on here and will be forever missed. Why is it still such a shock when we hear this type of news. No matter how many dear people on here pass I keep thinking there are more people who beat it than not. But I think I need reassurance... This is truly saddening.

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and very grateful that you let us know Craig. There's been several folks I've met face to face from the board, and now cherish my memories of them. Jennie is now one of them. I have her picture on my fridge after we took the ride on the ferris wheel at CP-9 in Chicago . Had a good time that afternoon in her company. Damn, this is hard losing friends this way.

Love and blessings to all here and to her family. She will be missed.


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I am upset over this news of a lovely lady passing on, who's posts were always kind and considerate to others here on CSN. We never met but I will miss her. Best wishes to her family…


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soar in peace in the clouds jennie

Dear Jennie,

I will miss your cheeky smile, you gave so much to all of us.


Ps Craig thanks for letting us know. You are a great Friend and your post a tribute.

It's bittersweet to remember and honour our friends in death and life, but it's what we do here.

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Another angel in heaven.

I'm so very sorry.

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Our sweet Jennie (idlehunter). Thanks Craig for the lovely tribute.
We will miss her posts and lovely smile.
I just come back from 2 funerals and one memorial. I finally put the ashes of my husband to rest. Still emotional even after 5 years since his death.
I did not expect to hear this news about Jennie.
Rest Jennie and smile down to us, another star in the universe for me to look up to at night.

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Another bright light will shine in the starry night sky......

I too will miss our Jennie

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WHY WHY WHY, I dont get it...I was just jumping up and down looking at my cowboy tickets and thinking about all of us getting together next Friday (my birthday). Donna died on my birthday 2 years ago this week. I am so F'ing MAD...its not fair....She was such a wonderful woman, person, a great mom....and the best friend ever....I love her so much....

Jennie, my friend, I MISS YOU, I DONT WANT YOU TO BE GONE....I dont know what happened, you sounded fine the last time we talked, were you not telling me everything..you were always so upbeat and positive...God truly has an angel by his side now...I love you


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Dear Beth, I am wrapping my arms around you.

I don't get it either...it's just too much for me.

Hugs, Kathi

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She will be missed. My condolences to her family and friends. Tears falling. Be at peace, Jennie, be at peace.

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My tears are coursing down my cheeks...Oh, Jennie, my love, please light the way for the rest of us who follow...I will hold you forever in my heart....

BIG hugs, Kathi

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I will miss Jennie, She may not have known but she provided me with so much hope for my mum.I have read through our private messages and had a good cry for the woman so many loved.
This is totally not fair!!!!!

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OMG. Shock. Had hoped that this third CyberKnife was going get you through the wedding and to buy another year. Yet we knew your missives were running late these last 2-3 weeks. Thank you for the special effort to say hi, and apparently bye, that one last time 5 short weeks ago in July. Your words and story stay with us.

I'll always miss you here. The cheery repartee, guffaws, encouragement and varied pics. In my heart, you and your silver Camaro are zooming ahead, up the road in a higher gear. Godspeed, Jennie.

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I have been coming on here everyday expecting one of Jennie's cheerful posts. I am so sad to read this. Jennie really helped me out these past few months as has Craig. My heart goes out to all who's lives Jennie touched.

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you will be truely missed. Prayers for strength and comfort for her family and friends.

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I am so sad to read this Craig. Thanks for sharing with us. I loved her sense of humor. What a great woman she was. Always a great attitude and a laugh. I'm definitely going to miss her. I remember seeing the pictures of Jennie, Eric and you. The biggest smiles I've seen.

Jennie, love you gal!! Give our love to Eric, Donna, John, my brother, dad and who ever else you see... I'm going to miss you!

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She has been a stalwart here and even with the huge challenges she faced always brought humour, strungth and dignity to the board. She fought hard and helped many, including myself. She is a great example of how to live life and her presence here will be missed.

It is part of the reality of this community that we all face a fragile mortality and her passing reminds us all that we must treasure every moment.

Missing you, Jenny. From thousands of miles away from me and my family here in the UK you touched and affected us all. For that I will remember you.


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To a really dark place. She was an example of how to fight this insipid disease with grace and good humor. My heart breaks for her family and for those of you here who knew her well.



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Rest in peace Jennie.

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Jennie was a fighter and a sweet spirit. I will miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family..

Thanks for the update Craig.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Jennie.

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I am like Steve and Pete thousands of miles from most of you.Yet the net makes us friends and neighbours in a very special community. I feel a sense of despair and deep lonliness because I can't be there to say good bye or to comfort and be comforted by friends on occassions like this. Why do things like this happen so suddenly and without apparent warning. It's not as if many of us don't know our own situations but why can't our bodies be as invuerable as our spirit. I think I knew within a day or so of her admission to hospital that she may not make it.Farewell Jennie you left a deep impression on me ,one that I will treasure,Ron.

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I am so sorry to hear this. She was a spunky woman, with a spirit that is rare. Jenny RIP! We luv you!

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I have no words. Rest in Peace, Jennie


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When I first came on the board, she sent me a PM. Although Ive not been on here long, she made me feel like I'd been here forever and was part of the "family".

Thank you, Craig for letting us know. My sympathies to her family and friends.


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I am stunned to hear this. I met Jennie at Chicago colon palooza and it doesn't take but a minute of knowing her that she is a fun, crazy wonderful person.

Craig- Don't EVER regrest "getting too close" to a person. You risk losing out on wonderful people, memories, experiences and connections. I am so sorry, I know you were so close to Jennie.

Jennie- raising a toast to you!


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This is just such sad news. I've missed her on the boards but thought she was just dealing with some more pnemonia problems and thought they got all the tumors in the brain so I'm just shocked at this information. She was such a fighter and had spirit that would soar to the skys. She will be missed very much.


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There are no words.

May her memory be a blessing.


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Jennie had such plans, daughters wedding, Dallas game, she never gave up. My sympathies to her husband and children and family. She was a bright light on this board.
Sandy :(

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Jennie has earned her rest. I couldn't come look here or anywhere when I got a message last night that she passed. We had started working together on plans for her daughter's honeymoon before things got rough for her. She loved her family so much, and had such a great zest for life, and what a sense of humor! I will miss her. (She had me talked into attending Colonpalooza if there was any way to swing it - and I hoped to finally meet her in person.)

I don't stay that active here anymore, but there are several of us "oldtimers" that stay in touch via FaceBook and email, and Jennie was one of us. It gets so hard to lose more and more of our group, but that is the nature of the beast. I'm not shocked, but it still doesn't make it suck any less.

My condolences to all her family and friends.

Brenda Bricco
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She was such a bright light... I am so sad to hear this. Rest in Peace sweet and crazy lady. :(

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Soar in peace, honest, candid, funny, inspirational Jennie! I am so sad.
She will be missed......her posts could always uplift me out of a pity party.

Light and love to all her family and friends.

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RIP Jennie

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So sorry to hear the news. I treasured her spunk and attitude. A role model for us all fighting the fight. My condolences to her loved ones. Thank you, Craig, for posting the news and your wonderful tribute to Jennie.

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For the past two and a half years I have been reading Jennie's emails as she documented her journey with courage and humor. She had such a loving nature. May a bit of her optimism and sass live on in all of us. I wish the best for her family. -- Cynthia

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oh Jennie- you fought so hard with such grace. If there is a bright, cheery, blond spot in cancer, you were it! My support to family and friends and hugs to the people on this board, we have indeed lost another. But our lives and living them go on. Rest Jennie, rest well.

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on the loss of such a warm, caring, strong woman.

Our condolences to Jennie's family & friends. She will be greatly missed.

Ellen & Pat

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Jennie - rest in peace.

Craig - thank you for letting everyone know the sad news. I loved her posts. She is now at peace, no more pain. no more tests, no more needles, just peace.

Love and comfort to her family.



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