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Pet CT Scan

miss maggie
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I had my Pet CT Scan done yesterday, Monday July 30 in the afternoon. I was informed
the results would be in the next day Tuesday. I find this very interesting. Why do some
patients have to wait so long for their results of a scan?

I am seeing my oncologist Monday August 6. Will I call today Tuesday, or tomorrow Wednesday? NO. I am so scared things might have changed. If so, let me not know
until next week. Has anyone felt like this?? I want this week to be mine. Ignorance
is bliss right now. I have been in remission for 2 1/2 years without any treatment.

Love and hugs, Maggie

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Hi Maggie,

I'm fortunate that I have always gotten my results the same day
whether it's CT, PET, or blood work. I know sometimes the delay
is having it analyzed. The cancer center I go to is part of
a medical school and many of the doctors I deal with are also
professors. That also means I have had to deal with many students
and interns. At one point while in the hospital, I had 15 doctors
standing around my bed when they announced I was going to need surgery.

I (ever the joker) asked if I could collect money from each of them to
help pay for it ;).

The waiting is hard and full of anxiety. I go on August 6th for my
next round of CT scans, etc. I'm already a little nervous about it.

You've been doing great and I'm optimistic that will continue for you!
Please keep us updated and thank you as always for your wonderful posts.

Hugs and love back with warm and positive thoughts,


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Thank you so much everyone for sharing my journey.

Jim, when I see my oncologist Aug 6, I will be thinking of you getting your scans.
I know you will let all of us know the results as soon as you know. You have such a
great sense of humor. I always look forward to reading your posts.

Sweet Sue, this Saturday you leave for your vacation. I will let everyone know my
results Aug 7. Thank you always for being my friend.

Angie, thank you also. I don't remember if I ever replied to your posts. Please know,
I know everything you have been going through. I read every post. Let all of us know
if your doctor suggests Rituxan?

I feel good and expect to have a good week. I choose to wait for the results. The
cancer center I go to is also a teaching hospital. Montefiore Hospital- Albert Einstein
in New York.

Love, positive energy to all. Love Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
I can certainly understand how you feel, I sometimes feel like you. I just don't want to know anything and just be ignorant and whatever happens happens! But then my inner voice starts to nag at me asking questions and wanting to know whats going on.
Whatever you decide to do (wait or not) please let us know what the doc says. Hope all is well with you, keep the faith and stay strong sweet Maggie. Many hugs to you!


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

I didn't forget you, and thank you. How have you been doing? I remember you once were
having a bad patch. Are you doing as well as you sound?

Yeh, I can wait for the results. No problem. Yes, ignorance is sometimes bliss.

May hugs to you also. Love Maggie

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Hi Maggie,
Yes...I always feel anxious and worry until my doctor goes over the scan results with me. I have my results mailed to me which I go over before I even see my doctor. By the time I go in to see him,(usually 10 days later) I've got a list of questions a mile long..ha! I just compare the new scan to the last scan and that gives me a pretty good idea if anything has changed or not. I know it's impossible not to worry, but if you are feeling good and not having any problems, then I'd take that as a good sign that all is well. I'll have my lap top with me while on vacation, so I'll check in each day to see whats happening with everyone. I've got you in my prayers Maggie. Love you....Sue

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(Now I have that Tom Petty song in my head. lol)

It all depends on the docs, and the imaging place, really - I think. My doc would always have my scans/reports the next day - or in the one case, the same day, I had them done. But, because he's out of Providence Hospital in DC, and I live in Mount Airy, which is almost 2 hours, I would wait to see him when he did his office share days a whole lot closer to me. I had waited a week for my last PET scan results. But, I sure do know about the waiting.

I misunderstood my doc when I thought I only had to wait out the "full round" of 3 weeks before getting my last PET scan. Imagine my devastation when he said SIX weeks, then get the PET scan. I thought I was going to cry! lol! But, I waited it out... *sigh*

Next week is my 6 week follow up to talk about the maintenance part. So wondering which way we're going to go - Rituximab rounds, or maybe the BiovaxID vaccine.

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m aggie ihate waiting it is hard i hope you have a perfect scan love and prayers denise

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Max Former Hodg...
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Recall Tom's other lyrics:

Hey baby, there aint no easy way out/
But I won't back down !


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