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Mdx/ sutent trial

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I finally get to start the mdx 1106 / sutent trial in the morning. I've been waiting to get the opportunity to try this since march, but have been held up by several things. The trial was delayed by 16 weeks longer than expected start date. Then my cancer went into my thigh and surgury was done, they inserted a rod for strength and this held me up an additional 4 weeks. I received radiation on leg after surgery to maybe help reduce tumor growth in leg bone , only to find out that this too holds me up an additional 2 weeks from trial. I am so excited to try this hopeful drug and am asking for some prayers that it works for me as well as it has for others on this site.

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tacyarts-Wonderful news! Those prayers are coming your way for a highly successful new journey. Be sure to keep us posted each step of the way.

Will be thinking of you. Be strong.

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Wow sounds like there could be some mild anticipation there :) Fantastic that you can finally commence the trial... wishing you a safe and successful venture. Mel

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tacycarts, that's exciting news. Good luck!

The big message here is the trial for you. But I see another big message. I had been the only one here who posted about being on MDX. I'm no longer alone. That means the drug is being offered to more people. And we hope it is because MDX is going to prove to be a magic bullet in our fight against renal cancer. I love explaining to people how this drug works. I find it fascinating.

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This drug has given me hope in this nasty renal cancer battle. For months I have been searching for your positive posts fox, and now johns. I certainly appreciate the hopeful vibe that it puts in my mind and am waiting for your next scan results.

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It's sounded good from the very outset - people on it have been enthusiastic for almost 3 years now. For instance, on KIDNEY-ONC it was getting good initial indications from patients in the Stage 1b trial back in November 2009. By now they doubtless have the posology down to a fine art so that results will be getting ever better and better.

An interim appraisal from ASCO looked good back in 2010


I recall you've indicated, Fox, that there may be expedited FDA approval because it's showing such superb results. Any more news on that?

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