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Remission in Stage IV is long term possible?

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Does anyone know how long someone in Stage IV can go into remission? Is there any people that go into remission for years?

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I had surgery in '05 for stage 4, followed by chemo. Avastin had just come out about that time. I have not had a reoccurance since then.

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Thank you for responding. I needed any bit of hope I can get. Thank you!

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I believe that all the statistics for the 5 year survival rates for Stage IV.... are 5 years old

therefore, anyone who answers this question in a Negative fashion, is living in the past.

the response that Avastin had just come out in 05 tells you exactly that.

I believe that Avastin and Erbitux are drugs that can give us all the hope and believe and reason to fight. new drugs and new treatments come out often, therefore our job is to fight for 5 years at a time... and more stuff will come out to help us should our cancer return.

There are several people that I've heard from that were Stage IV'ers... yet have been NED for 5, 10, 15 years. Yes the statistics tell us that very few life that long... but I believe that the positive people on this web site all have a REASON to fight and we are all learning more options and ideas on how to live to keep the cancer at bay.

I believe that if you believe you are going to beat this stuff... that you will.

fight, live and love


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Nana b
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I am going on 4 years in remission.

Joe, you rock, love the attitude.

Health, love and laughter

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I've met a few people who have lived with a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis but in remission. Several are in their 7th and 8th year. Another man was 11 years in remission but had recurrences in the ribs by the liver. Two ribs were removed and he was ned again for another 3.5 years. He's got 1 little spot in his abdomen now that he is on chemo again but it seems to be working.

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I have met people who are over 10 years. I went 4 years before my most recent recurrence.

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Im stage 4, in remission since November 2008, almost 4 years with no reoccurance thank God! Iknow several stage 4'ers that have many more years to include a few past ten years.

There is always hope, please do your best to stay strong, and keep whatever faith you have.


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I needed to hear this today.
Was cleaning out papers and lots of memorabilia from my kids high school activities, as well as reading some of my medical reports.
It made me cry....
These posts helped me pull through the day.
Thank you for your inspiration....

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I plan on being long term, 2 1/2 years so far, was given 6 months tops with chemo. So Yep, I believe in the long term, it seems when we lose so many that we all get in a funk and start thinking about our mortality and our mortality rates of those with stage IV.
I like to think that each before us has paved the way for us to last longer through various chemo combinations, diets and etc., and I thank them for this, and I hope fervently that I will be a long termer, passing advice down. There are many long termers among us, like Beth etc., they continue to give the rest of us hope.
Here's to your long wonderful life!!
Winter Marie

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My docs always were optimistic of my prognosis. NED one year after chemo ended 5/09. Been NED 1.5 years after SBRT in Jan '11 to lungs. Just had VATS and hoping for another stretch of NED. Cancer is not preventing me from doing what I love to do - ride horses and be outside; and I work hard to stay as healthy and strong as I can to support that.

Hang in there!

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To answer your question, I think theoretically indefinetly. I was NED for almost 7 years (original diagnosis Jan. '04 Stage 4). Recurrence in liver in Dec.'10. (liver resection and chemo in 2011).Just saw my onc. Friday and now it has been 1 1/2 years for the second round of NED. I know of others who do not post anymore that were diagnosed before my 2004 diagnosis and have not had a recurrence. Very long term NED can happen.

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Reading all of these post are making me very happy! I think this is discussion I will be reading over and over!

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Great question, it's brings out the sparkle in our group.
Whatever my treatment having hope makes me smile.
It's simple for me!

Been super healthy for 2 years now.


Ps as words and descriptions I don't like remission, or Ned. They always imply it's just about to come back or stop.
For me, I say I am WELL today, my focus is on using this great day wisely.

Whenever I say outloud I am well, well I just cannot stop that smile. Even if some cells make my onc nervous.

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i did not know you were stage 4. glad you are doing well...Godbless...johnnybegood

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This post is amazing!!! When my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 with confirmed mets to liver and sacrum the oncologist said the goal is to treat the condition like a chronic illness. I took to the net and found cancer stats from 2000 and earlier. I love posts like this!

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I just love this string! I fully intend on being in remission for a very long time. When it finally comes, that is. Reading these posts has really strengthened my resolve to kick cancers butt and kick it very hard!

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lets keep bumping to hear all the positives :) makes my day when i log on and hear from you guys.
I dont want to sound selfish as i know the reality is not everyone beats this *******... and some people live long times without ever seeing a NED scan in their lives.. but the ones/ loved ones of those who are beating this beast need to keep posting...keeping giving hope... and keep supporting!!!!

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Since my diagnosis on June 13, 2012 I've been scouring various information sources including this web site and others like it.

Despite the dire predictions of two-years following diagnosis, I keep seeing more and more people on these boards who are beating those odds. Granted some by only one-year but many, many others who are going out eight, 10, 12, and even a couple of third-party references to people who have survived 20 years.

I think something that would be very valuable from a morale point of view would be if the ACS or CRC Alliance or other group would collect some data and see what's really happening in terms of Stage IV Colon Cancer. In my unscientific opinion, I'm seeing way too many who are outliving the averages for the average to be correct.

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I am coming across too many people on this site alone who are doing far better than what you commonly think when you hear advanced cancer.... and this is one site alone. Imagine others on different boards, or the many others who dont even post because they arent into the internet or " this sort of thing" praise god and modern medicine i say.

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Just imagine how many people we never hear from. Id imagine there are alot of people who got the stage 4 diagnosis and never posted or used the internet. Id imagine some of the people that went NED no longer post. I know when my mom was diagnosed I kept asking my dad how long did the doctor give her. My dad said they didnt even give an expected life span. The doctor said we can treat this like a chronic condition thats the stage medicine is at with regards to colon cancer. I hope the doctor is right and my mom is around alot longer.

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I totally agree. It seems that tbe statistics only talk about 5 year survival rates. I want to know about 10+

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Dx Sept '06, mets to liver and lung...after resection, folfox, stereotactic radiation, a VERY difficult clinical trial, then Xeloda...I have been off all treatment since Jan '09. I have my "9 month" ctscan Friday...always a touch nerve wracking...but my blood work looks good, CEA remains undetectable so I'm not as crazy worried as I sometimes get before a scan. Living life...can't say the cancer isn't always at the back of my mind...but I don't let it spoil my days...weeks...months...! Hang in there all you good people fighting the fight!

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I was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has unfortunately spread to my liver. Is this thread still active? I would like to see how all you guys are doing now in 2017.

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Vickilg and at least seven others who have posted in this thread have passed from our world but not from our thoughts.  May I suggest you open a new thread and introduce yourself. We would love to get to kknow you and help you on your journey. 


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I'm a newbie to this thread thingy haha.. so I wouldn'y know where to begin with making a new one!

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Lets see if I can lead the way.   If you click on this link http://csn.cancer.org/forum/128 it will take you to the Colorecta home page/forum.

Here you will see a list of all the threads, with the latest replied to thread at the top.  You can click on any one of them that you like and read about tons of issues. 

If you want to start your own thread and introduce yourself (which we would love for you to do), go to the top left hand sie of the page, go down to where you see the new threads and just above there (under Colorectal Cancer) you will see Add New Forum Topic  click on that and you're good to go. 

We talk about everything concerning our Cancer journey. 

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your way. 


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Thanks for helping out! I've began a new thread, and I hope you all check it out!

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This tread is still alive.  I'm sure you are scared about your diagnosis but I am stage 4 colon cancer that spread to my liver in 2010.  I had surgery in June 2011 and have been blessed to be in remission since then.  This June will be 6 years.  I thank God everyday to have survived to live another day.  


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Vickilg passed away several years ago now. 


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this is what we all need, positivity!!  Its getting warm out, embrace life, and continue to fight!!

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I am stage 4 with liver mets last December. On my 6th round of Xeleri following succesu liver resection. Glad to hear all the positivity on this thread. I need it. Good luck to you all

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Dx almost 11 years ago Stage 4. I have been clear for over 5 years now with NED. 

Best to all


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I was diagnosed with stage four and have been in remission for several years now. I wrote a short about my

cancer experience. If you would like to read my story, just go to my page and open my blog.

I pray you can find comfort from my journey. blessed39

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