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testing starts

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Joined: Jun 2011

testing starts next week monday and tuesday, then i see the onc again on september6 and the next day i have the cathater placed and admitted to the hospital to start the transplant i will have chemo for 4 days rest a couple of days and then get the new stem cells i havent found out yet what will be done about the platelets been so low, well anyway the onc said i will feel better after i recover from the transplant i won't feel like i used to but i will feel better and thats enough for me because i stay so tired, especially the last week. remember me in your prayers blessings denise

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On your behalf. The best we can do is to place our trust in the Author of life, and in the physicians He has placed over you.

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Hey Denise, sending some positive vibes your way! Vinny

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Denise, you're in my thoughts and big
hugs and positive energy coming your way.


miss maggie
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Dear Denise,

Always remembering you. Do you know what kind of testing will be done?? Your
doctor's are moving ahead full speed now. Until September 6 rest if you are
tired. If you feel like it, see if you can do something special that brings
you joy. That's if you are able.

Sweetie, it's been a long journey. I am with you all the way. Love and hugs Maggie

Max Former Hodg...
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Bless you, Scuttlebug,

The treatment you need to get rid of this mess is finally at hand.


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Hi Denise,
I will be praying that everything goes well for you, and you finally reach remission!!!
Take care, sending positive thoughts your way. (((Hugs)))


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I'm with you all the way. I was diagnosed with aggresive non hodgkins lymphoma and had 4 years of intense treatment. I've had so much chemo pumped into me and underwent 2 stem cell transplants. I am now 3 years out and doing pretty good. Hold your head up....you will make it

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did you have an akko or auto transplant

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Hi Denise,
My thoughts and prayers are with you friend. Hopefully when all is done, you will feel so much better with more energy. We are here for you...Love....Sue

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