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from JREED in txt - UPDATED 08/11

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I received this from Judy via phone text this AM....

Just wanted to let you know that our nightmare has started. They are 99% sure this is a recurrence and Don is going downhill very quickly. PET scan will tell the story. His left arm is very swollen this morning. He has not eaten in 4 days. They are going to put in feeding tube today. I am numb.

Requesting positive mojo for a great report. Love to all,


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Not cool. Thoughts go out to them.

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Could not agreee more.

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My thoughts and prayers to all. Stay strong.

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I am so very sorry to hear this news. I was so hoping they would find something simple and easily treatable. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Don.

With Sadness,

Paul Adams,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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I'm so very sorry to read this post! I was suspecting this was probably the case but was hoping and praying for better news. Thanks for letting us know Terry.

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So, so, sorry to hear this. Please know that I am praying for both of you and sending you all my positive mojo!!

Love, Shelly

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I also saw this news at FB, but wanted to post here, too. Thanks for sharing the news. I was wondering how Don was doing in Sturgis. What a disappointment for them. As always, I'll be keeing them in my prayers and sending positive mojo their way!


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November and December 2009: chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation
February 2010: Ivor Lewis surgery

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I just felt like I'd been kicked in the gut when I read this on FB. Hoping the assumptions are wrong. Sending prayers and good thoughts to Judy and Don.

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It hurts to hear this. My heart goes out to Judy and Don!

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Judy and Don
I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you through these anxious days.

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OMG this saddens me so. We really do become a "family" here through such a horrific disease. I of course don't know Judy and Don, but just being on this site makes me feel like we are all connected. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.


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I was hoping to hear of the great time had in Sturgis...not bad news.
Judy and Don- good thoughts and prayers coming your way.


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for your and your family.

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Hoping the best for you, saddened to hear the news . . . sending hopes and warm wishes your way!


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Don and Judy my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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This is such sad news. I had been worried because of the pain Don was having but was shocked when I got Judy's text as they had been seeking answers to his pain for so long and kept being told there was no problem. Just a few short weeks ago Judy was so relieved to be told they couldn't find any problem, though Don was understandably frustrated as he knew something was up in his body. I hope they can deal with his pain very quickly. Surely in this day and age there is no reason for that. Hugs and FEC to all.

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I know Judy & Don had planned to RV to Sturgis with friends. Did they go? Was he at Sturgis with all the recent troubles?

Hope all is well with Bill.


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Hi Terry
They went to Sturgis but he was in so much pain that he ended up in the ER twice and then flew back home and went straight to the hospital. I wish they could at least have been allowed that time and some fun before all this.

Bill just had his 3 month check up (endoscope, PET and CT this time) and all looks good so far. I did make a post about it. Was a bit ambivalent about posting with all the sad news out there right now, but decided to as I have always liked to read the good news.

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Judy and Don, you are inmy prayers as you deal with this set back. God Bless.....


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Received in phone text from Judy today....

The scope today showed some swelling around the duodenum which could be from radiation damage (unlikely this long after treatment and surgery) or possibly tumor pressing in. PET scan will tell more and he will have that tomorrow but won't get results until at least Monday. The pain is being contgrolled but they are working on a long acting med that won't make him sleep all the time.


I've just talked with Judy. She sounds calm and matter of fact - the mode all of us caregivers get into when we are in the midst of an emergency. She's over the top worried about Don. She is hopeful about there being other possibilities for Don's pains, but she's also realistic.

My prayers, and every bit of positive mojo that I have left is directed to you & Don, Judy. We are here for you.....

Hugs & much love!


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More frustration for Judy and Don. Don was supposed to have his PET scan today but a nurse gave him sugar water via IV even though Judy asked him to double check that it was correct. it was completely the wrong thing to do resulting in no PET scan today. She is beside herself as you can imagine. She says Don is wasting away in front of her. Just so awful.

More positive vibes needed in their direction.


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This news about Don is unbelievable. I am so very sad for both of them.
These problems with their medical facility are so terrible. Reading this I feel like I am back at Emory with Vince dealing with his drs incompetant office manager.

Judy you are in my thoughts. We as caregivers know how you feel. HELPLESS.
I am so very sorry.



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and positive thoughts I can Judy and Don. I am so incredibly sad to hear this.

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Judy posted this today on Don's facebook page
"They do not have for sure answers of what is going on and thanks to a major screw up yesterday the PET scan which tell them which way to proceed may not be done now until Thursday. I am at my wits end with the whole f'g medical staff and even had to fire one nurse. Don is not getting better at all this point. I am requesting that no visitors or calls at this time. Don is very weak and talking just weakens him to the point it takes his breathaway"
It is similar to what we already know except now they are saying no PET scan until thursday and it sounds like Don is not doing well at all. I am so angry for her and Don, they have done everything right and been so proactive with trying to sort out the pain he was having. It sounds like their medical staff have dropped the ball big time.

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I will be sending extra prayers Judy and Don's way today. Also, prayers for the staff that obviously needs to pull it together to get Don back on track. Thank you for the update!


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If you speak with Judy, please send her my hugs. I don't want to bother her while they are going through so much.

She should already know - they are in every thought, every prayer.

Hugs & Love! & FEC

PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
lost battle to FEC, 06/19/12

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I just said a huge prayer for you.

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Hi all. A friend of Judy and Don posted this on Don's facebook page yesterday.
"Don continues to be in considerable pain and remains very weak and nauseated. His primary Oncologist has now taken the lead with his continued care. Don will be moved to the Oncology wing as soon as a bed is available. A pick line has been put in as of this evening that will allow Don to begin receiving nourishment via IV. CT brain scan will be done tonight to rule out any cancer involvement within the brain. Full body PET scan is still scheduled for Thursday. Pain meds have been increased over the last 24 hours though the Morphine has been discontinued to see if that has been causing the increased nausea and breathing problems. Don & Judy both remain very thankful for everyone's concern and continued prayers but at this time ask that everyone refrain from visiting or calling until his condition improves."
Judy later posted that Don has at last been moved to the oncology ward which she is relieved about. I posted a message to let them know that they are receiving a ton of love and support from this site. I have not communicated directly with Judy in a couple of days as she has asked people to await updates that a close local friend will post on her behalf. I will keep updating whenever I hear any news.
Hugs to everyone.
Wife of Bill, diagnosed 11/8/2011 T3N2Mx, not a candidate for surgery due to other comorbidities, 2 months induction chemo (bi weekly carboplatin and taxol by infusion and 5FU by continuous 48 hour pump) followed by 6 weeks chemo/radiation (bi weekly carboplatin and taxol by infusion and weekly 5FU by continuous 5 day pump concurrent with radiation). 1st 3 month check up August 2012 good. Living life until 2nd 3 month check up in November.

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...are both in my prayers. Judy was an encouraging poster to me, as my Mom was about a month behind Don in all of the same treatments and surgery. I pray for Don's comfort and Judy's peace of mind. Please keep us posted.

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