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Avastin news

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This was mentioned a couple of months back but good to reinforce the message: if you are on a cytotoxic agent eg oxaliplatin or irinitecan with avastin and your tumour progresses to the point where you decide to change the treatment DON'T STOP THE AVASTIN- just change the cytotoxic (previosuly normal protocols said to stop avastin if you cancer progresses while on it).


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Always nice to see positive news and progress in the battle, whatever the weapon being used is.

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I'll be keeping this for my onc when and if the time comes that my first protocol ceases to do it's thing. Avastin definitely works for me. In BC, it's only given with the first protocol and discontinued per all the old info so this will come in handy!

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Given the terrific economic pressures that are going to be brought to bear, my question is how does Avastin compare, and interact with, cimetidine (Tagamet). Both drugs reduce VEGF-A, although with different overall strengths, benefits and side effects.

CRC stage II or III patients with significant CA19-9 stained tumor tissues that are highly associated with the great majority of those that recur and die without extra treatment. Cimetidine survival appears grossly superior to Avastin, not to mention the better side effect profile, in these high risk, stage II-III patients.

There is very limited cimetidine data on stage IV CRC, but that data, combined with other stage IV adenocarcinomas treated with cimetidine, speculatively appears very favorable to patients with CA19-9 biomarked (and presumably more so, CSLEX biomarked) tumors.

My supposition is that longer term cimetidine from day 1 can provide more coverage in low tumor dissemination for stage 4 timewise with less debility and risks for some stage IV patients. If push comes to shove on VEGF-A, we will consider titrating Avastin with cimetidine for some optimum use.

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I seem to be on the Lovenox for life plan, so avastin etc. will never be prescribed for me....cimitidine is my only option.

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The moment is working very well!

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